Audio or Video Baby Monitor ?

baby-monitorsBaby monitors are often on the shopping lists of many moms and dads. Although they aren’t a necessity, they give parents a peace of mind. Reassuring them that everything is OK with their little one while they are away.

With so many choices available out there they often ask themselves a questions. Should I buy audio or video baby monitor? Is it worth the extra cost to buy a video baby monitor?

Audio Baby Monitors

Audio monitors are the traditional choice. They are the least expensive monitors on the market, making them a popular choice. They come with small transmitters, which parents can easily carry wherever they go. Sound monitors pick up on crying, shifting movements in the bed, and even the sound of a cough.

Video Baby Monitors

Video monitors are more expensive, but aside from audio feed they provide parents the reassurance of having an extra set of eye on the baby at all times. Most models come with day and night vision, so parents can clearly see what their baby is doing, even in the middle of night.

Audio or Video ?

Based on feedback from parents vast majority recommend video monitor. And can’t imagine not
having one. They allow you to take a quick look when they are away and check on their baby instead of going into the room to check, and possibly waking the baby up.

You can be in your kitchen and still see your baby. Its much better than an audio because you can actually see if the baby is stuck or if something is wrong.

Some babies talk in their sleep, with audio monitor you can’t tell if they’re sleeping or awake and you’d have to go into their room to check.

When your baby is little it is good to have peace of mind that it is safe. And when they are older you can make sure that they’re not getting into trouble in their room.

Another good reason for parents to have a video baby monitor is sleep deprivation

Another good reason for parents to have a video baby monitor is sleep deprivation

For many parents video monitor are essential to get a good nights sleep. Many parents feel anxiousness, and often wake up in the middle of a night and go into their room to check. With video monitor you can peek in on your little one anytime to make sure they are fine without disturbing them, and their little night time movements don’t disturb you. It actually means better sleep for you and your baby.

If you plan on having more kids, video monitor with grow with your family. A lot of them are expendable up to 4 additional camera’s allowing you to monitor two or more rooms at the same time.

Without any doubt the benefits of having a video monitor justify the extra cost and totally outweigh audio only monitors.  What parents love most is that they can check on their baby day or night without going in to their room and risking waking them up.

A little peace of mind that’s worth every penny!

If you still have questions or need help choosing best baby video monitor please see our post Choosing Best Baby Monitor or Top 5 Best Baby Monitors.

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