Tips for Brand New Mothers: Caring for Your Baby

When you’ve got a brand new baby to take care of in the world, it can be nerve-wracking (to say the least). You always want to make sure that they’re completely accounted for, thinking that they’re the most helpless and most precious thing you could find. While you’re right in some regards, babies are pretty tough! With that being said, you’re still going to need to take some precautions – as time progresses and your baby starts to grow, you’ll be able to relax more and more.

Figure Out the “Swaddle & Shush” Process – When you want to keep your baby calm and happy, you’ve got to rely on swaddling. There are a lot of different tutorials online that will explain how to properly swaddle your baby; you want to make sure that it’s the snuggest swaddle possible (without hurting your child, of course). You don’t want to cut off the blood supply, now would you? This is the “go-to” method of calming down a baby. Swaddling has been used for a very long time, and that’s probably for a good reason. It seems to work every single time!

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Sling Your Baby Over Your Shoulder! – It’s 2016, and innovations are coming in abundance – so why wouldn’t you shoot for one of the wonderful slings you can choose from? Slings make it so that you can have your child completely comfortable, as well as keep your hands free. You’ll be able to efficiently cuddle with your baby and check the mail at the same time; you’ll be a multi-task master in no time at all! Slings come in a variety of different colors, as well as sizes and brands. Make sure you do some research before buying one, as there are tons that would be deemed “lackluster”.

Give Breastfeeding a Legitimate Chance – Breastfeeding is said to be not only one of the healthiest ways to go about feeding your child, but it will help build a bond between the bother and baby that can never be broken. Regardless of what people will usually tell you, breastfeeding isn’t harder than using a bottle. It’s a traditional form of feeding your child, and it’s the most natural one as well. Your baby will start to understand what it’s like to be around you and find comfort in your presence.

Don’t Use the Microwave! – When you’re heating up bottles, don’t do it through the use of a microwave. If you don’t plan on going to breastfeeding route that was suggested earlier, you should make sure that you’re heating bottles with a special bottle warmer. You can’t even rely on boiled water to effectively and safely boil your child’s bottle. You should also refrain from using the stove – if you’re looking to heat up frozen breast milk, there’s pretty much only one product to help you through the process. Feeding your child is a critical component of becoming a parent, and the more efficiently you can understand their wants (as in, how hot they like their bottle, etc.), the better.

Use Your Friends & Family – There are other people in your life for a reason, let them help you out! Even if you’re the type of person who likes to refuse all forms of aid, raising a child is no joke. Sometimes you need to have someone you can count on for some help, whether that be your spouse or an older sibling (or even just your parents). It’s tough for some individuals to let others come in and help them with their baby, but it’s a must in most cases. You have a circle of supporters that will be with you every single step of the way, and you have to take full advantage of that feat.

Burp Your Baby – Whenever a baby is crying, and you simply don’t understand why try and burp them. Burping is a pretty simple process, all you do is pat on the back of your baby after gently leaning them against your shoulder (with their face turned towards your own). This should help them get rid of any gas that may be building up in their digestive systems, causing discomfort and affecting bathroom functions. However, be careful! You never know when your baby is going to spit up a little vomit onto your shoulder. It’s cute at first, then gross, but you’ll get used to it.

Remove the Pillows – Take the pillows out of your child’s crib. There should be nothing in there when they are sleeping, not even any loose blankets or pillows of any kind. When it comes to toys, those are a big no-no as well. If you feel like your child is going to be cold, feel free to put them in some sort of onesie (an infant cap or a sleep with feet could apply as well). This will give them more space to move about as they sleep, if applicable; you don’t want them to feel crowded.

Safety is Key – You have to be vigilant as a mother, and that’s why looking out for the safety of your child is important. Don’t feed them things that may have an effect on their immune systems, or growth and development. Don’t expose them to things like hard drugs or liquor – just don’t do it! It’s not a difficult task, but it’s the most important one to manage in most cases. Safety for your baby needs to be one of the (if not the) top priorities on your checklist.

Your baby is going to bond with you no matter what, but take the time out of your life to go the extra step. Dedicate yourself to nothing but the baby for the first couple of weeks, because it’s probably going to be a necessity. Remember that everything you’re doing is for the baby, and everything you plan on doing in the future is for the baby as well. Living for your child is pretty much the best way to go about progressing in life! If you still have questions about what you need to be doing, check with your local pediatrician.

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