Baby Monitors FAQ

Baby Monitors FAQ

A Baby Monitor lets you hear, see and talk to your baby. Which one to choose ? Our frequently asked questions cover everything you need to know about baby monitors before making a buying decision. Last updated on: Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why Parents Need a Baby Monitor

Why Parents Need a Baby Monitor

Having had three kids of my own, I would have been lost without my baby monitors.  For my two boys, who are the oldest, I had a plain old audio monitor.  With my little girl, though, I had the advantage of great technology that had just become available: a baby cam. I was excited to get one of these beauties at my baby shower!  My audio monitor had finally given up the ghost before my daughter was born; I had my eye on some of the great offerings that would allow me to check on my little girl without disturbing … Continue reading

How To Choose Best Baby Monitor

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A baby monitor gives parents the freedom and flexibility to do other things around the house knowing that they can see and hear if their child is safe and sound. More importantly it gives them a peace of mind that they will be alerted when their child really needs their attention. However, buying one can be a challenge. With so many choices available out there which one to choose? To save you time and help you narrow down the choices we have put together this guide how to determine which baby monitor is right for you. Audio or video baby … Continue reading

High Chair Safety Tips


A high chair is perfect to have a baby or toddler join the family table. They are designed to keep them safe. Imagine the little one giggling as they enjoy the mealtime and interact with parents or/and older siblings. Unfortunately accidents do happen. Majority of them are caused by parents not reading the owner’s manual which provides valuable information about proper assembly and info about manufacturer suggested age and weight restrictions. To help you avoid any unpleasant surprises while having a good time with your youngest family member here are some basic safety tips is good to be aware of. … Continue reading

Tips For Choosing Best Baby High Chair

Choosing The Best High Chair

There are several types of high chairs available out there. The choices are almost endless. When you visit online stores or browse online images the options can be overwhelming. To help you get a clear idea what to look for, save time and frustration use the tips below how to choose the perfect high chair for your child. . Safety Safety is the most important feature. You want to make sure that your high chair is sturdy, build by a reputable company and cannot be tipped over easily. Look for one that has safety harness, including the crotch strap. 3 … Continue reading