Excelent Nursery Glider with Full Head Support and Free Lumbar Pillow

Nursery Glider with Full Head Support

If you are looking for a nursery glider that is comfortable, not outrageously expensive, high enough to lean back and rest your head in a natural position Stork Craft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman with Free Lumbar Pillow is a great choice.

Slightly more expensive then basic Stork model but the head support is well worth the extra few dollars.

Available in 6 wood finishes and 8 fabric colors. Very soft and lovely micro fiber fabric and exceptional comfort make this a perfect choice to glide you and your baby into a relaxed state.

Stork Craft Tuscany Colors

Available in 6 wood finishes and 8 fabric colors

Great seating room, padded polyester blend filled arm cushions and a pocket to store your favorite baby books, easy to assemble into a beautiful piece of furniture for your nursery.

Key Features of Stork Tuscany Nursery Glider

Stork Craft Tuscany Nursery Glider Key Features


It is pretty, but more importantly, comfortable. Perfect for day, late night feedings or just to relax.

Stork Craft Tuscany Nursery Glider

Thick Padding, Lumbar Pillow, So Comfortable!

The head support is the best selling feature of this nursery glider. Something that many shoppers don’t factor in when looking for a glider for nursery. It makes huge a difference considering the hours you’ll be sitting in it nursing your baby.

The back is tall enough to accommodate a person who is 5’4 or 6’2, 200 pounds + to fully rest their heads on the back of the chair and be very comfortable.

You will love the free lumbar pillow that comes with it if you need extra back support. Or simply place it on the ottoman for extra comfort and leg support.

Generous seating room, 20 inch space between the arms provide plenty of room for you and your baby.

Padding is thick and firm. The padded arms of the chair also act to support your arms while nursing.

Glide motion is very soothing not jerky and calming.

It has side pockets on the sides of the chair where you can keep personal items like a book, cell phone or nursing accessories within reach.

The fabric is attractive, very soft and durable.


Glides ONLY. However, this nursery chair is very comfortable. The glide action is smooth, comfortable, quiet and sturdy. Comes with Ottoman. Ottoman glides along with the chair.

Easy to clean

The fabric is easy to clean. Just use a damp washcloth with some non-scented dish soap to wipe down the chair when there are spills. No worries about stains. The fabric is stains resistant.


Easy assembly. It takes only 20-30 to put it together.



  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect chair for any nursery or living room
  • Comes with Ottoman
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish


  • It does NOT recline
  • It does NOT have locking mechanism, however it is easy to get up from
  • For some customers the seat cushion feels stiff in the beginning, but this is what one would expect from a new nursery glider. They will soften up with time
  • Some customers have mentioned that it makes noise while gliding. However, most of the time the noise is caused by improper assembly or could be solved with some lubricant.


It is a beautiful rocking chair at an unbeatable price. Very comfortable chair for rocking and/or nursing a baby! The lumbar pillow is most helpful. Also, there are pockets on the sides of the chair where you can keep a burp cloth or other small items within reach.

It’s easy to get up from and the back area is high enough to fully support your head and it does have nice cushion padding. It feels and looks just as nice as nursery chairs that cost significantly more money.

If you’re looking for a reasonable, comfortable and durable glider for you newborn’s nursery or living room this is really great chair. Especially for the price.

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