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Pillow Style Swivel Recliner Glider Chair with Ottoman

For almost the same price as traditional glider this Swivel Recliner Glider Chair offers exception comfort. Finished with plush Leatherette cushioning and modern design will bring unsurpassed comfort into your home.

It glides, swivels full 360 degree and reclines as well. The back is tall enough for an average parson (5’1″ – 5’12”) to lay back and fully rest their head and be comfortable.

Amazing seating area, the width of the seat from inside the arm rests is about 22 inches. The seat is approximately a 22″ square. The height from base to the top of seat cushion is 18 inches which make getting in and out easy and comfortable. It has large pockets on each side for magazines or nursing accessories. Solid round steel base makes it very sturdy.

Pillow Style Swivel Recliner Glider Chair and Ottoman


Very easy to clean. It takes about 30-40 min to assemble it.

This might be one of the most comfortable chairs you ever sat in.

Dutailier Best Glider Recliner with Ottoman


If you’re looking for a perfect Glider Recliner be it for your nursery or just to relax, take look at Dutailier platinum  glider. Their gliders are the ‘Cadillac’ in the gliding chairs industry. They aren’t cheap, but if you can afford it they are worth every penny. And will last a lifetime. The model in our review has all the features you would want in a gliding chair except it doesn’t swivel. Which isn’t a big deal for most customers.


One of the features that’s sets this glider recliner apart from the others is comfort while siting in it. Beautifully upholstered with soft fabric and thick plush cushions will make you feel like you’re sitting in a queen’s chair.

Dutailier Glider Recliner Comfortable Seat

The bottom cushion are thick and comfortable. You’ll never feel the hardwood frame that’s underneath while sitting in it be it by yourself or with your baby. Same goes for the backrest, just lean back and let the chair take care of you. You’ll love it!

Aside from exceptional comfort it has all the extra functionality you’ll ever need.

Multi Position Lock-in Mechanism and Recline

This feature is very handy and makes it easier to sit in or step out of the glider, especially when you are holding  your little one. With the 6 positions lock-in mechanism you’ll always find the perfect level of comfort.

Glider Recliner With Multi Position Lock in Mechanism

Conveniently located handle lets you stop the glide motion at any position

And with a simple twist that’s on the other side of the chair you can find the perfect recline for you and your baby.

Reclining Function

Perfect for a small or tall person


Glider Recliner - Recliner Adjustment

Just lean back and enjoy it !

Glider Recliner Overview

Sit back and relax !

To maximize your comfort it comes with matching ottoman. It is as thickly padded as the chair, build with solid frame and glides along with the chair.

It takes no more than 10-15 min to assemble it.

And has pockets on the sides, so you can put in there whatever you want, be it nursing bottle, a book, magazine, cell phone or remote control.

The microfiber fabric makes cleaning a breeze so you can keep the look fresh all year long.


It is one of the best Glider Recliner on the market. Stylish, functional and more importantly comfortable. Very useful for relaxing, nursing or just napping.

Roomy, with padded arms rests, whether you rest your arms inside the chair or on the arms rests, with or without your baby be assured that either way you’ll feel like you’re in heaven !

Again, they aren’t cheap, but if you can afford the price definitely worth every penny. It will please the most picky customer when it comes to quality.

The only negative is the ottoman doesn’t have nursing stool.

Great Modern Swivel Glider Recliner with Ottoman

Modern Glider Recliner with Ottoman

Another great choice is Coaster Deluxe Swivel Glider Recliner. Perfect alternative if you’re shopping for a comfortable, inexpensive glider recliner.

In terms of comfort it’s as comfortable as  Dutailier. However, it doesn’t recline as far Dutailier but you get full 360 degree swivel instead. Also instead of traditional is has modern contemporary look. Great for nursing your baby or living room to relax or watch TV.


Without a doubt you will feel very comfortable sitting in it. Thickly padded seat cushions, back and armrests are so comfy. You’ll feel like sitting in a Cadillac. Beautifully upholstered with faux leather with makes cleaning very easy if your baby make a mess.

The back rest from the seat cushion to the top is 29 inches while NOT sitting in it. However you will gain a few inches when you sit down so in fact it is about 31 inches. Either way, tall enough to lean back and fully rest your head. The entire chair is 42 inches from the floor to the top.

It has plenty of room too and you won’t feel like squeezed in box. The inside distance between armrests is 23 inches.


It is a very versatile chair. It glides/rocks, reclines and swivels too. It has multi-position mechanism that allows you to stop it at any position. Just pull the handle that’s on the right side and the chair will “lock”.

The chair swivels full 360 degree. Which great if you want turn around to grab something or for keeping an eye on your little one.

The pockets on both side are very handy to keep a magazine, book or a cell phone close by.

It doesn’t recline as much as traditional recliner, it goes about 2/3 of the way, which is good enough for most customers.


It is well build, very versatile and comfortable glider recliner. Good alternative for those who want a chair that reclines and swivels at a very attractive price.

It has mixed reviews when it comes to putting it together. Some customers were able to do it within 15-20 min some needed more time. No matter what are your ‘handy skills’, as long as you take your time and more importantly follow the instructions you’ll be fine.

Also some customers have mentioned that after a while it makes some notice. Since the frame is build out of metal occasional noise here and there is normal. This can easily be taken care of with some w40.

Other than that if can put up with these two little annoyances this chair is certainly a solid choice.

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Modern Swivel Rocking Gliding Recliner With Ottoman

Modern Swivel Rocking Gliding Recliner With OttomanThis Swivel Rocking Gliding Recliner from Coaster Home Furnishings is a perfect alternative to more expensive models.

It rocks, glides, swivels, and reclines at very affordable price.


In terms of comfort and functionality this chair will surpass your expectations. Great for nursery or living room.

It swivels full 360 degree. Has solid metal base preventing it from tripping. The recline doesn’t lay flat but it goes quite far to about 45 degrees which adequate for most people to feel comfortable. You can lock the recline in multiple positions however it doesn’t have lock mechanism to stop the glide motion. To stop it from moving you have to place your foot on the floor.

You can even glide and recline at the same time. Simply use the handle that’s on the right side to adjust the recline where you want it to be and you still can glide/rock and swivel the chair.

It glides, reclines and swivels very smoothly without making any squeaks.

The depth of the seat is about 23 inches from front to the back and 22 inches between the inner armrests which is more then comfortable for an average size person. Even a tall person be it 5’10” or 6’2  will feel comfortable in it. It has great lumbar support too.

The cushions are soft and padding is thick enough and you won’t feel any metal parts while sitting in it. Upholstered with easy to clean chocolate chenille.


For the comfort and functionality this glider recliner offers it is a bargain at this price. The only negative is that it doesn’t have a lock function to stop the chair from moving. If you can live with it it is a great buy.

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