Baby Registry Checklist

Getting your baby’s nursery ready is one of the best parts of preparing for their arrival. To make the job easier just jot down the things that you will need to arrange. Whether it is a baby gear or setting up a nursery, all should be there on your list. However, if you’re not sure what essentials to buy, we’ve put together this guide to make it easier for you.

Cribs and cradles:

baby cribsThe first important thing to include in our list is a crib. That is where your baby is going to sleep for at least 2-3 years till he or she is moved to the real bed. So it has to be comfortable first. It is best to avoid the drop side cribs as if that side gets detached accidents can happen.

Along with this you need to choose your crib mattresses as well. Crib mattresses should be as soft and comfortable as possible. You can choose between innerspring mattresses, organic mattresses or foam mattresses. Foam mattresses are often preferred more as they and less expensive and easier to handle. Innersprings however hold their shapes for a longer period of time. Organic ones are most expensive out of the three but, they are free of any chemical or industrial contents like the other ones.

Bassinets and cradles can also be opted for making your babies sleep for first few months. During that time they require smaller space and these can be cosier as well. You can even move these from room to room quite easily. However, cribs are considered to be safer.

Dresser and Changing Tables:

Dresser and Changing TableDuring the couple of years, especially during the year you will need to change your baby’s diapers quite often. Some people do change them in the baby’s cribs or bassinets itself. Some of them move their babies to the larger beds to change them every time. But, you job will become much easier if you opt for a separate changing table.

Keep all the dresses and diapers of the baby in the drawers below the changing tables and keep the whole dress beside the cribs. One should always make sure to have safety straps with that changing table. If it is already not there make sure to get one or else there remains a risk for your baby to flip-off the table.

Rocking Chair or Gliders:

nursery glider rockerRocking chair or gliders are quite common in a nursery. This is mainly needed when you will require to quite your baby when he or she is crying and most importantly when you will put your child to sleep. This back and forth motion is quite soothing for the babies and quite easily puts them to sleep. Now-a-days gliders are often chosen over rockers as they are much more comfortable which is important as parents might often have to spend long hours in that chair with their kids. Click here to see our list of best selling nursery gliders.

Baby Monitor:

baby monitorBaby monitors are very popular these days. The transmitter of this audio monitor transmits the sound of the baby to the parent or to one who is looking after her. Some baby monitors even provide two-way communications which allows the parents to talk back to the baby.

Some monitors are with a video camera which are called baby cam. People use these mainly to keep a check when their baby are awake and when they need to be attended. It is also said that it gives the baby a sense of security.

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Toilets and bathing:

baby toilets and bathingToilet training your infant is quite a tough task. For the first 18 months no toilet training is going to be useful for your kid as he or she will not be able to express. But, after that you should start avoiding diapers and start training your kid how to show signs whenever they require eliminating. Place the baby pots near the cribs so that it does not take too long before you reach the pot.

Bathing kids is another tough job for most of the parents. Try to get a bath tub which is colourful and fun that will help to make your kid stay there for longer. Also provide a few toys which can distract the kids while you are doing your job. Make sure that the tubs have a soft interior which are comfortable and safe for the kids.

Diaper Pail:

Diaper PailDiaper pails are also a must have for your infant’s nursery to make your job a little easier. You can place it outside the baby’s nursery. Make sure to opt for the one which can be easily used and which can conserve most of the odors.

Night light:

baby night lightIf you want to opt for a night light in your baby’s room, you can opt for it. If you need to check the baby during the night and you feel that you baby will feel more comfortable with a dim light on, put a soothing light in the room.
All the things that have been suggested above should prove to be sufficient for welcoming your newly born baby.

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