Choosing Baby Nursery Colors – What is Popular Today

The baby nursery colors you choose will have a large affect on the overall feel of the room. Well some color choices may have a soothing affect, others may be stimulating rather than relaxing.

For a baby’s room, it is usually a good idea to go with soft, calming colors rather than bright and bold ones. That doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to step outside the box and escape the traditional blue, pink, yellow, or green color choices that are so popular for a baby nursery.

Here are some baby nursery colors and color combinations to consider:

Browns and tans – make a masculine statement. Brown has become especially popular in recent years for nurseries especially when paired with blue for a boy’s nursery and pink for a girl’s nursery.

Baby Nursery Brown Theme with Animals

Adorable soft brown baby nursery theme with decor on the walls

Lavender – this soft purple color is the perfect alternative for parent’s looking to avoid the traditional pink for a girl’s baby nursery but still wanting something soft and feminine. It is also great paired with a soft green color if you want a two toned color scheme.

Beautiful Nursery Neutral Colors Theme with Purple Accent

Beautiful Nursery Neutral Colors Theme with Purple Accent

Marvelous Nursery Purple Theme Ideas For Baby Girl

Marvelous Nursery Purple Theme Ideas For Baby Girl

Cream – a great way to add some subtle color to the room is with a nice soft cream or beige paint tone. This helps you escape the boring monotony of white while still using a color that won’t overwhelm the space.

Baby Nursery Theme Neutral

Comfortable Cream Nursery Theme with Wooden Brown Furniture

Another way to make the baby nursery colors interesting is to mix things up a little with some fun paint techniques. Here’s a few ideas:

Faux Painting – Sponging, ragging, combing, crackling, and other faux painting techniques can add interest to the walls.

Stripes – Stripes are really popular for a baby nursery. Pick a couple colors and have at it. It may take a little extra time and work but the end results will be worth it!

Polka Dots – A really fun and whimsical way to create a baby nursery is by painting polka dots on the wall. Choose a simple base color like white, a light yellow, etc. and then use a stencil to paint polka dots in several different colors around the room. Lots of fun to do and the end results are awesome!

Baby Nursery Polkadot and Giraffe Pattern

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