6 Best Maternity Support Belts For Everyday Use And Active Moms

women wearing maternity beltA maternity belt is an excellent aid to reduce some of the pains and discomforts during pregnancy. It can help you with some of the most common pregnancy complaints like lower back pain which is common during pregnancy due to the extra weight, hip and pelvic pain caused by the release of the hormones that prepare your body for labor. Relief round ligament pain caused by stretching of the round ligaments as your pregnancy advances.

By supporting and lifting your belly up it reduces the weight pulling downward causing strain on your back and chest muscles.

They come in different sizes and features, to help you find the one that’s perfect for you depending on your daily activities here you’ll find some of the best maternity belts. Hope that you’ll find the right one, one that will make the unique, miraculous and magical event in a woman’s life called pregnancy a lot easier.

Excellent Belly Support, Easy to Adjust and Comfortable To Wear

AZMED Breathable Maternity Belt

AZMED is one of the best rated and top-selling belts, and there are plenty of reasons why. It feels very light sort of like a soft mesh, is flexible and comfy to give you all the support needed. It supports abdominal muscles, especially the ones that separated between the navel and pubic bone and decreases the pain of walking and rolling over. It’s also great for middle back pain and sciatica. It is soft and fits perfectly, with the velcro band you can quickly and easily adjust the support level throughout the day.

It is flexible and provides great support that is firm without being restrictive. You can begin wearing it low on your belly and higher on your hips. You can fold the front in half for support and boost your lower belly, which tends to experience the most strain. It will allow you to feel safe while walking and lifting. It will feel comfortable even you’re going to sit at a desk for a long period of time as it gives the belly some lift and supports the back to prevent pain. If you don’t feel comfortable while sitting you’ll have to play with the adjustment until you’ll find the perfect comfort level.

If you’re an active person, it will allow you to maintain your active lifestyle during pregnancy. You’ll be able to continue exercising without pain as it is comfortable to wear while working out and provides excellent support for your back and belly. The belt is very adjustable and you can tighten it and loosen it depending on your needs and the type of exercises you do.

It has a very low profile and can be worn under any regular clothes and it’s barely noticeable unless you wear something white, ivory, cream. Then it will show the line where the belt is. Even if you wear fitted or tight clothes it’ll show a little but not much. In fact, it’s really comfortable to wear both under and over your clothes. It really works well with maternity jeans, you just put it over the belly band on the jeans and wear a tank top under a t-shirt and you can’t really tell if it’s there. As long as it helps you with your pregnancy, won’t even care if you could see it at this point.

Although it is made from very soft fabric, if you have very sensitive skin I’d recommend a thin cotton shirt underneath. Also if you wear larger panties, I would recommend wearing them over the belt so this way you don’t have to adjust the belt when going to the bathroom.

To clean it, wash it in cold water and mild detergent, lay it out flat or hang to dry. Don’t use any bleach, and do not iron it. If you follow the instructions, washing it will not impair the durability of the band in any way.

Highly recommend pregnancy belt to anyone who needs extra support during pregnancy. Buy it when you feel your belly is getting heavy or you start to feel uncomfortable when you move around.

Price Range: Around $19.99

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Perfect Maternity Belt For Lower Back, Pelvic and Hip Support

Babo Care Maternity Support Belt For Lower Back and Pelvic

Babo Care Belt does a very good job in relieving round ligament pain that for sure will get more intense and makes your back feel more supported without being too constrictive and tight. It also helps alleviate some of the pressure that is put on your hips. The belt is wider at the tummy giving nice support where it is needed the most.

It’s soft and comfortable to wear all day and won’t dig into your skin or roll. If you find that is not too comfortable while sitting you’ll have to adjust the tightness until you’ll find the perfect spot. That’s a learning curve you’ll have to go through. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that after wearing the belt all day it does tend to stretch a bit and may not be as supportive by the end of the day and you may have to tighten it a little more. But that will depend on your daily activity and the work you do.

You can wear it on a bare pregnant belly but if you find that it’s too itchy you’ll have to wear something like a tank or cami under it. It’s next to impossible to tell if wearing it on a bare pregnant belly will work for you as we have different skin sensitivity and different itchiness tolerance level. To be on the safe side assume that you’ll have to wear something under it. It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected rather than being disappointed later on.

It’s lightweight and easy to put on. It stays in place really well so you don’t have to worry about rolling or moving or adjusting it throughout the day. It’s not bulky and you can wear it under anything. It feels very comfortable. Perfect for when you’re going to be on your feet for a long period of time, long walks, doing yoga, working around the house, or shopping. It’s good for light physical activities like walking, jogging, yoga just name a few but not for high impact workouts.

It is is hand wash only.

All in all a great belt to support a growing belly. Flexible and adjustable all the way around. It’ll make a significant difference during your pregnancy.

Price Range: Around $19.99

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Fantastic Back and Belly Support – Pregnancy Lifesaver

NEOtech Care Brand Maternity Belt

NEOtech Care belt is an excellent choice and provides very good compression around the hips, underbelly and has fantastic back support. It’ll hold your belly up without putting not too much strain on your back. It’s perfect for bigger bellies and those who are expecting twins. Unlike other similar products the back support is wider, about 8 inches and the front part is 4 1/2 inches wide. Both the front and the back are nicely padded.

One feature that is unique to this belt is the extra strap that goes on top, over your belly. It provides extra lift for your belly so your back doesn’t do all the heavy lifting. It keeps the belt from falling too low and prevents it from twisting and rolling as you bend and move throughout the day. The top strap is not required, whether you use it or not it’s up to you. Most probably you’ll find it very useful towards the middle and end of your pregnancy as your baby bump continues to grow and becomes heavy. It’s good to have that extra option just in case.

One of the best maternity belts for any lady who wants to stay active during pregnancy. It has wider back support than most maternity bands out there and fantastic belly support. No matter if you walking, jogging, hiking or use it at the gym doing squats, treadmill or elliptical it is very snug, tight, and holds very well. It is especially good for running as it supports very well the groin area and the strap that goes on the top helps a lot to keep it in place without the need to readjust during running or exercise.

Also great for those who have a busy on-the-go lifestyle or their work requires a lot of bending over, walking, lifting, standing or just everyday use like lifting a laundry basket or shopping. It stays perfectly in place. The stretchy material makes it very easy to tighten or loosen as your belly grows so you can always find the perfect comfort level.

You can wear it on or under clothes. I must say it’s a little bulkier than similar belts but as long as you avoid tight fitting you’ll be fine. It’s not bad at all or uncomfortable or restricting your movements. Besides, when you are pregnant, everything feels bulky under your clothes, as long as it provides the relief most probably you’ll just fine with it. Although it feels soft and gentle to your skin if you find it a bit ‘scratchy’ put it over an undershirt and it’ll work just fine.

Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors. To select the right size measure the circumference of your belly as shown on the side picture and chose the right size.

  • S: 33-41″ / 85-104cm belly circumference
  • M: 38-45″ / 97-114cm belly circumference
  • L: 42-49″ / 107-125cm belly circumference
  • XL: 46-54″ / 116-137cm belly circumference
  • XXL: 52-60.5″ / 131-154cm belly circumference

It is machine washable. Just be careful with the velcros so that they don’t stick to other clothes or other parts of the belt to spoil it and hung it to dry.

Overall wonderful pregnancy support belt, it’ll make a tremendous difference in your pregnancy. With the extra support, it’ll make your everyday activities a lot easier. A must-have for the aches and pains during pregnancy.

Price Range: Around $29.99

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Must-Have Maternity Belt For Running Moms

GABRIALLA Maternity Belt

If you’re an avid sports enthusiast looking for a pregnancy support belt that would help you to stay active throughout your pregnancy this is an excellent choice. Designed specifically for running moms.

It’ll help you tremendously to continue to stay active. It provides enough support, relieves the pressure and keeps the baby bump stable. It prevents soreness or pelvic muscles aching during or after the run and will keep you feeling much more comfortable. As long as you properly adjust the velcroes it’ll stay in place.  Also, it’ll work very well for regular daily activities if you’re going to be on your feet for long stretches of time like walking, shopping, gardening, standing jobs, doing a lot of housework, etc. The belt is very comfortable and easy to adjust. It has a back pocket for a hot/cold pack, phone or iPod.

Although this belt works extremely well for active moms the reviews are mixed if it’ll work for someone wearing it while sitting, it’s a miss or hit. Some moms don’t have any issues with it, some claim that is not that comfortable. If it’s going to work for you, it’ll depend on many factors and you have to take into account your body shape and the height of the chair you will be sitting on. You won’t know until you try it.

It’s lightweight, comfortable and supportive. With the side velcro pulls you can adapt to fit you from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy. This model is elastic lined and should be worn over clothing like a tank top, t-shirt, etc.

Gabrialla Light Support Pregnancy Belt

How to order the right size: measure the circumference from the lower back to the underbelly and use the chart below or you buy it based on your pre-pregnancy size and go one size up to ensure that you can use it in your last trimester.

  • Small: 34-38″
  • Medium: 38.5-42″
  • Large: 42.5-46″
  • X Large: 46.5-50″
  • 2X Large: 50.5-54″

If you are looking for a support belt to maintain your active lifestyle be it running jogging, walking, gym or yoga during pregnacy then the Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt is for you. Perfect for everyday use too and barely noticeable under clothes.

Price Range: $38.99 – $32.99

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

There is a deluxe version, Gabrialla MS-96i. The main difference between them is the deluxe version is breathable, cotton lined and can be worn on bare skin. Click here for more info.

Excellent Support Belt For Inguinal Hernia or Vulval Varicosities Pain

Pregnancy support Belt with Small Compression Groin Band

This specific belt was designed for those having groin pain, hernia, and pelvic-floor pain during pregnancy. The belt provides back support and takes a lot of pressure off of the pelvis while the groin compression bands which attach to the belt relieve pain and swelling due to inguinal hernia and vulval varicosities.

The belt is made from very soft fabric, is adjustable and breathable. It provides excellent support. It fits well and there is a lot of room for adjustment to support for your ever-growing belly. It stays in place and fits discreetly under clothes. Unlike similar products, this one is very wide and won’t dig into your skin. Moreover, it gives a nice smooth look underneath clothes.

The groin straps are made out of very soft material as well and won’t scratch your body. They are adjustable and can be placed wherever depending on your individual needs. Both the belt and the straps are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. They are discrete as well, even if you wear them under regular tight-fitting workout pants it’s hard to tell that you’re wearing it.

You can wear just the belt by itself but most probably it won’t be as effective as using it with the groin bands and won’t reduce the hernia pain.

Overall an excellent belt with groin bands that is efficient in relieving inguinal hernia and vulval varicosities pain. It allows you to remain on your feet and be comfortable without that feeling of being worn down at the end of the day. So you can take care of your kids or even exercise comfortably if you’re an active mom and enjoy your life. I must say, it’s not the most exciting thing that you want to wear while pregnant but it’s better than being in pain all day long. There are no guarantees but if it helps, it’s worth giving it a try.

Price Range: Around $68.00

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

Maternity SI Support Belt

SI-LOC Support Belt for pregnancy

An SI Belt is a bit different than a traditional and is designed for those having issues with symphysis pubis dysfunction/ SI joint dysfunction during and after pregnancy. Later in the second and third trimester, the hormone called relaxin flows through the body to soften up the ligaments which is great to allow your pelvis to expand to let the baby pass through. However, sometimes it gets out of the hand and it’s allowing certain ligaments to overstretch and the bones to kind of slip a little bit out of place causing discomfort and even back, hip and sciatic leg pain.

A traditional pregnancy belt won’t help as they are designed to help carry the weight of the pregnant belly, SI belt, on the other hand, is designed to wrap snugly around the hips in an effort to stabilize your pelvis and the SI Joint. When properly placed an SI Belt may help alleviate some of the pain and help you to regain normal functions like being able to walk with less or no pain.

The belt is lightweight, comfortable to wear and made from a breathable fabric. You can wear it all day long and even exercise in it. It can be worn over or under clothing. It’s up to you how you want to wear it. It’s low profile and barely noticeable if you wear it under clothing.

However, there are two things you need to keep in mind. You have to take it off when using the restroom, and then rewrap it again. It may seem like too cumbersome especially if you take frequent restroom breaks, but you’ll have to make a choice to be rather little inconvenient at the restroom or have the pelvic pain.

Also, it may feel uncomfortable if you sit wearing it for a long time. You may have to loosen it or take it off when sitting for a long time. And this is perfectly normal as SI Belt isn’t designed for sitting but to help pregnant women to walk again without crippling pain due to SPD/SI joint dysfunction.

Overall a great belt as long as you understand what it can and can not do. Definitely, recommend to anyone experiencing pain due to SPD/SI joint dysfunction.

Price Range: Around $44.95

Check Current Price on Amazon.com Here

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