Top Double Strollers, Perfect For Transporting Two Kids

Top Double Strollers, Perfect For Transporting Two Kids

If you are the parents of two kids or thinking about expanding your family a double stroller is a must-have as it offers the convenience of being able to haul both kids. It helps with day-to-day activities like must-do daily errands, trips to the playground, the park, or the store so the entire family can have a GREAT day together. Just toss your little loved ones in it, grab your spouse and set off for an adventure.

With so many choices out there buying one can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Here you find reviews and ratings of best double strollers that are affordable, comfortable for the kids, easy to maneuver and fold. Perfect for an infant and toddler or two toddlers. We break down what’s most important to consider when narrowing down your choices and what you should consider making your final purchase decision.

Simple, Compact And Easy To Maneuver Double Stroller

JOOVY Caboose Tandem Stroller

JOOVY Caboose is budget-friendly and one of the best out there for everyday use or your travel adventures. It has many options for the kids, it’s compact and easy to maneuver. Excellent for anyone with two kids close in age or a newborn and toddler or two toddlers.

Both seats are comfortable and there is plenty of wiggle room. You’ll be surprised by how spacious the two seats are, considering how light and compact it is. There are a number of ways for your kids to ride it.

  • An infant with a car seat (sold separately) attached to the front seat and a toddler is sitting or standing in the back.
  • Kids close in age can sit with the younger in the front and the older in the back
  • Younger child rids in the front seat and the older either sits or stands in the back
JOOVY Caboose Riding Options

JOOVY Caboose riding options.

Both seats recline. The front one to nearly flat and the back seat reclines about 6 to 8 inches.

The front seat has a nice five-point harness and a footrest. The footrest can be in an upright or lowered position. It also has a child tray for snacks and drinks, which are must-haves for all kids. The tray is removable so you can use it depending on your child’s needs.

The second kid has a few options as well. They can use the rear seat which is included, it’s perfect for a child under 2 or 3 years old. It does recline and has a 3 point harness.

When the child is too big for the rear seat you can remove it and use the bench seat or you can slide the bench seat forward and they are able to ride on the platform. Removing or installing the back seat takes less than 3 minutes, so you can convert it to sit and stand quickly and easily.

Each seat has a weight maximum of 45 pounds for a total of 90 pounds.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If the child in the back is riding on the bench seat, there is no backrest so they can’t fall asleep or take a nap if they want to
  • If there is a child in the second (rear) seat, the child in the front may not be able to recline as far back
  • With the second seat in, the storage compartment underneath is hard to access

While there are some limitations, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re looking for something that’s compact one way or the other you’ll have to compromise on some features. Understand and be OK with the shortcomings while enjoying the compact size.

The parent organizer has built-in cup holders for two drinks and a zip pocket for your phone and keys. The storage basket at the bottom is big and offers plenty of room for a day at the park, a purse, and a diaper bag. However, if you using the second the seat it’s a little bit harder to access your stuff so you have to it before or after the child is in. Although the storage space is large there is a weight limit of 5 pounds so you need to be careful and not overload it. If you do, you’ll be dragging it on the ground.

JOOVY Caboose parent organizer and storage

The canopy for the child who sits in front is huge, really sturdy and stays in place. For the child who is in the back seat, there is a shade that you pull out from the parent organizer. Not huge but provides good coverage to the child in the back. The front canopy is removable and you can tuck the back one away when you don’t need it.

It’s compact, weigh only 23 pounds, and easy to maneuver even in small spaces. You can push it straight with one hand but need two for turning. It rolls on 6 1/2 inches hard rubber wheels. Single on the back and double in front. The front wheels swivel 360 degrees but you can lock them. If you’re just navigating around the city keep them in swivel mode, but if you taking it on a bit rough terrain you can lock them so it’s going to be easier for you to push it. The rear brakes are connected which is a nice feature.  You only have to step on either side to engage/disengage the breaks.

The handlebar is nor adjustable and sits about 41.5 inches from the ground. The height is optimal for both tall and shorter parents.

JOOVY Caboose FoldedIt’s easy to fold and open. When folded it’s quite flat and compact. It fits into any car trunk because it isn’t any longer than a single one. Even though it has a lock to keep it folded, it doesn’t have a kickstand as others do, so you have lean it against a wall or put it on the ground.

JOOVY Caboose Best Features

  • A breeze to maneuver especially in small spaces
  • Perfect for running around town
  • Easy to fold
  • Folds up small and is compact
  • Comes with all necessary attachments
  • It meets Disney’s requirements


  • Does not stand on its own when it is folded
  • Hard to access storage basket


JOOVY Caboose is well built, sturdy with great fabric. Definitely it’s not for off-roading but perfect for running around town,  quick trips to the mall, or a park. If you need something that fits an infant car seat and allows a toddler to have a comfy seat, fits in a trunk of a small car is easy to fold, push and maneuver, costs around $200.00 this is a good choice. Even with the few cons for the price and for what you get, this is more than worth your money.

There are two versions, the Caboose Too Ultralight that comes with the rear seat and costs around $219.99. Click here for more info.

And the other that does NOT come with the rear seat, so the second child in the back can only sit on the bench or stand on the platform. Perfect for those who have a bit older kids and don’t need that ‘rear seat. It costs around $188.99. Click here for more info.

Very Versatile, Convenient And Affordable

Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Tandem Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow sit and stand double stroller is adjustable, easy to maneuver, rolls nicely, collapses easily, and has good storage for all the snacks and diapers your little ones might need. Perfect to accommodate 2 kids who are 2+ years apart so both of them could fit in it comfortably for the next couple of years. You’ll love the versatility in seating options.

There are 12 different seating options to choose from. It’s very simple to change the positions around, no tools required. It works well with an infant and toddler or two toddlers, two-year and a four-year-old. Please note, depending on the age of your kids you may have less than 12 riding options. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty versatile and there are plenty of options to keep the kids happy.

The front seat reclines. However, it doesn’t recline completely flat but good enough for a child to take a comfortable nap or for quick diaper changes. Also, there is a footrest for the child riding in the front seat.

The rear seat does not recline. It has a head and body support insert to keep your little one comfortable. One thing that you need to be aware of is that the rear seat (also called ‘face time’ seat) can only face the handle, you can not turn forward.  The back seat is more suited for infants, the front seat is perfect for a toddler. Although it can accommodate two children, you can use it for one child only by simply removing the rear seat.

Graco Ready2Grow tandem stroller seating options

It works ONLY with Graco “Click Connect” (Graco SnugRide Click Connect and SnugRide SnugLock) car seats, ‘click’ and ‘classic connect’ seats are not compatible with it. There is no adaptor for different car seats. With the ‘click feature’ attaching the car seat is fast and easy. You can place two car seats at once. That’s a great option for those who have twins.

Both seats have a 5 point harness which converts to a to 3 points with the detachable straps. Front seat, bench seat and standing platform each hold child up to 50 pounds. The rear seat holds up to 40 pounds.

If you don’t plan to use a car seat you can use it from about 3 months and up. With a car seat from newborn and up.

The canopies are great. They are adjustable and turn almost 180 degrees to keep the sun or wind off the kids.

It comes with a convenient tray for your child that can hold up to 2 cups or bottles, as well as snacks. The tray is removable or you can swing it to the side so the child sitting on the front seat can easily get in and get out. There is also a built-in adult tray with a cup holder and 2 pockets for your keys and other small things. The adult try is fine but the cup holder is small. And not every bottle of water will fit in. You might end up buying a cup holder expander or using the child’s tray.

It maneuvers very well and is pretty smooth as long as you use it on the right surface. Sidewalks even narrow and bumpy and paved paths are perfect. It can handle unpaved paths like you’d find a city park but hiking trails and woods would be too much. The wheels are not inflatable and can’t handle rough terrain. Lockable front swivel wheels are great if you need to push it across a small amount of grass. Although it rolls pretty smooth it’s not intended for jogging. The brake pedal on the back is easy to use and works well.

The handlebar is approximately 42″ inches tall. Both, short (5’5″) and tall (6’5″) people are able to push it comfortably without kicking the basket as they walk.

The quick one-hand fold an automatic lock is awesome. It’s one of the easiest to fold and unfold. And it’s light enough to get it in and out a car by yourself without any troubles. But for that, you’ll need two hands, after all, it’s double.

When folded it’s 53″ long. If you have a big car, you’ll have no problems loading it into your car’s trunk. To load it into a small vehicle’s trunk such as Honda Civic or Focus, all you need to do is remove the front canopy and the children tray. And it becomes just 41 inches in length. With that length, you can pretty much load it into any car’s trunk. It looks like an extra step but it takes less than a minute.

Here are Graco Ready2Grow folded dimensions:

  • Folded Length: 53″ (41″ without canopy and the children tray)
  • Folded Width: 24″
  • Folded Height: 20.5″

The storage basket is large enough to carry just about anything you’d like (within reason, of course).  It’s perfect for holding purses, groceries, diaper bags, and other baby accessories. Although it can hold a good amount of stuff, you need to be careful and not to overload it as there is no support under the bottom and it’ll drag on the ground. Also when both seats are in use you’ll have limited access to the storage. That shouldn’t be a beag deal as you can ask the child to move over a bit so you can access the basket.

The fabric holds up very well and wipes clean easily. The seat cushions are removable and machine-washable in cold water on a delicate cycle. The frame wipes down easily with soap and warm water.

Graco Ready2Grow best features:

  • Flexible seats
  • Fits kids of different ages easily
  • Very good handling and turns extremely well despite the weight
  • One of the easiest to fold and unfold
  • Reclining front-facing seat, not all the way flat, but it’s there
  • Large adjustable canopies
  • Quite large storage basket
  • When front canopy and child tray is removed (before folding) it fits in small cars’ trunk
  • Excellent quality
  • Competitive price


  • The adult cup holder is not big enough
  • Shallow child’s cup holders
  • Only the child in the front seat will have a tray – but you can still put two children’s worth of food on it
  • The rear-facing seat does not recline
  • The basket although big can be difficult to access with some seating arrangments

It weighs 33.99 pounds, so it’s on the heavier side but that’s expected since it’s a double one. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to haul 2 kids in something that’s wobbly and poor quality.


Very well built and very solid double sit and stand stroller. Not perfect, but pretty close. It’s durable, has a lot of features, isn’t too expensive and will grow with your children. It’ll make transporting kids a breeze.

Price Range: $219.99 – $197.99

Check Current Price on Here

Spacious and Comfy, Easy To Fold, Push and Maneuver

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand double stroller is a perfect option to accommodate two kids of different ages. It can be used with or without an infant car seat(s). Easy to fold, push and maneuver. It comes with a parent and 2 kids trays. Lightweight compared to others and fits in most car trunks (check folded dimensions below).

It has many options and combinations of seating to accommodate children who are very close in age like 1 month and 2 years old, or far apart, 1 month and 5 years old. You have 2 car seats (sold separately), 2 seats, a seat and a sit to stand to play with.

With two infant car seats attached, it’s ideal for twins. Or an infant and older child with one infant car seat attached. You can attach the infant car seat to the front or the back seat and have the older child sit in the other seat or use the stand platform if they are old enough. To use the ‘stand option it’s recommended that the child is two and a half years old. With two older children, the younger can sit in the front and the older in the back or you can remove the back seat and have the older use the ‘sit and stand’ platform. Please see my notes under ‘car seat compatibility’ as some car seats can only attach to the rear seat.

With so much flexibility in arrangements, you can easily adapt as your children get older and you’ll get years of use.

Both seats are roomy and comfortable for the kids to sit or take occasional naps. Even a tall child will have plenty of legroom. Technically both seats recline, however, the front seat does not really recline, it leans back about 2 inches. The back seat reclines more, it lays down about 85% flat.

Both seats face forward and only the back seat is removable to convert it to ‘sit and stand’. To keep the kids happy the back seat sits a little higher than the front so both children are able to see what’s in front of them.

To keep the kids safe, each seat has easy to use 5 point safety harness.

Without infant car seat/carrier you can use it when your youngest child is able to sit up, which is about 4-5 months old because neither of those seats reclines enough to support an infant.

Each seat has a canopy, they aren’t huge but provide enough protection on sunny days. They are adjustable and fold. When folded surprisingly take very little space and don’t get into the way.

The trays are very convenient and will come in handy. Perfect for snacks, drinks, and toys on long walks. Each child gets one with a cup holder. The cup holder is wide enough to hold a variety of drinks.  Each tray swings away (from horizontal to vertical) out of the way to easily put kids in the seats. There is enough room to put the kids in the seat without lifting the tray. The trays can be removed and replaced with individual cup holders. Personally I don’t think that’s necessary but in case that’s you want to buy additional cup holders you need to call Baby Trend and order them by phone (1-800-328-7363) They don’t sell them online. They cost around $14.99 for the set of 2, plus shipping & handling.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Kids and Parent Trays

The parent tray has 2 cupholders and a small compartment that latches shut for small things like keys, pacifier, wallet or phone.

The handle isn’t adjustable. It’s about 43″ high from the ground. Which is pretty standard and comfortable to push for people from 5′ to 6’2″ tall without hunching over or kicking the basket.

In general, it’s easy to steer and push. Even with two kids 40 -50 lbs. combined you shouldn’t have any issues. It delivers a smooth ride for the kids as long as you strolling on smooth terrain. It’s perfect for sidewalks, parks, amusement parks, a zoo, aquarium, museums, errands, shopping or long walks. The wheels are big enough and can handle well cracks and small holes on the sidewalks. It turns and maneuvers well through narrow spaces.

It can handle a bit of grass and gravel but it’s harder to push. Although it performs very well on smooth terrain it’s not for jogging, hiking or off-road strolling. If you want to take it on hiking or jogging trail you need a stroller with inflatable tires.

The back wheels have foot activated breaks so you don’t have to worry about it moving while you putting the kids in it.

The storage basket underneath is fairly big, good for things like a diaper bag, blankets small toys or extra clothes. Although it’s quite big sometimes it’s hard to get bigger things into or out of it because the footrest of the back seat gets in the way.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double FoldedIt’s easy to fold and open, however, there is a slight learning curve. You can do it with one hand but it’s much easier with both hands. It does have a manual folding latch on the side of the frame. For being double it folds fairly flat. Here are the folded dimensions so you get an idea if it’s going to fit in your car’s trunk.

Folded dimensions are 18″ H x 49″ L x 23.5″ W

You can get to about 43″ long if you remove the canopy (before folding it).

Once folded it stands up on its own so you don’t have to lean it against anything. The special handles to lift it are very nice and make it easy to get in or out of a car. And you don’t have to worry about breaking anything. It weighs 32.5 lbs, not the lightest and not the heaviest. Small people may find it on the heavy side, for stronger the weight is no issue at all. Nonetheless, it’s double, so it’ll have some weight and balkiness to it.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand best features:

  • Easy to use and versatile
  • You can attach one or two infant car seats
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • The back seat is easy to remove and put back on. Converters into a bench seat or a standing area for an older child
  • Rides smoothly, easy to maneuver and push
  • Quick and easy to fold and open
  • Trays for both the children AND the parents
  • Good storage compartment
  • It fits the new Disney restrictions
  • Price under $200


  • Neither of the seats lay flat
  • 5 point harness straps are thin and not padded
  • The sunshades aren’t very big
  • Footrest for the back seat interferes with access to the storage basket
  • Space consuming. It takes a lot of space in a trunk


Despite the few cons given the price and all the features it offers, this is probably as good as you can get. Very sturdy and well built. Perfect choice for a family with two kids. With its versatility it offers, it’ll adapt as your children grow. It’ll comfortably and securely hold your kids when you go for long walks or stroll around your neighborhood. One of the best out all the others with its ease and price.

Price Range: Around $164.99

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Super Comfy, Very Easy To Maneuver And Push

JOOVY Scooter X2 Side by Side Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 is one of the best side by side double strollers that’s very comfortable, easy to maneuver and fold, offers lots of storage, fits through standard doors and allows both kids to sleep in a reclining position. An excellent choice for a family with twins or two kids that are a few years apart.

It’s incredibly roomy, well-padded and comfortable. There is enough room for each child to be able to sit up, lay down, and just relax without being smooshed.

You’ll love the one-hand recline and that each seat reclines individually. Not completely flat but pretty close, about 150 degrees. The recline is a drawstring type of adjustment so you can pretty much adjust to whatever position you’d like.

Those individually reclining seats give you so much flexibility. You can have a 3-month-old and 5-year-old sitting comfortably side by side. The LO can nap while the older sits forward enjoying everything. And with the divider between seats, each child has some privacy.

It comes with easy to remove handlebar. It’s also a swing away bar, you can swing it away until your kids are inside and then swing it back. It keeps the kids more secure and they love to hold on to it when mom or dad takes them on a fast ride. It’s also good to hang tethers, toys, cups, etc on it. Kids love to hang their arms over it or use it as a footrest.

The footrest on each seat is adjustable, it can be either up or down depending on what your kids prefer. The fold-up position is perfect for a small baby as it keeps it from sliding down.

The 5 points adjustable harness’ have thick padding, are easy to use and provide great safety for the children.

It’s not compatible with infant car seats and it doesn’t recline enough for a newborn, so you can use it for a baby 3-month-old and up. The weight limit is 90 lbs. in total or 45 lbs per seat and 44 inches tall max.

The canopy is huge, one of the biggest I’ve seen. It provides excellent coverage and will protect your kids when it’s sunny, raining or windy. It’s adjustable and folds pretty easily.  On top of the canopy, there is a large window so you can keep an eye on both kids. You can either keep it open or have it closed. One thing to keep in mind is that the sunshade is not individualized to each seat like the more expensive brands. So both kids will enjoy one big canopy. But for the incredibly lower price, it’s really hard to complain.

It doesn’t have a typical parent tray with a cup holder, instead, it has build-in “backpack” style storage on each seat and built-in cup holders. They work great for bottles of water no so great for a fountain pop. The zippered pouches are great for a snack, keys, wallet, and phone. Those who prefer a traditional plastic tray might be a be disappointed but at least there’s something.

For the kids, instead of a cup holder or snack tray, there are seat-side pockets. Each seat has 2 pockets. They are perfect for their water, and snacks and even small toys and sunglasses. Instead of having those things on a tray where they can drop on bumps, they keep them next to them. Also when they are laying, they can grab a snack or drink still laying down instead of having to sit up and grab it from the tray.

If you really would like to have a traditional plastic snack tray with a cup holder you can buy it separately. They call it JOOVY Scooter X2 Tray. 2 child trays cost around $49.99. Click here for more info. Unfortunately, they don’t sell plastic parent trays.

The amount of storage underneath is HUGE. It’s really deep and can hold two diaper bags, coats, and blankets and much more. Moreover, it’s semi-separated to keep everything beautifully organized. You can keep one kid’s stuff on one side and the other kid’s on the other side. You’ll find it very useful when you go to the mall or out shopping. It’s one of the easiest to access, even with the seats reclined you’ll have issues at all.

Joovy Scooter X2 Storage Basket

Joovy Scooter X2 Storage Basket and Side Pockets

The handlebar is about 40 inches from the ground and isn’t adjustable. The height level should work well for most people.

Moving it with loaded storage and 2 kids is a breeze. It’s easy to push around and easy-going around tight corners as well.

Over the years they’ve made a lot of improvements. One of them is the wheel. Now (2019) it has large front and rear wheels to increase overall maneuverability. The improved wheels allow handling all sorts of terrain and it turns on a dime. It performs great on sidewalks even with large cracks. It can handle light off-roading, parks with just grass, and gravel. The front wheels swivel around or you can lock them.

It’s 30 inches wide and fits through standard doorways very easily. The footbrake is easy to put on or take off.  Although it handles very well it’s not built for jogging. Fast-paced walking is fine, jogging is not.

Joovy Scooter X2 Folded

Joovy Scooter X2 Folded

Folding and unfolding are very easy. You just have to be sure to have the seats completely reclined in order to fold it. The downfall is that it doesn’t “stand” on its own when folded. So you have to lean it against a wall or something or lay on the ground. Also, it doesn’t have an automatic latch. To keep it locked while folded you have to lock it manually.

When folded it’s not the smallest, whether it’s small or big it depends how you look at it and on your expectations. For some, the size is just right, and for others, it’s too big. So I’m not going to say that it’s small, compact or anything like that. Instead, I’ll give you the folded dimensions:

  • Folded Dimensions: 13″H x 30″W x 35.75″L
  • Weight: 32 lbs.

To get an idea if it’ll fit in your car trunk and how much space it’ll take you can make a cardboard cutout to the dimensions to see if it’ll fit and how it would work for you. It’s an extra step but well worth the time.

Joovy Scooter X2 best features:

  • Super easy to maneuver and push. Great between isles when shopping
  • Fits through most doors
  • Quick & easy to fold and unfold
  • One step brakes for the rear wheels
  • Comfy for the kids
  • Seats recline independently and almost flat. Perfect for naps or diapers change
  • Great sunshade. One of the largest out there
  • A lot of space underneath
  • Affordable and double
  • Meets new Disneyland stroller policy


  • Seats have to be reclined all the way back before closing (minor inconvenience)
  • No real cup holders. For some, it might be a big deal
  • The shade isn’t independent, so if one child is napping and the other awake, you can’t shade one without blocking views from the other.
  • It’s not car seat compatible
  • Doesn’t stand on its own when folded


It’s well-designed, sturdy, durable, and well built. Highly recommend to anyone with two kids, it makes life so much easier and riding a joy. For the price and features, this is one of the best double strollers available out there and the pros outweigh those cons by a landslide.

Price Range: $279.99 – $199.99

Check Current Price on Here

Perfect For Everyday Routines, Outdoor Events or Walks Around The Block

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller

Britax B-Lively is a great choice for parents who have two or more kids to help them keep up with their everyday routines, outdoor events, park trips or walks around the block. It’s easy to maneuver, turns on a dime and offers quick and easy fold. The adjustable handlebar makes easy for tall and short parents to find the perfect fit. With the all-wheel suspension, independent canopies and reclining seats your children will always enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller ReclineThe frame is well made, seats are well-padded and comfortable. There is plenty of room for both kids. Each seat reclines individually which is perfect to accommodate an infant and a toddler or if one child wants to take a nap and the other wants to enjoy the ride. With the strap recline, you can adjust the angle however you need it including flat. Reclining down is easy and can be done with one hand, however, you will need two to move it back up.

It doesn’t have adjustable calf rest, however, the seats are big enough that kids can sleep comfortably without that. The footrest is big enough even a 5-year-old to sit comfortably without slipping their feet. The seat height is great and allows kids to climb in and out with ease. This feature is awesome when you go to a park or zoo and kids are constantly in and out of it to see things or play.

The easy to use padded 5-point adjustable harness’ do an excellent job keeping the kids safe. Once buckled up, the kids aren’t going anywhere.

It can handle 2 kids up to 50 lbs per seat/six years old

Each seat has an independent canopy. They snap on easily and are secured by snaps and velcro and are removable as well. They are huge and retract from fully open all the way back or a midway allowing you to let in as much or as little sun as possible. The mesh peak through windows are nice for checking on the kids and provide good airflow.

One of the great things is all the storage. The basket is enormous. There is more than enough storage for baby blankets, diapers, coats, baby carrier or whatever you may need to go with you. It has netting on both sides to prevent anything from falling out and is easily accessible from the back and front. The front access point is so convenient for organizing and getting things in or out of it quickly. It let get whatever you might need without digging or unpacking the entire basket.

And if that’s not enough there is also plenty of secure pockets (six) on the back for drinks, cell phone, or other small items or whatever you might need within arm’s reach. They are perfect for long family walks or errand runs.

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller Storage

It doesn’t come with snack trays or cup holders for the children. They offer them as separate accessories and you have to buy them separately. A belly bar attachment isn’t available at all.

With the wide and adjustable handlebar, anyone will find it comfortable and easy to push.

Considering it’s double, it’s very easy to push, maneuver and handles turns very well.

The wheels are very well made, big, 6.5″ / 9.5″ and along with the all-wheel suspension offer a nice, smooth and comfortable ride. The front swivel wheels can be locked forward if needed. The wheels perform very well across most common surfaces. They can handle some grass or dirt as you would find in a park. It’s not made for going off-road or explore hiking trails. For that, you need a jogger with air-filled tires.

The linked parking brake which is foot pedal is amazing and works flawlessly. Easy to operate even wearing flip flops. It locks both rear wheels with a single step. Even if you stop on an incline with two kids in it and stuff in the basket, the brakes won’t budge and will hold it rock steady.

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller Brakes

The big question is, does it fit through doorways? Yes, it’s 32.5 inches wide and will fit through standard doorways. Sometimes it might be a tight fit, but you will be able to go through without having to break it down.

It’s very easy and quick to fold. To fold it, you push the button, pull it up on the handles in the seat and it folds in half. To set it back up again, simply release the side clamp and it will pop back open, ready to go. In addition to that, it has a fold protection button meaning that when you open it, you cannot accidentally fold it with a child inside. The anti fold feature is automatic, so there is nothing you need to do. Once folded it stands on its own. Since it uses the handlebar as support you need to make sure to position it correctly for the feature to work.

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller Folded

Despite being double the weight is reasonable and manageable. It weighs 29 lbs. and lifting it in and out of a car isn’t that hard. It fits in the Toyota Camry trunk with plenty of room left. To make it more compact you can take the wheels off. They’re easy to remove and put back on. Below are the dimensions with the wheels ON and OFF.

  • Britax B-Lively Folded dimensions wheels on 13″ L x 31.5″ W x 27″ H
  • Britax B-Lively Folded dimensions wheels off 10″ L x 31.5″ W x 26.5″

Britax B-Lively best features:

  • Overall weight is manageable
  • Very smooth ride
  • Independent seat recline and canopies
  • The handlebar easily adjusts so a person of any height can comfortably push it
  • Lots of storage
  • Easy setup and breakdown
  • Fits through most doorways


  • Forget about going off-road or hiking adventures, it’s not made for that
  • Only compatible with Britax B-Lively car seats and must buy a compatible adaptor that works specifically with this model. However, since it reclines flat it can be be used from a newborn and up without an infant car seat


It’s very sturdy, balanced, durable and very well made side by side double stroller. Perfect for keeping up with daily routines, trips to the park and walks around your neighborhood. And with the adjustable handlebar no matter if you’re short or tall you’ll always find the perfect fit.

Price Range: Around $429.99

Check Current Price on Here

Comfortable, Rolls Smoothly And Easy To Steer

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition is amazing, inexpensive and perfect for jogging, walking or everyday use. Easy to steer, turn and jog with. Very sturdy, easy to fold and for a double, it folds up pretty compact. It has comfortable seating for the kids. They can either sit up or lay down and has great storage.

The seats are padded, roomy, and both children can seat comfortably without feeling cramped. The seats adjust from sitting to lying back easily and independently. It works very well for siblings of different ages, a 6-month-old baby and a 3-year-old toddler or two toddlers, 2 and 4 years old. Also, this is great if one baby wants to nap, you can recline their seat back further and let him/her nap while the other enjoys the view. You can adjust the recline with the baby in the seat. You just release the clasp on the back of the seat. There is a fabric that separates the seats so each has its own space. The seats don’t recline all the way to flat, but enough for a baby to nap comfortably. The footplate is wide enough so both kids can put their feet on it if they want to.

5-point safety harness’ keep the kids safe and contained. They have lots of room for adjusting as they get older.

The recommended use is from 6 months to 50 lbs (each child) or up to 42″ tall. With 50 lbs each, it will be good through all the toddler years and preschool.

The ratcheting shade canopy is brilliant. It’s large enough to cover the kids and is adjustable. It rotates down pretty far forward. You can perfectly adjust it to whichever direction the sun may be shining to shield the kids. A perfect solution for those kids who hate hats. Once set, it locks into place and doesn’t flop around. There is also a mesh peekaboo window on top so you can always see how your kids are doing.

There is plenty of storage underneath each seat as well as pockets on the back of seats. The storage basket is absolutely great. Perfect for diapers, a diaper bag, wipes, towels, and extra snacks or a few lightweight bags of groceries. To keep things more organized, the basket underneath is divided into 2 sections. The divider provides a little more support and prevents it from dragging on the ground.

There are also 2 smaller pockets on the back of each seat. They are perfect for packed lunches for the kids.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Storage Basket

The parent tray has 2 cup holders and a storage compartment with a lid. You can keep in it, keys, phone, wallet, etc. and don’t have to worry about losing them. The cup holders are big enough to hold 24 and 32 oz cups/bottles.

For the kids, instead of a tray, there are mesh pockets next to each seat. You can put in it a toy, sippy cup or snack and they can take out and put back in whatever they want as they please. Unfortunately, there is no snack tray or belly bar sold separately that can be attached to this model.

The handlebar is not adjustable. The height is 42″ from the ground. It’s pretty standard and 5’1″ or 6′ tall people will be able to use it with ease. Even if you take long strides while walking or jogging there is enough space and you don’t have to worry about kicking the basket. Plus it has a comfortable rubber handlebar so it won’t fade or flake like plastic anytime soon.

Extremely light to push, very easy to maneuver. It rolls very smoothly and can be controlled with one hand even with both kids in it. The lockable front swivel wheel makes taking turns very easy and smooth. It’s so light and smooth compared to others and can no longer be an excuse not to take a walk.

The tires are fantastic. They are like bike tires so you can go over any terrain. Uneven pavement, stone, gravel, grass, dirt roads, chip roads …you name it, you can drive over it all without any hesitation. Perfect for daily use or light activities like zoo, amusement park, parks, walking, the mall or navigating sidewalks. Active parents can take it for jogging with the kids, dirt trails, rocky trails, uphill, downhill and camping. There is also a jogging safety strap that you can hold onto.

No matter where you go with it, it’s very stable and doesn’t shake or wiggle even if you do HIIT workouts. When you take it for jogging you have to have the front wheel locked into place and make sure that the bolt is tight.

It’s 32 inches wide, so it’ll go through most standard doors or at a mall or store with tight isles.

Instead of one bar, it has individual breaks on the back wheels. It isn’t a dealbreaker but some people might find it annoying.

Folding it and unfolding is simple and easy. For a double, it folds pretty flat. You don’t have to recline the seats in order to fold it, but if you do it will fold more flat. Once folded it stands by itself.

It fits nicely in the back of an SUV. If you have a small car you’ll have to take the wheels off to make it more compact. The wheels are easy to take off and put back on.

Estimated folded dimensions: 33.5″ H x 32 W x 22 D

For being a double, it’s pretty light (25 lbs.) and has handles to help lift it

Baby Trend Expedition best features:

  • For a double, it isn’t too bulky or heavy
  • Easy to maneuver and steer
  • Very comfortable seats
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Very good storage space
  • Both seats recline
  • Brilliant ratcheting shade canopy


  • Does not accept infant car seats
  • The safety straps aren’t padded and feel cheaply made
  • Doesn’t have kids tray


This is a very sturdy, user-friendly, quality double stroller for even the pickiest mom or dad. It’ll get you outside more often and walking or jogging will be a pleasure. If you looking for a double stroller that doesn’t break the bank and performs well, this stroller is for you.

Price Range: Around $199.99

Check Current Price on Here

Amazing All-Terrain Double Stroller

Baby Trend Navigator

Baby Trend Navigator is perfect for all-terrain strolling that can accommodate one or two infant car seats. Perfect for twins or for an infant and toddler. A fantastic choice for all kinds of outdoor activities. Perfect for running, walking, sightseeing, camping, hikes, dirt roads or sandy walks. It has great maneuverability, lots of storage, and more importantly, is very comfortable for the kids.

The seats are nicely padded and roomy, each is 14 inches wide. The seats are separated so there are actually two different seats. So each child has its own little space and they won’t end up falling into each other. Each seat reclines independently which is perfect if one child wants to take a nap and the other wants to stay up. The recline doesn’t go all the flat (almost) and is comfortable for sleeping babies.

On the back, there are mesh panels for airflow. The footboard is big and wide, one of the biggest I’ve seen. There is enough space for both kids to easily and comfortably rest their feet.

The weight limit is 50 lbs per child, 100 lbs total, so you’ll using it for some time.

It comes with a 5-point adjustable harness. The staps are thin and not padded. Kind of letdown but they do keep the kids safe and secure.

The canopy is really great. There are two separate canopies and adjust independently. The independent canopies are perfect for each child preference, one can control their shade without interfering with their sibling.  The canopies are fully ratcheting and can be position in many different angles to block the sun or wind from your child.

Baby Trend Navigator Canopies

Fully Ratcheting Individual Canopies w/Peekaboo Window

Despite the size and weight, it has amazing maneuverability and is easy to push. It turners sharp corners without an issue and on smooth surfaces you can push it with one hand. The four-wheel setup makes it very stable and the ride very smooth over pothole covered back roads. Far more superior to a 3 wheeled double or single. Rolls evenly and smoothly with both toddler and infant in the seat.

With the inflatable tires, you can anywhere. Down a dirt road, very bumpy, sandy, grassy or rough terrain. It also has shocks on front wheels to traverse any terrain. With the lockable front wheels, it easily converts from full double to a full double jogger. For jogging, it has a strap that you can attach to your wrist so you don’t have to worry about it rolling away.

Although it’s fantastic for outdoor activities like walks and runs on trails, both paved and not, this is not a good choice for everyday use like malls or grocery stores. It’s wide and hard to navigate between aisles and doesn’t go through standard doors.

Overall dimensions: 43 inches (H) x 32.5 inches (W) x 46 inches (D)

As far as the folding goes, it folds easily and compactly. There are two red trigger finger on the handlebar, one on each side, once you simultaneously pull them the whole thing folds down nice and easy. There is a manual folding latch to keep closed. It does stand by itself when folded but you need to remember to lock the wheels.

Since it’s double it’s not the smallest when folded and not the lightest. It does take up quite a bit of space in the trunk. For example, it fits in the trunk of a Honda Accord or Ford Focus (barely) but there isn’t a lot of space left for other things. To make it more compact you can take off the snack trays.

Folded Dimensions 32.9″W x 19″H x 34.8″L

It’s on the heavy side and weighs 42 lbs. As long as you can lift 42 lbs. you’ll be fine. It has three sturdy carry handles to help to lift it.

The handlebar height is standard and will work for most people. There is plenty of room even for those who have a long stride. It has a nice rubber grip instead of cheap foam so it feels nice on your hand as you pushing it and it won’t split or flake anytime soon.

Storage is ample and easily accessible. It has a dual-storage basket that accommodates up to 5 lbs. each (10 in total) and for added storage, it has pockets on the back of each seat. You can fit in there all you need for the kids, snacks, water, changes of clothes, baby bag, etc.

Baby Trend Navigator Storage Basket

Parent Tray and Storage Basket

The parent tray has two cup holders and a compartment for phone, keys or wallet. It also has a built-in dual speaker system. You can plug it into an MP3 player or your phone. It’s a cool feature but the sound quality isn’t the best. Most probably you won’t buy it based on that feature so I wouldn’t worry about that.

It comes with two kids’ trays. So each child has his own tray with two cup holders for snacks and drinks or to use as a footrest. The trays swing away to make it easier to get your kids in and out of it.

Baby Trend Navigator best features:

  • Very sturdy and stable
  • Maneuvers very well
  • Nice wide handle
  • Comfortable ride for kids
  • Independent seat recline
  • Independent canopies
  • Kids and parent trays included
  • Good storage under seats


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not an ideal choice for malls or grocery stores


It is an ideal choice for parents looking for an all-terrain double stroller who like jogging, going on walks, trails, rocky roads, around the park or even the zoo. It’s incredibly smooth, very sturdy and durable. If you don’t want to spend $500+ on a double jogger, for the price, quality and features this is a great deal.

Price Range: $249.99 – $199.99

Check Current Price on Here

Amazing To Maneuver, Comfortable And Easy To Fold

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller

Baby Jogger Summit X3 is one best double jogging stroller that’s very versatile and offers a smooth, comfortable ride for children and is easy to push and mauver for parents. Excellent for twins, newborn and toddler or two toddlers. It has every feature you’ll need for all outdoor activities. Perfect for jogging, walking on trails, hiking as well as for everyday errands.

The seats are well padded, roomy and very comfortable for the kids. Each seat is 12 inches wide and 10 inches in the deepest part of the seat. The seats are one of the deepest on the market. A deeper seat means more comfort for your children and they won’t be sliding out of the seat due to the depth being shorter. That’s something very important to keep in mind when you buy a jogger. As you jog you want the kids to be as comfortable as possible and more importantly as safe as possible.

It can perfectly accommodate twins, an infant, and toddler or two toddlers 2 and 4 years old. With the maximum height of 44 inches, even tall kids will fit in it comfortably.

The entire frame that supports the seats really well made and durable. The quality is top-notch, couldn’t ask for better. It also has an amazing support bar between the seats to prevent sagging. That’s another important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a double jogger especially when you have a child on the upper end of the height/weight. During a long run or when pushing it on a bumpy road, the lack of center support can cause the seats to sag toward each other.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Recline and Back Vents

Full Recline and Back Vent

The seats recline separately, which is great because one can lay down while the other one sits up if desired. It’s not full but almost flat. Flat enough for a small infant (more about that below) or a bigger child to have a comfortable nap in it. When reclined there is even a vent, a mesh window with a cover on the back of each seat for good air circulation. The recline is a drawstring type release with a claw clasp so you can adjust the recline level as desired. It’s easy to use one-handed.

The footbed area is big enough even 2 3-4 years old toddlers will have plenty of foot room.

It’s not designed to fit car seats and they don’t make car seat adapters.

It’s suitable from birth to 5 years. The maximum weight is 50 lbs per seat, 100 lbs in total, and a maximum height of 44 inches.

It reclines good enough for a small infant, however, you should not run until a child is 6 months old. That rule applies to all joggers. Going for a walk is fine, jogging, running is not. To provide more support and make a small infant more comfortable you can use a car seat insert. It keeps the infant stabilized, secure, cozy and no flopping around. A perfect, cheaper and more efficient alternative to a pram.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller Canopy

Individual canopies, extend far down with windows on top and vent on the side.

The canopies don’t disappoint, they are nice, big and provide ample amounts of coverage. Some of the best I’ve seen. Each can be individually adjusted. They are sturdy, easy to adjust, extend far down or can be adjusted to be half-open. Each has a clear window on top so kids can look up and see mom or dad. There is also vent on the side for allowing air in on a hot day.

The maneuverability is amazing even in tight spots. It turns on a dime. It can easily be pushed with one hand. One of the easiest to push on any terrain. Once it gets moving, it practically drives itself.

With 16 inches rear, 12 inches front air-filled and mountain bike like tires running over rough terrain is never a problem. It is great on all terrains. It handles hiking trails, snow, gravel paths, beach walks, and very uneven and bumpy sidewalks wonderfully. And with all-wheel suspension, your kids will always have a smooth ride.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Hand Switch

Easily unlock/unlock the front tire with hand switch

The front-wheel swivels or locks straight. It has two different ways to lock it for two different modes.

One is the hand switch close to the handlebar, this will quickly lock the front tire when you are walking on uneven trails. Instead of stopping you can unlock/unlock it while still in motion without getting all muddy from messing with the tire. The hand switch is extremely useful when going on long power walks over the rough sidewalks or gravel.

The other way is from a switch on the front of the tire itself, this locks it into a running mode.

The hand brake is a huge plus. It can be placed anywhere on the handlebar and the braking power is adjustable as well. It’s perfect for slowing down your momentum downhills, or for stoping fast when people stop in front of you.

It’s very well balanced and rides very smoothly with different weight children on each side or even with one child. You might have to ‘balance’ your grip a little bit but it’s nothing major or annoying. This is great if you go for a walk and one child all of a sudden decided that they want to walk or for whatever reason, you want to use it with one child.

For a double, it’s more compact than others that I’ve seen and fits through standard doorways. This makes it perfect for strolls around the neighborhood, walks in a park, shopping malls, grocery stores, even if you’re not a jogger.

Unfolded Dimensions: 53.15″ x 32.48″ x 40.55″

The non-adjustable handlebar is about 41 inches from floor level. Most people of average height (5′ – 6’2”) will find it very comfortable. The handgrip is very comfortable, durable and is made from a rubbery material. The legroom for jogging is great. Even if you take a long stride you won’t be kicking the basket.

The quick one-step pull-to-fold design is awesome. It quickly and easily folds in half. It still requires effort and two hands, after all, this is a double one. But given the size and weight, it’s pretty easy. If you have accessories like belly bar and tray you can fold it with the bar and tray attached. Once folded, there is a thick Velcro strap to keep it locked and folded.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogger Folded

For the size, it folds up pretty small and fits in the trunk of a Ford Focus, for reference. To make it more compact you can take the back wheels off. They come off easily just by pressing a button and pulling the wheel.

Folded Dimensions: Length 34.25″ x Width 32.48″ x Height 15.35″

It’s a double jogger, so it’s going to be on the heavy side.

Weight: 37lb

The basket is large and can hold extra-large diaper bag with room to spare for a blanket, baby carrier and toys your children may want. There is no divider, it’s one nice large space. There is also extra storage on the back of both seats. The structure and the frame in the back make it a bit hard to access the basket, however, you can easily access it from the side.

It doesn’t come with a parent or kids trays, cup holders or front bar which is kind of a major let down because at this price point you’d expect those things to be included. All of those can be purchased separately.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 best features:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Amazing maneuverability and smooth suspension
  • Turns on a dime
  • Sidelock to lock/unlock the front wheel
  • Roomy and nicely padded seats
  • Comfortable rubber handlebar
  • Center support bar between the seats
  • One of the best canopies
  • Easy one-step fold
  • Handbrake


  • Accessories like parent consol and kids’ tray have to be purchased separately


One of the best double strollers on the market, perfect for running, parks or any other outdoor activities and you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Price Range: Around $649.99

Check Current Price on Here

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