Best Changing Tables For Baby’s Nursery

Top Changing Tables, Safe and Comfortable

Make the process of changing diapers a lot more comfortable and convenient and for you and your baby. Moms call it a back saver. And there is a reason for that. After all your body went through from pregnancy to giving birth, naturally you want to make caring for your little one as comfortable as possible.

Sure you can change your baby just about anywhere as long as they are safe from falling. However, instead of bending or hunching over you’ll be able to change diapers at a height that is comfortable for you.

Changing baby on a floor or bed puts a huge strain on the back and the knees. And keep in mind, you’ll be changing the baby several times a day, every single day for the next few months.

Besides major health benefits, it offers loads of storage space for diapers, nappies, towels, creams, etc. This makes life a lot easier as you’ll have all the things you need for changing baby close at hand.

They come with different features and vary in height. To help you buy the best one that’s right for you here you’ll find top picks, reviews, and ratings of different models. I hope that you’ll find one that you’ll like and fits your needs. One that you’ll be happy using for months/years to come.

Affordable, Safe and Very Convenient

Graco Changing Table with Water-Resistant Change Pad

Graco Changing Table will make changing baby’s diaper a lot more convenient and comfortable. The safe, sturdy, functional design offers plenty of space for storage. Perfect choice if you’re on a budget.

Made of solid Pine wood except for the shelves that are MDF. For extra safety, the front rail has some height to prevent a baby from rolling off. It’s a small detail but it’ll make a huge difference especially when you have a baby that kicks and moves a lot. Plus the changing pad has a safety strap too.

It does come with a water-resistant changing pad. The pad is a hit or miss depending on your preferences. It works well for some parents and some feel that it’s on the thin side. It’s thin but keep in mind that your baby won’t sleep or lay on it for a long period of time. It’s hard to say whether it’ll work for you or not, to be on the safe side and avoid any disappointment later on best is to anticipate that you’ll have to replace it with something better. The Summer Infant 4-Sided Changing Pad works fine with it.

The weight limit is important and that’s something you should pay attention to. And this one won’t disappoint you. It’s one of the few on the market that can hold a baby up to 35 lbs. without being wobbly. An average, 6 months old baby weighs around 16 pounds, which means that this table can hold a baby until 16 to 18 months. So if you’re looking for something that sturdy with a higher weight limit this one fits the bill perfectly.

Aside from being comfortable for the baby, it won’t break your back either. Given the amount of time an infant requires to be taken care of, this is something you should take into account too.  The overall height is about 44 inches. And the distance between the floor and the changing pad is around 30 inches. Overall it’s about waist-high, so even if you happened to be on the tall side lets say 5’11” it’ll work great for you with no bending needed. So no matter how many times a day you’ll be changing the diapers rest assured that you’ll be able to do it with ease without breaking your back.

The deep shelves provide plenty of space to keep everything organized. Everything you’ll need can be stored underneath so you won’t have to run back and forth getting stuff. The shelves can hold baby clothes, sheets, towels, washcloths, diapers, wipes, blankets, burp cloths, etc and keep it all right there for you to grab quickly. The shelves are very durable and can easily handle baby stuff. Each shelve is about 17 x 35 inches and the distance between the shelves is 11.5 inches”. They are large enough to put standard nursery bins on it.

Assembly is straight forward. After unboxing you’ll be able to put this together in about 20-30 minutes. It includes all the tools including hex wrench so you won’t have to run the garage for additional tools. The hardest part is to get the shelves in the right position to get them all lined up. Best is to do it with two people. But other than that the instructions are easy to follow.

Overall this is a classy, very functional, durable and clean looking. The design will blend well into most decors. It offers:

  • Excellent height for changing baby without breaking your back
  • Great space for diapers, wipes, cream and all sorts of baby things
  • Comes with a changing pad
  • 35 lbs weight limit

The only negative is the pad, definitely on the thin side, but you can easily and cheaply upgrade. Available in different colors.

Price Range: $109.99 – $118.89

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Portable, Easy To Move, and Fold

Costzon Baby Changing Table

Costzon Changing Table is a perfect choice if you need a table that’s portable, convenient, easy to fold and move around. Very versatile and spacious, 17.7 inches wide and 28.7 long. Excellent for changing diapers, clothes, and massage. It comes with a waterproof pad so cleaning is easy. You’ll love the high sides, they’ll keep your baby safe and prevent from rolling off. Besides the safety factor, the high sides will also prevent the baby from making a mess on the floor.

You don’t need to buy an extra changing pad, you change the baby directly on the table. The weight limit is great as well, it can hold a baby up to 35 lbs. so you’ll enjoy using it for months to come. If you really feel that you need and extra pad, summer infant changing pad works well with it.

For a portable table, it comes with a good amount of storage for quick diaper and outfit changes. The caddies on the side will come handy more often than you might think. There is a good amount of space for the stuff you need to clean the baby, creams, wipes, etc. The storage space underneath is perfect for diapers,  swaddles, bibs, clothes and extra blankets. Or you can put a couple of bins on the bottom and store in there pretty much almost all you need for your baby. The attached caddy only goes on one side and cannot be moved to the other side.

If you’re a tall person you’ll appreciate the height. It’s perfect for tall parents. Even if you’re are 6’5″ you’ll be able to change a diaper without hunching and will save your back from bending over.

When you look at the picture you might be a little skeptical and think it’s going to be flimsy but it’s exceptionally well made and sturdy. It’s made from reinforced steel. With the non-skid feet covers, it stands firm even if you place it on a carpet.

It’s perfect for small spaces. It collapses flat and can be placed under the crib, behind it or anywhere in your house.

Overall an amazing product, a picture doesn’t do justice to it. It’s portable, has good storage to organize the diapers, wipes, baby lotion or bath supplies. It’s reliable and more importantly very safe and stable.

Price Range: $99.99 – $79.99

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Sturdy with Plenty of Space for Storage

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Delta Children Eclipse open storage concept is another excellent choice that will make changing diapers a lot more convenient and comfortable.

It’s large, safe and sturdy. It comes with a waterproof changing pad. The pad is removable and easy to wash. It includes straps to hold your little one away from the edges. For extra safety, it has 7 inches tall rails on front, left and right.

The pad is not very thick so depending on how you feel about it you may have to buy a better one. Personally, I don’t think that’s necessary but it’s up to you. The table will fit a standard 16 x 32 inches changing pad snugly and securely.

There is a good amount of open space to get nicely organized. The shelves are very large and can handle plenty of stuff. Each shelf is 33 1/4″ wide and 16 1/2″ deep. The distance between them (from edge to edge) is 10 1/4″. But the actual space between them is 11 1/2″. (there is a ‘lip on the edge of the shelves) The distance between the bottom shelf and the floor is 1 1/2 inches.

Both shelves have the same amount of space. There is plenty of room for diapers, clothes, and toiletries. Or you can put baskets or storage bins to keep things nice and neat. The RiverRidge Folding Storage Bins ( 10.5 inch W by 10.5-inch D by 10-inch H) work really well with it. Click here for more info.

In terms of height, it’ll work well for an average person 5’6″. If you’re taller than that you’ll have to lean over for this table for a few minutes to change diapers. To give you an idea of how comfortable it might be for you, distance from the floor to the bottom of the pad is 27″, to top of the pad is about 29″.

It’s well made and very sturdy. Everything is made from real wood except for the shelves.

Assembly is smooth and instructions are super clear. All the pieces fit together perfectly and the drill holes are perfectly aligned. There is no need for additional tools (just a hex wrench that’s included). It shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Once assembled it’s nice and solid.

Overall a great piece of furniture. If you’re looking for something that’s nice and affordable this is a great choice. Available in different colors.

Price Range: $109.81 – $129.99

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FANTASTIC, Sturdy, Multifunctional On Wheels For Easy Rolling

Graco Lauren Changing Table with Water-Resistant Change Pad

There are a number of great features that set this piece of furniture for changing baby diapers apart. Wheels are one of them. It’s not easy to find a high-quality baby changing table on wheels that can easily be moved around.

For some parents, having wheels is a must-have feature. So if you’re looking for something that can easily be moved around the house, your search stops right here.

Besides that, it offers lots of storage space, is extremely well-made, and looks great. After all, who wants to have an ugly piece of baby furniture these days? By looking at the picture and considering the price you may not expect a lot. But you’ll be really surprised how functional and how sturdy it is.

Let me start with the wheels. As far as I know, this is pretty much the only one on the market that has wheels. You’ll find it extremely convenient as you can easily wheel it around having everything you need next to you nicely organized and without the need to run back to the nursery for every single diaper change, burp cloth or a swaddle.

The wheels are smooth and make it easy to move in the event when you want to rearrange your nursery. You can roll it right by the sink so you can change the baby right after the bath. It rolls very well on all kinds of surfaces except carpet which is understandable. For extra safety they are lockable, so you can put the breaks on to keep it from moving. And if the wheels don’t work for you but you like all the other features, you can simply remove them, or assemble without the wheels.

It comes with a waterproof changing pad which is easy to clean. The pad is about an inch thick. In my opinion, it’s good enough. But if you feel that it’s too thin you can put a blanket or sheet underneath. If that is not enough, Summer Infant pad for 20$ will do the trick. Just keep in mind that your baby won’t sleep in it. You just need the pad to change baby’s clothes, diapers, and massage. Before buying a separate one I’d definitely try it out to see how it works. There are also straps to put around the baby and keep it from rolling around.

It offers a tone of storage, ok. maybe a tone is an overstatement but the storage underneath is really but big enough for baby essentials and some personal stuff. You can easily fit in there two months’ supply of diapers, a diaper warmer, extra clothes, wipes, and even some toys. The space between each shelf is 11 inches. A storage bins 10.5-inch W by 10.5-inch D by 10-inch H work with it perfectly. Although the shelves are particleboard they are very sturdy and can handle a lot.

The height from the shelf where the baby is lying to the floor is about 31 inches so it should work well for most parents, both average and tall height without bend down too much.

The entire structure is made of pinewood except for the shelving which is MDF. The quality is excellent, safe and sturdy to keep baby on it during changing or massage. It will last and hold up well even if you plan to have more children. It’s one of those multifunctional products that you won’t have to replace anytime time soon.

Assembly is very easy and quick. The instruction couldn’t be more clear. It comes with everything you need. Please note, all the pieces do line up nicely. Just before tightening all the screws have everything loosely in place. After that go-ahead tighten the screws and everything will come perfectly together. And you’ll be done in no time! Once assembled the dimensions are 38 inches long x 20 inches wide and the height 39.5 inches. The maximum weight it can hold is 30 pounds.

All in all and outstanding product. High quality, multifunctional, very attractive with great storage on wheels for rolling. If you buy it, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be very pleased with it. When your baby is too big for it it could be used for books or other things. And it looks absolutely adorable. Available in many colors to choose from.

Price Range: Around $99.99

Check Current Price on Here

Convenient Dresser and Diaper Changing Top

Jayden 3 Drawer Dresser and Changing Table

An amazing and convenient combination of a dresser and baby changing station. Very sturdy, beautiful, and more importantly practical. It goes well with matching DaVinci crib.

The table is sturdy and has a good size. The inside area is about  17″ wide, 34″ long and 4.5″ deep. A changing pad comes with it. Just like any other table, it’s thin. If you need a thicker pad to make your little one more comfortable, standard size changing pads (16″x32″) fits it well. However, it leaves a couple of inches of a spare room at the end of the table. You can use it for creams and spare clothes. Just keep in mind that the top rail that goes around the changing pad is not removable.

It also comes with an anti-tipping strap to secure to the wall as well as.

All three drawers are the same size and they are spacious. 6i in tall, 15 in deep 31.5 in wide. They are solid and sturdy, sit on metal rails and slide in and out very smoothly. They are deep enough to hold drawer organizers. There is enough room to accommodate a newborn to a small child. You can easily fit in a few week’s worth of diapers, wipes plus all your other baby hygiene needs, changing supplies, baby clothes or whatever you want to put there. Just be careful and not to overload them.

It’s reasonably easy to assemble. The instructions are simple enough to figure out. But it does take a little patience. Not too complicated to put it together by one person but better is to do it with two. You do need to set aside an hour and a half to two hours and that doesn’t include unboxing. It seems on the delicate side, like most furniture these days so you need to be careful not to scratch it.

Once assembled it looks beautiful. It’s about 36 1/2″ wide, 21″ deep, 37″ high plus a 4 1/2 ” top rail. So the total height including the top rail is 41 inches.  The height from the floor to the changing pad is around 39″. That should work well for most people without hunching over.

The drawer face, dresser sides, support pieces, and top edging are solid wood. Other parts are compressed/imitation wood. It feels heavy, durable and sturdy. You can feel comfortable changing your baby on top of it.

Overall it’s one sturdy piece of furniture. It’s attractive, practical, very sturdy, and well worth the cost. It looks much higher-end than it actually is.

Price Range: Around $249.00

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Dresser with Changing Top

Delta Children Changing Table with Dresser

It offers amazing storage, organization, and functionality, the spacious wide and deep drawers give you plenty of storage for diapering stuff, clothing, toys, and other things. The drawers easily slide on metal rails and include safety stops.

The changing top fits a standard 34 Inches x 16 Inches changing pad. Just keep in mind, the pad is NOT included.

The main advantage of this model is that the changing top including the frame is completely removable. When you no longer need it for changing diapers it can be used as a stand-alone dresser anywhere in your house without looking like baby furniture.

In addition, it is extremely sturdy and well made of quality wood.

Assembled dimensions are: 34.75″ W x 17.5″ D x 37″H

If you have older kids, for safety reasons the knobs are removable. Later on, you can put them back on.

Assembly does require some time, around 2 hours and definitely takes two people to do it.

Other than that this is a great and sturdy dresser with diaper changing top. It’s beautiful and functional. It’ll look great in any nursery. Definitely worth the price.

Price Range: Around $179.99

Check Current Price on Here

Heavy-Duty, Convenient and Multi-Purpose Diaper Change Table and Storage

Delta Children 2-in-1 Changing Table and Storage

Delta Children 2-in-1 Diaper Change Table and Storage is a well made heavy-duty, convenient and sleek looking. A perfect multi-purpose diaper changing and storage combo. It’ll make changing diaper and dressing baby a breeze. And when your child has outgrown diapers it will look stylish anywhere in your house.

The 33″ x 17″ table is spacious so there is plenty of room even for a big and wiggly baby. It comes with a changing pad and safety strap. Cover for the pad is NOT included. The pad is basic, about an inch thick. In my opinion, it’s absolutely fine for its purpose. But if you feel that you need a better one, a standard 33″ x 17″ pad fits is well.

The main parts are solid wood. It’s heavy-duty and VERY sturdy. The solid construction and design make it almost impossible for it to tip over. Plus, for extra safety, it can be fastened to a wall with safety straps that come with it. That’s very useful when you have a toddler(s) running around the house. It’s JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM.

Once assembled it’s about 34.25 Inches W x 18.75 Inches D x 35 Inches H. It has good height for changing. The changing surface is about 31″ above the floor.

There is an abundance of storage for diapers, creams, lotions, wipes, bibs so everything you need is all at your fingertips.

The middle shelf is large and convenient for diapers, blankets, and other things. It’s 33″ x 16-1/2″ with the opening between the top and the shelf of 10″.

The bottom storage bin is HUGE. Perfect for storing toys and other stuff.  The storage bin at the bottom is 33″ long x 14-1/2″ wide. The total height from the bottom of the bin to the middle shelf 17-1/2″ and the opening is 9″-10-1/2″.

You’ll love how convertible it is for future use. When the baby is done with diapers, it’s perfect as storage shelves for books, toy or stuffed animals. So you won’t end up with another throwaway baby gear.

The assembly directions are concise and straightforward.  All parts are very well organized. Although it can be assembled by one person to avoid damage it’s better and easier if two people do it. The side panels are large and heavy, so it’s difficult to line them up and screw in at the same time.

All in all, this is a nice looking, multifunctional and durable furniture. Even after months of use, it’ll hold up very well. Definitely worth the price tag. Available in different finishes, so you can pick the perfect one to match your home decor.

Price Range: $144.99 – $119.99

Check Current Price on Here

Fits Into The Corner of Nursery

Badger Corner Changing Table

Amazing space-saving changing table and fits in the corner of the baby’s room and takes up less space than a normal baby changer would. It looks great, and is perfect for a small nursery or if you want to maximize the use of space and have great storage along with it.

It’s completely out of the way and looks totally cute. The baskets holding diapers, clothes, toys, etc. and all the side shelves can hold everything you could possibly think of for the baby.

The amazing thing about it is, it’s not only a space-saving but also lets you change the baby without having to turn sideways. The concept of changing from the feet makes changing easier as you not trying to put diapers on a squirming baby sideways and more importantly, you get the most interaction with your little one. And those moments will be priceless.

It comes with a custom changing pad and one fitted cover (100% Cotton) for the pad. It’s a “rectangular” pad and measures 23″x16″. So standard changing pad or sheets won’t fit. If for whatever reason you need to replace the pad or need extra pad cover you need to contact the seller through Amazon.

The pad that comes with it is thin but it isn’t that bad and does the job just fine. I’ve seen thinner pads sold with well-known brands and this one includes a cover for it. Personally, I don’t think that your baby will show any signs of being uncomfortable on it. It’ll only be on it for like a few minutes at a time to get their diaper changed.

The changing area has plenty of room for baby wiggles and rolls. To keep the baby safe there is a safety belt attached to the pad.

The changing pad is removable if later on, you want to convert the table to another use such as book or toy storage. The safety belt is not detachable. For safety reasons, the pad and the belt are designed to stay together.

It’s about 33.5″ high so an average person 5’5″ – 5’10” is able to change the baby comfortably.

And you’ll love the storage. It offers plenty of it. There are lots of different shelves to store things on. Diapers perfectly fit in the small drawer, you can easily fit two 28 count bags of diapers in it. You can even store more diapers behind the laundry bin. The large bin underneath the small drawer is great for dirty laundry.

Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with PadThe side shelves have lots of space too. They can hold all baby’s medicine, toiletries, baby lotion, and soap. There is even space for a breast pump. It going to come down to your imagination how you want to utilize all the storage.

The side shelves can hold all the everyday baby stuff on them without any problems, just keep in mind that they aren’t meant for heavy things. I don’t have a specific example in mind, but if you stick to baby stuff, you’ll be fine.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s the shelves are made from some sort of fiberboard and don’t have any waterproof paint or lacquer on it. So baby wipes, diaper cream or vaseline can leave a mark when they get the shelves wet. To avoid it you could try to waterproof it with some kind of waterproof spray.

Assembly isn’t that difficult but it DOES take a little time to set it up. There are quite a few pieces and a lot of screws to put together. The manual is easy to understand but you do have to take the time to read it. It’s also important to organize all the pieces as a lot of them look very similar. You will need a Phillips screwdriver which is NOT included. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you have to assemble it in the room you’ll be using it in because once assembled it does not fit through a standard doorway.

Once assembled it may seem slightly wobbly, I’d imagine it’s because of the size but once you have it in the corner, it completely stops and is really stable and solid. For a product that is not made out of solid wood, it’s sturdy and the quality is really good providing it’s assembled correctly.

There are plenty of pros and a couple of cons to this product:

  • Custom size changing pad and cover
  • It could be easily stained if you leave wet baby wipes, diaper cream on it.

On the positive:

  • The most obvious is a great space saver and it utilizes corner space that’s normally is unused space in baby’s nursery
  • Awesome storage
  • Can be converted into toy storage and such when the baby is out of diapers
  • Baby faces you while changing
  • The table and cushion are big enough for the baby to lay comfortably with enough room to grow

There is no perfect product and you’ll always have to weigh the pros and cons. This one is highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t want to give up a lot of space and wants to have fun changing the baby standing at baby’s feet, rather than facing sideways.

Price Range: $155.99 – $172.93

Check Current Price on Here

Turn a Dresser Into Changing Top With This Changing Kit

Delta Children Changing Kit

A great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a piece of furniture that would only be used for a short period of time. It goes onto a dresser perfectly. And when you’re done with it you simply remove it. It doesn’t scratch or does any damage to your existing dresser. Also, great if you’re limited in space. Very safe, sturdy and easy to install. It saved a lot of space and money.

It’ll fit any dresser as long as it’s within the dimensions of the changing kit.

  • Here are the assembled dimensions (in inches): 36.25 (width) by 6.75 (height) by 18 (depth)
  • The dimensions of the changing area are 34-1/4″ x 16-1/4″

It can hold all standard changing pads including contour pads with some room to spare. It’s easy to assemble and to set up. To make a safe changing space you screw it into the back of the dresser. And when your baby is too old for it, you just remove it and revert back to the normal dresser. It looks great, doesn’t damage the furniture and is very safe and sturdy. Available in different colors.

Price Range:  $42.83 – $59.99

Check Current Price on Here

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About Savvy Mama
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About About Savvy Mama

Savvy Mama (Allana) is a former quality control manager now stay at home mom living with her adorable husband and hilarious kids. Between folding and putting up laundry, cleaning the house and picking up toys she spends her time looking for, testing and reviewing cool stuff so you don't have to. The goal is to provide an essential, go-to site for moms and dads searching for great quality products for their home and kids.
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