Benefits of Using Nursing Pillows

Young mother breast feeding using a nursing pillow with the baby on sideNursing pillows are very popular for several reasons, but one of the top reasons is that they make breastfeeding much easier.  It helps position the baby closer to mom’s breast, making it easier for the baby to achieve a good latch.  This makes nursing less work for mom and helps both mom and baby enjoy the nursing experience.

The Right Pillow

Several different styles of nursing pillows provide support in many different ways.  The right one will remove strain from areas of the body such as the arms, neck, and spine.  Some are available with extra padding to support the back when prolonged feeding sessions require long periods of sitting.  Finding the one that works best can be difficult because some nursing pillows are very expensive, so buying each to try is probably not feasible.  Contacting the local branch of the La Leche League, WIC or other breastfeeding support network about which pillows are most highly recommended is a good place to start; they may even provide options for trying various pillows.

Support after C-Section

Following a C-section, the site of the incision is going to be extremely tender.  Using a nursing pillow can help alleviate discomfort from the baby lying against the incision, as well as providing some support for strained and sore abdominal muscles, which may help to speed healing.

Support for Baby’s Development

When babies are eating, it is important for them to be positioned correctly.  Nursing pillows provide easy support for both nursing and bottle-feeding.  For baby’s developing muscles, a nursing pillow props baby up in a way that encourages them to become more independent.  When using a nursing pillow for baby’s tummy time, the position encourages them to use their arms and legs, strengthening several important muscle groups.

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