8 Best Double Strollers of 2019 To Fit Your Family Needs

Parents with double strollerA double stroller is ideal in the case of having two children, both of which happen to be slightly apart or hover around the same age. It allows the entire family to have a great day together. Just toss your little loved ones in it, grab your spouse and set off for an adventure.

You essentially have a choice between two different types:

  • Tandem  Stroller – this is the type that has two seats, but they are located in a line (as in, there is one seat in front of the other one). Some models will have the most forward seat equipped with features but sometimes forget about the back.
  • Side by Side Stroller – This is the model where the seats are located beside one another. They allow your children to have a fair/similar experience, but they tend to be much wider than In-Line stroller and can be a problem in tight spaces.

To guide you in the right direction, here you’ll find reviews and can pick the best double stroller that’s right for you. As always, each family is different. Which one you choose depends on your individual needs and on how you’re planning to use it. Hope that you’ll find the right one, one that you and your kids will enjoy no matter what your goals are, be it a walk in the park or exploring the great American trails.

Simple, Compact And Lightweight Tandem Stroller

JOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

JOOVY Caboose Ultralight Tandem Stroller is one of the best out there for everyday use or all your travel adventures. It has many options for the kids is lightweight, compact, and easy to maneuver.

It’s compact, very lightweight (23 pounds), and easy to maneuver even in small spaces. You can push it straight with one hand but need two for turning. It rolls on 6 1/2 inches hard rubber wheels. Single one on the back and double in front. The front wheels swivel 360 degrees but you can lock them. If you’re just navigating around the city keep them in swivel mode, but if you taking it on a bit rough terrain you can lock them so it’s going to be easier for you to push the stroller. The rear brakes are connected which is a nice feature.  You only have to step on either side to engage/disengage the breaks.

There are few ways for your kids to ride in this stroller The front seat which has a nice five-point harness it is reclinable and it has a footrest. The footrest can be in an upright or lowered position. It also has a child tray for snacks and drinks, which are must-haves for all kids. The tray is removable so you can use depending on your or your child needs.

The second kid has a few options as well. They can use the rear seat which is included, it’s perfect for a child under 2 or 3 years old. It does recline and has a 3 point harness. Both seats are comfortable and there is plenty of wiggle room. You’ll be surprised by how spacious the two seats are, considering how light and compact the stroller is.

When the child is too big for the rear seat you can remove it and use the bench seat or you can slide the bench seat forward and they are able to ride on the platform of this stroller. Removing or installing the back seat takes less than 3 minutes, so you can convert it to sit and stand quickly and easily.

If you have an infant under 5-6 months the stroller comes with a universal car seat adapter which is compatible with most infant car seats.

The parent organizer has built-in cup holders for two drinks and a zip pocket for your phone and keys. The storage basket at the bottom is big and offers plenty of room for a day at the park, a purse, and a diaper bag. However, if you using the second the seat it’s a little bit harder to access your stuff so you have to it before or after the child is in. Although the storage space is large there is a weight limit of 5 pounds so you need to be careful and not to overload it.

The canopy for the child who sits in front is huge, really sturdy and stays in place. For the child who is in the back seat, there is a shade that you pull out from the parent organizer. Not huge but provides good coverage to the child in the back. Or you can tuck it away when they don’t need it.

JOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Tandem Stroller FoldedIt’s easy to fold and open. When folded it’s quite flat and compact. It fits into any car trunk because it isn’t any longer than a single stroller. Even though it has a lock to keep it folded, it doesn’t have a kickstand as other strollers do, so you have lean it against a wall or put it on the ground.

There are a few things to keep in mind  when considering this stroller:

  • If the child in the back is riding on the bench seat, there is no backrest so they can’t fall asleep or take a nap if they want to.
  • If there is a child in the second (rear) seat, the child in the front may not be able to recline as far back.
  • If you use a car seat in the front seat there is not as much room in the back seat but they can still sit on the bench or stand on the platform.
  • With the second seat in, the storage compartment underneath is hard to access.

Other than that it feels very quality built, It’s sturdy with great fabric. Definitely not a stroller that can be used for off-roading but perfect for running around town,  quick trips to the mall, zoo or a park. If you need a stroller that fits an infant car seat and allows a toddler to have a comfy seat, fits in a trunk of a small car is easy to fold, push and maneuver and cost around $200.00 this is a good choice. Even with the few cons for the price and for what you get, this is more than worth your money.

There are two versions of this stroller, the Caboose Too Ultralight that comes with the rear seat and costs around $219.99. Click here for more info.

And the other that does NOT come with the rear seat, so the second child in the back can only sit on the bench or stand on the platform. Perfect for those who have a bit older kids and don’t need that ‘rear seat. It costs around $188.99. Click here for more info.

Very Versatile, Convenient And Affordable

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX is incredibly versatile and is going to be there with your children, all the way from their infancy up to their youth. If you’ve got multiple children to take care of, this is going to be a product you grow to appreciate.


  • 12 different seating options to choose from!
  • 2 seats that can serve a child, all the way from an infant to one in their “youth” years
  • The front seat, bench seat and standing platform are capable of holding up to 50 pounds of pressure – the rear seat holds up to 40 pounds
  • Removable tray for your child that can hold up to 2 cups or bottles, as well as snacks – there is a built-in adult tray with a cup holder too!
  • There’s a large storage basket  to be used for anything extra, like diapers or other utensils, to be kept inside of
  • Lockable front swivel wheels, to ensure that you won’t be slipping everything on uneven surfaces (like stones, gravel or even grass)

It is very good for many different reasons, but there are a few (minimal) cons to it. As a result, it only makes sense to compare them to one another! Isn’t it exciting? The Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Stand is perfect for a growing family, but why is that so? I want my kids to love absolutely everything that I buy for them, and that’s going to include the stroller we end up using. I spend a lot of time with them, and I want to be just as comfortable! This means finding the right one isn’t just something you can mess around with; you have to understand what makes a certain option so good! Let’s take a deeper look.


  • It is perfect for a growing family, because not only does it seat two children – but it can be used as they grow and get older!
  • The lockable front-swivel wheels truly are an amazing addition; they help stabilize your rolling while on bad surfaces
  • The storage basket is large enough to carry just about anything you’d like (within reason, of course)
  • There are a total of 12 different seating options to choose from!
  • The tray system is uniform, and definitely comes in handy when you’re trying to help your baby have a snack (or just for holding your cup of coffee, in regards to the adult tray)
  • It’s compact, which is saying a lot since they are such a bulky product
  • Compatible with any SnugRide Click Connect Infant Car Seats – this would include the SnugRide Click Connect 40.
  • You can make the harness 3 or 5-points, through the use of detachable straps
Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller Seat Positions 2

From infant to youth


  • This product doesn’t come with a rain cover – although, that is something you could easily purchase yourself. For rain cover click here
  • There are two seats, but one is facing the rear – just look at it as a little more privacy for whoever is sitting there!
  • Only front seat reclines
  • Only the child in the front seat will have a tray – but you can still put two children’s worth of food on it

Overall Thoughts

This one is as optimal as it gets. It’s durable, has a lot of features included within, isn’t too expensive and will grow with your child (meaning you won’t have to replace it!). Although it can accommodate two children, you can use it for one child only by simply removing the rear seat. Also, it converts to sit n stand stroller. If you’re seeking true efficiency, this is definitely the product, to begin with.

Price Range: Around $194.99

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Budget-Friendly And Easy To Maneuver Sit And Stand Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Stroller it’s the perfect fit for two children, even if they happen to be 2 or 3 years apart in their age. This one will allow the bigger child to stand up on the rear platform, or even just sit in the rear seat if they would like.

When you’re taking care of the kids, you want them to be rolling in style – but comfort is (of course) important as well. I’ve said it a lot throughout the guide, but you really want your child to enjoy the ride. I’ve used this product with a 4-month-old, as well as a 24-month old; the age gap wasn’t a problem by any means. Both of them were able to use it at the same time, and I was quite fond of that feat! It was a great option for when I wanted to take the kids to the mall, or even just for a walk in general. It allowed me to get out of the house much more, which is something you can truly appreciate as a stay-at-home mother. One of my children was about 22 pounds, and the other 34 or so when I was using it; that’s how you know it’s built to last! It didn’t just crumble over 50 pounds of weight, so it was showing some durability.

Interesting Features

It has plenty of interesting features included. That’s why a lot of parents are relying on it to help them out on a daily basis. Some of the nifty features that you could possibly be making use of would include:

A Wonderfully Put Together Seat – It is equipped with a multi-position reclining seat (actually both seat recline, not all the way), ensuring that your children will be comfortable enough for the tasks to come. Would I say that the seat reclines enough for both children to fall asleep? No, it’s probably not the best for that – if you could use a blanket or something to fix your child’s head, it may work out. Both canopies are capable of moving – the front one will fold up and have the ability to swing both backward and forwards (the other one at the back just folds up).

Tray System – You’ve heard a lot about tray systems in this guide, this one happens to have one included. It’s pretty much a requirement at this point! There are 2 child trays with a cup holder, both of which are removable; there’s also an adult tray with two cup holders as well.

Compact – It’s very easy to fold up for transportation, so you don’t have to waste 15 minutes of your day every single time you want to put away. There’s still a large storage basket, as well as a foot-activated brake included.

Personal Thoughts

I was really happy with the fact that I could enjoy my drinks while taking my kids around town. A lot of them forget about the fact that there is going to be a parent pushing the product around – we aren’t just physical labor, you know! By implementing cup holders, as well as a comfortable height in regards to the handles, I personally enjoyed this product quite a bit.

If I had any complaints, it would have to be that the storage basket can be hard to maneuver at times. Sure, it offers up a lot of space – but the footrest for the back seat somewhat blocks it from coming out smoothly.

It was really easy to put together. No, seriously – it was really that easy to put together. I’ve put a lot of strollers together in the past, and this one would be in the top 5 list of easiest to ever be put together.


  • Very easy to use – if you’ve never had a stroller before, you’ll still be able to make use of it
  • It’s sturdy, built to last and will always get the job done
  • You can handle two kids
  • Affordable!
  • Easy to navigate hallways and such
  • Trays for both the children AND the parents
  • Capable of handling two different age groups at the same time
  • You can attach one or two infant car seats, all Baby Trend infant car seats, Graco Snugride classic fit, Evenflo Embrace and Discovery, Britax Companion and Chaperone and Safety First On Board 35 Infant car seats to make a travel system


  • The multi-position reclining seat doesn’t really work out in the way I thought it did – it’s still good, but getting my kids to sleep in it can be a bit tougher than I’d like sometimes
  • Like I stated before, the storage space is a little hard to access
  • It is large when completely folded up.

The pro’s definitely outweighing the con’s, and that’s why I would recommend this product to essentially everybody reading this right now. Look through all the options we’ve covered in this guide, odds are at least one of them is going to fit you and your children’s need perfectly.

Price Range: $179.99 – $122.80

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Perfect For Travel, Comfortable And Very Compact Side By Side Stroller

Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Delta Children LX  is an amazing, affordable, compact, lightweight side by side stroller. It has a lightweight frame and is capable of being folded up incredibly easy for both transportation and storage purposes. We’ll get into the features a little more as we move along, but first, I want to talk about what I think about this product on a personal level.

I’m a mother that doesn’t play around when it comes to strollers, and I know that a lot of parents out there will share my sentiments. If you want to work with a model that could be considered luxurious, but also affordable, this may be the selection that you decide to go with. Each seat is recommended a weight limit of around 35 pounds, but I’ve had 40-pound children in there with no problem at all.

Functional for the Budgeting Family

Functionality is a big deal, and when you don’t have the right features included, there’s going to be problems. Almost immediately, you’ll notice that the handlebars are in a pretty fantastic spot which is perfect for short let’s say 5’3 and tall 6 ft, people.

The wheels are very functional and don’t have a tough time rolling, something that a lot of other models have an issue with. I tested this particular model on an abundance of different surfaces – all the way from cement down to the dirt. It did pretty well in all aspects. It’s a tight fit through most doorways, and in some cases, you may need to go in sideways; that’s where a bit of wiggling may come in handy. It turns very well, and I haven’t had a problem with functionality by any means. It can even go on the escalator if need be.

The weight limit is about 35 pounds per child, and people are more than likely purchasing it for a multiple-child need. It handles two kids perfectly, but don’t expect to seamlessly fit a 5-year-old in it. It’s great for ages 1-4 in a sense, but 5 could be pushing it (unless you’ve got a kid who’s relatively small in stature.

The multi-position reclining seat is a typical thing to see in these sorts of strollers, but the recline is rather minimal. That’s okay, as most double side by side strollers weren’t designed to have children constantly sleeping in them anyways. There’s absolutely no storage basket included, which is a bummer. Also, there is no tray for the kids. There is only a cup holder that can be attached on the side for the person pushing it. It’s pretty much focusing on being practical and working well (as opposed to features).

Although it lacks some features, it’s still light enough to be gate checked. If you want to check through a security gate with it, you’ll need to buy the gate check bag – it’s sold separately, but doesn’t cost too much money. Click here for gate check bags.


There’s a 5-point harness implemented, and there are very soft shoulders pads that can be adjusted on the straps. There’s a backrest that includes a strap as well; all of these components are built to stick around for more than a few years. You can use just a lap strap and skip the shoulder straps, and it’s cool to take note of the breaks on the rear wheels (cool is the wrong word, I was thinking of important!).

All in All: How Do I Feel About It?

I had low expectations coming in, but this product surprised me. The features are a little lacking, but it gets the job done – and kids can learn to love it as time progresses. They may not have a tray system, but they’ve got practical functionality! It is very lightweight, easy to collapse and put it back into the trunk. One thing to really take note of would be the sun shades as they seem a bit small. So except the sun shades, it is excellent and definitely worth the price. Not fancy but very functional. Perfect to travel with.

Price Range: $92.99 – $74.00

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Well Built, Easy To Maneuver And Easy To Push Double Stroller

JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 is easy to maneuver, ONE hand push, and has almost flat recline, a great storage basket, can fit through ANY doorway and is comfortable for the kids. It’s built to push up to 90 pounds in total – that means you can mix and match the children’s weight as you please.

The width is exactly 30 inches, so you know that you should be able to fit through essentially any door possible. There’s also a removable bumper bar, which means your kids won’t be able to get out and wander; an experience you never want to reiterate at a family gathering! It presents that, as well as many other things. It’s very safe, and I would definitely make use of this product for my own children. Some of the other features included would be:

  • The 5-point safety harness used in the seating process
  • Large storage basket for anything relates to your children’s (or yours, if it applies) needs
  • The canopy is one of the largest on the market, if not the largest you’ll find
  • Both seats can be independently adjusted – they also have a mesh pocket included
  • The 7-inch front wheels are large enough to guide you properly, and the 9.5-inch back wheels are there for easy pushing throughout the day; they make the stroller a very stable product
  • There are even 2 cup holders to keep your water bottle (or what have you) conveniently placed in front of your face
  • There are also two zippered pockets that can be used for a plethora of items: cell phones, wallets, and purses would be some of the more obvious things to apply
  • Folding isn’t a complicated process and takes seconds!

JOOVY is a brand name that you automatically associate with high-quality products, and the sheer amount of features included in this model kind of let you know about that.

As a relatively short mother, I can tell you that this one is good for us little ones. I’m not the tallest person around, but it still works for me – it’s pretty tough to find something that is comfortable for both the children and the person operating said stroller as well. The front wheels are able to lock, but this isn’t the kind of buggy you want to be jogging with. You’ll need a much more active stroller for that, but this is a nice fit for walking through the mall or parks (or anything related to that). The front wheels swivel properly, and it has a great balance to it; it even fits through doors with ease! Something that a lot of other models struggle with.

You can use it on grass, gravel and almost every single kind of surface you can imagine – it isn’t hard to push either, which can make or break the sale for some people. Even if you plan on taking long walks, but not jogging, this is still a very solid option to keep on your radar. As far as the suspension system goes, it is equipped with 4-wheel suspension. This is necessary if you want the smoothest ride possible! Your child should be at least 3 months or older when using the JOOVY Scooter with them – and it sucks to say, but this one cannot be used for a car seat! The maximum child weight would be 45 pounds in each seat, which is 90 pounds in total.

It includes the “Infinite Recline System”, which pretty much means you’ll be able to recline the seats as you please. One thing to note is that you can recline both seats individually! The canopy offers a lot of coverage from the direct sunlight that could harm your child, and it extends pretty far in comparison to the other models I’ve used in the past.

It doesn’t come with an actual tray of any sort but, it comes with two cup holders on the back that are just as convenient. It doesn’t accept any car seats, at all – so it suitable from 3 months and up, if that’s the main concern of yours, you should take a look at some of the other strollers options we’ve listed in this guide.

Perfect to travel with

This is the great traveler’s option, as it’s just compact and can be folded with one hand and carried easily. If you’re looking for a something that is going to be used for traveling, and essentially only that, this is one you shouldn’t skip over. It is made to be folded up easily, and within seconds; there’s even a removable bump bar to cut down on the amount of space being taken up. In total, it weighs in at 32 pounds – it’s not the lightest, but it clearly isn’t the heaviest. I would say it’s settling somewhere in the middle, with the folding capability of an incredibly lightweight.

All in all is a very good stroller that has a huge canopy to work with. This thing seems really easy to push, which is saying something, considering the fact that you’re more than likely going to be pushing for almost entire days. The seats are tall and will be suitable for even the larger variety of kids, and it’s one of the most strollers you could consider on the market today. The only thing that I wasn’t a big fan of? It would have to be the lack of tray. It’s a small problem in a sense, but it’s something that I found a tad bit annoying.

I would still recommend it in many different cases, especially if you plan on traveling with multiple children. It’s safe, it’s effective and there’s even a storage bin to keep all of your important items in. They’ve got essentially everything covered with the JOOVY – the only thing it’s missing is some trays! In the end, that’s something that most of us can live with. The turning radius is fantastic, and it fits through most doorways without any sort of struggle.

It’s very maneuverable, which is something you always look out for. There is a lot of storage and shade to work with, and it’s ultimately the perfect piggyback for any potential families out there. Effortless pushing has never been seen like this before! Trust me, it’s pretty great. All in all, it’s a fantastic deal, and does the job that some $500 would do! A lot of miles are going to be put on this one when you own it, it’s only a mere matter of time.

Price Range: $279.99 – $199.38

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Best For Everyday Use And Outdoor Adventures

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition is a great option for everyday use and outdoor adventures like hiking, jogging or long walks. It pushes effortlessly with one hand comes equipped with speakers – there’s a lot of storage for you to get used to, and the seats can be reclined to be completely flat. There are a lot of neat features to talk about and I’m going to cover every single possible one.

This is one of the most straightforward strollers that you could consider purchasing, and that’s a factor you need to be taking into account. If a stroller isn’t going to be worth the amount of money you’re paying, why bother? With this particular model, you’ll be getting a lot of maneuverability to work with. Not only will you be receiving a product that is well put together, but you’re also going to be given a sleek design that looks just as good as it performs. It’s light enough to be pushed up a hill, and it’s even suitable for most sizes. Your taller spouse should be able to make frequent use of this specific stroller, no questions asked! It’s capable of handling all sorts of terrain, even the sand that you’ll be encountering at the beach.

It can be used on all sorts of roads and walkways, and you don’t need to worry about whether or not it’s going to be able to handle it. It does decent on gravel, but really rocky terrain is going to be tough – that’s something that even the heavy-duty strollers can have an issue with. With that being said, you’ll be very happy with the purchase of this product. It’s some of the best “bang for your buck” (value for your money) that you can get within this market. When you’re in need of a side-by-side stroller that you can jog with, there’s a lot of different brands and models to look at; this would be one of the better ones to consider.

They make use of all-terrain rubber tires for this stroller, ones that you would see on a bicycle. That’s why it’s able to handle all sorts of off-road terrain and such so well! If you’re running through town, or even a park, this stroller will be with you every single step of the way. Whether you want to be walking on the hiking trails, or staying a little more city-like, this stroller can help.

The children’s snack tray is a nice touch to most strollers because you’d like to be able to feed your children while using this stroller (at least, that’s what I’d like to do!). There isn’t a hook to this stroller for a child’s tray, but there is still a convenient parent tray in place. It has two cup holders and comes with covered storage space. The canopy of this product can adjust to the front of the stroller, so your child is always going to have proper protection from the natural elements. Things like sun and wind need to be kept out of the stroller, at least, when there is an abundance of it.

The front wheel can swivel, which is pretty standard these days, but it can also be locked as well. It’s easy to unlock and lock the wheel, as there is a simple tab to help you do so (you flick it on and off as you please). Want to know one of the coolest things that have ever come out of a stroller? Speakers. Not only are there speakers on this stroller, but they even come out of the parent tray itself. It can be connected through the use of a headphone jack, so you’ll be able to listen to music from your smartphone or even MP3 player (anything with a headphone jack would apply). The stroller is about 31 ½ inches wide, whereas your typical door is going to be around 32 inches (on the money) wide. It’s a tight squeeze. It probably isn’t going to be a problem that pops up frequently!

It’s going to fold up, as your typical stroller would. Since it’s so big, you may expect it to take quite a long time; but that isn’t the case! It folds up very quickly, as well as easily. I’ve got a relatively small car, and I’m positive that it fits without any struggle – that just goes to show how many other models of cars it would fit inside of!

Like most other people, I’m always going to look for the best of the best. That goes for seating or any other feature that would associate itself with the world of strollers. I’m going to be brief with the rest of these features because there is simply too many to list. They would include things like:

  • A seat that reclines almost all the way back – one by one, of course (this means your children can sleep in the stroller without being cranky!)
  • Suitable for kids 6 months of age, or at maximum 50 pounds (for each seat!) – it’s also capable of handling kids up to 42 inches in height
  • It doesn’t come with a plastic tray, but the parent’s tray is a truly wonderful touch
  • There is a 5-point harness in place to make sure that your children are always going to be secured to the seats
  • There’s no hand brake, but there is a strap for you to use – it’s one of the more safety-conscious strollers that the market is bringing for mainstream consumers
  • It doesn’t work with any infant car seats – odds are you won’t need one though
  • There are speakers included within the parent tray!
  • Storage space

It comes with built-in speakers, both of which are loud and produce a very high-quality sound. It doesn’t disturb anybody around you while you’re running, and you can still hear the music (without a need for headphones). I love how it folds up to be placed in the card, and it even accounts for those of us with smaller amounts of trunk space. Some people have taken it upon themselves to talk about the front wheel vibrating while running, which can be a problem of sorts. If it vibrates, the stroller comes with instructions on how to tighten specific bolts (in order to stop said vibration).

All in all, the only real regret that I have is this stroller wasn’t purchased sooner. It’s one that grows on you and your child, and they’ll definitely become fond of it. As a parent, you can learn to love it, because you’ll be able to jog and listen to music as freely as you’d like. The reclining chair is good for when a diaper change is needed really quickly, and the sunshade is optimal for any kind of kid out there.

The footplate is big enough for both kids to have their little feet up there, and I really want to make sure you’re aware of the stability surrounding this product. The fabric seems like it’s easy to clean, and is amazing for the price tag. All in all, if you don’t want to spend copious amounts of money for your active lifestyle, this one will get the job done for you. Not only that, but it won’t completely obliterate your monthly budget in the process! It’s an awesome buy, and I’d recommend it ten times over.

Price Range: $199.99 – $185.49

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Top Pick For Active Moms And Dads with Two Kids

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double

Baby 2016 Summit X3 is the perfect choice for any active mother or dad with two kids – especially if you’re looking for a top of the line product to invest in. Luxury models like this don’t always come along, especially at a reasonable price-tag.

There are features included, like a reinforced seat and quick foldability. We’ll talk about it in more detail later on in this guide! The X3 has a reinforced seat, which includes a seating bar directly down the middle of both seats. It’s really important in this case, as it’s going to provide much more support and safety for your children. Most of the time, seats are going to sag a bit and come in contact with one another – that wouldn’t be the case here, and that’s due to the bar. In hindsight, it makes it a bit tougher to access the storage area of the stroller, but it’s still a very thoughtful (and important) feature to include.

It’s very sturdy and very easy to fold up and store/transport. It’s got a patented folding technology implemented within the product, one that makes the entire process so seamless. The seats themselves can come almost completely flat, which is useful for an abundance of different situations. In regards to terrain, you should be accounted for in essentially every single aspect possible – don’t think that you’re going to go over boulders with it though!

When looking at the age range of this stroller, you don’t want to use it with children who weigh over 50 pounds per seat. That’s the maximum, and that’s all I’d recommend that you load onto it. It isn’t good for newborns, as back and neck control would be a key component while using this product. This stroller is versatile enough to work with you on the road, while you’re running or even just a quick trip to the store. Both children will have their own seats and canopy covers, and the canopy even has two separate windows located at the top (as well as a side vent, used for proper airflow). It’s very easy to fold up (as well as unfold), and is capable of sitting comfortably in the back of your vehicle (I use a van, and it fit! Even with all of our seats in still).

You can lock the tires through the use of a switch on the handlebar, or you can accomplish this by locking the mechanism on the tire itself. It’s convenient to lock the wheel from your handles, and it helps with uneven walking or jogging terrain. Some additional features that I was quite fond of would be:

  • Easily remove the back tire by simply pushing a button!
  • There are removable shoulder straps for your children (if you aren’t running, you don’t need them)
  • The seats lay pretty much flat (almost)
  • Front adaptor slots (that can be purchased by their own) for infant seat modifications, or car seats in general
  • High-quality materials that make for a sturdy and reliable stroller

I’m an active mom and having a stroller that can handle all kinds of terrain was important to me. It felt nice to have a product I could rely on in all sorts of terrain, and even when it came to getting over curbs. You can convert it from a fixed wheel to a swivel, all it takes is a simple movement! There’s a lot of great stuff to work with when you buy this product, just trust me.

Price Range: Around $649.99

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BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX – They Call It The Cadillac

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

If you’re an active mom or dad the BOB 2016 Revolution is another great choice that you could be considering. This is an amazingly high-quality stroller, and I didn’t understand how good it was going to be from the start. It’s filled to the brim with positive features (as well as a few negative ones), and that’s what I’m here to talk about today.

Positive Traits

  • The positive traits are almost endless, and that’s why it’s going to be a decently sized section. With things like a center support bar in-between the two seats, and the fact that it fits into the trunk of a car quite well, this is a very well-equipped stroller to buy. Other positive traits to take note of would be:
  • Handlebars that are not made out of foam – that’s right when your hands get sweaty, you won’t lose grip or degrade the material over time!
  • It’s a one-step folding process, making it much less complicated
  • There’s a hand brake on this particular stroller
  • Easily reclined and fantastic for the comfort of your kids!
  • One of the deepest seats that you can come across on the market today; as a result, your child won’t have any complaints about the amount of comfort they experience
  • The front wheel can be set to swivel or lock, the locking mechanism sets the wheel straight so you’ll always be on the right path
  • There’s a very large storage basket to be used as well, which can store all sorts of your parental goodies!

Negative Traits

Like I said before, there is always going to be some sort of negative trait to a product. There are clearly positives as well, but there is going to be at least one negative – regardless of the product you’re taking a look at. The negative traits would be:

  • The foot brake – it’s somewhat difficult to work with this thing, and I usually don’t worry too much because I wear shoes; it might be hard to take the break off if you’re wearing flimsy shoes (this stroller was designed with a safety-first mentality, mind you).
  • The canopy doesn’t adjust for taller kids, but that’s a very small problem to be considering

All in All

If you want an amazing stroller to use with your loving kids, this might be the one – take a look at it a bit deeper and see if your spouse enjoys it as well. It isn’t compatible with car seats, but it’s one of the most structurally stable strollers around right now. It’s perfect for just about anything and will keep your daily routine simple and relaxed. No more stroller struggles! That’s something that all of us parents can be ecstatic about.

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

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