Best Maternity Underwear and Maternity Panties, Soft And Comfortable

pregnant women wearing maternity underwear

Having the right underwear will make a huge difference during your pregnancy. As your belly is growing, at some point your regular underwear will no longer be comfortable as it starts to roll down and the elastic puts too much pressure on your sensitive belly causing you to experience discomfort. Maternity underwear is a perfect choice as it is specifically designed to accommodate your changing body.  They come in different styles, the two most popular are ‘under the belly’ and ‘over the belly’.

Here you’ll find a great selection of best maternity underwear and panties that are soft, super comfortable, breathable, won’t ride up or slip down and provide the best comfort and support to accommodate your growing belly. They’ll last throughout your pregnancy, are perfect for postpartum and even c-section recovery. Each style offers different benefits. It’ll come down to your personal preference which one you’ll choose. I hope that you’ll find underwear that will make your pregnancy more comfortable.

Soft, Feminine And Comfortable Under The Bump Maternity Panties

Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump Maternity PantiesIntimate Portal Women Under The Bump Maternity Panties are super comfortable, breathable, flattering fit, and high quality. Made from 95% cotton, 5% spandex and crotch inner lining is 100% cotton. A great choice for those pregnant ladies looking for under the bump pregnancy panties. You will not have any problems with them being too high or causing pressure on your belly.

The front dips low, and the crossover fabric allows room for tummy growth, and still offer full coverage on the bum. With the waist higher in the back, they stay put and the underwear won’t slip down. They stay in place when walking, sitting or squatting.

The small lace detail adds a feminine touch and you won’t feel like you wearing the usual frumpy underwear. The lace is very soft and won’t feel uncomfortable even if you have sensitive skin.

They remain very soft and even after several washes and look like brand new. Just hang them dry instead of drying them on high heat.

If this is your style you’ll be pleasantly surprised how comfortable they are. They’re pretty too and you’ll feel sexier in these than you’ve ever felt during pregnancy.

Price Range: $14.99 – $29.99

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Super Soft and Comfortable Under Belly Fit Underwear For Pregnant Ladies

Slimart Cotton Maternity UnderwearSlimart Cotton is very soft, comfortable, well-fitting and sits just below your baby bump. One of the best options for stylish and comfortable underwear during pregnancy. At this price point, they are durable and the cotton material is excellent.

Despite the fact that the front is under the belly they stay in place, won’t slip down as normal underwear would. Will fit super comfortably under your bump. The dip in the front allows your growing belly the room it needs yet they are still high enough in the back to cover your crack even if there’s a decent amount to cover 🙂 In short, they give you full coverage in the so-called ‘rear area’ and are nice and low, but not too low in the front. And you won’t have to readjust them. They are just perfect for growing belly.

If you’re sick and tired of the elastic from your regular underwear on your belly around your bump, this underwear will make a huge difference and will fit perfectly.  The elastic is very gentle. To the point that you might not feel it at all and yet firm enough to stay up, and you’ll never feel them pulling across your lower belly even while sitting.

They feel a bit stretchy because of the spandex in them, they are like 95% cotton, 5% spandex, the good news is that the crotch area is 100% cotton. Highly recommend for any pregnant lady who wants full rear coverage and no pressure on the stomach. It seems like they are designed specifically for the shape of a pregnant woman.

Moreover, they don’t, pinch, or feel too tight. No riding up your crack and no binding in the sensitive abdominal area.

Another great thing about this underwear is the waistband, it’s stretchy enough but at the same time solidly constructed and will stay firmly in place as your belly grows and won’t dig into your belly as long as you get your correct size, more about that later on.

The lace on the legs up the comfort factor, moreover they won’t make you feel like you’re wearing granny underwear. And you’ll feel more comfortable and look sexy during pregnancy.

Sizing, if you follow the sizing chart on Amazon website, you’ll be OK. or trust your instinct and size up. Go with what feels right for your body type. Definitely go up 1-2 sizes from your normal pre-pregnancy size.

As long as you chose the correct size they are very comfortable and you can use them with any kind of pregnancy clothes. They are wearable after pregnancy too. Perfect for C-section as the front is low and below the scar.

All in all, quality made and super comfortable. For sure these will make your pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable. You can wear them from the early days of your pregnancy until the end and postpartum. And you can’t beat the price for 4. You’ll love the colors and feel. Did I mention that they looked very sexy too? Really sexy!

P.S. Husbands looking for cute, sexy underwear for your pregnant wife? Get these, she’ll love you even more!

Price Range: $12.99 – $13.99

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Amazing Quality, Super Soft, And Very Comfortable Pregnancy Underwear

GIFTPOCKET Womens Under Bump Maternity Panties

If you’re pregnant and feel uncomfortable with your regular underwear this one will make a huge difference. Heaven around your waist! To begin with, the fabric is incredibly soft and the quality is amazing, it’s breathable and stretches enough to last through pregnancy. The elastic is stretchy and not cutting in.

The fit is amazing, the back is high enough to cover the butt and won’t make you look and feel like you’re wearing granny panties. The front is a low V cut and sits comfortably under the belly. The waistband doesn’t hurt or dig into your skin and is perfect for ever-expanding belly. One of the few on the market that solves the aggravating problem of rolling down. They stay put and don’t ride up or slide down. Don’t be surprised if your husband tells you that you look sexy! BTY, they are also great for those moms with thunder thighs.

Although they are super comfortable they are not completely seamless. The good news is that they don’t show panty lines with most clothing unless you’re wearing very tight yoga pants, leggings or thin pants. But with a bit of creativity, you can cover the panty lines with a long enough shirt.

They are perfect for post-pregnancy and c-section moms. Even after giving birth they fit great and feel comfortable. They are soft, the waistband goes below the incision and doesn’t bother the scar and provide good coverage.

They hold up very well in the wash and don’t shrink or lose color as long as you take proper care of it. Best is to air dry them or dried them on low heat.

The bottom line: this is not the sexiest lingerie and you won’t win any fashion awards, however, if you’re looking for something that’s comfortable when your belly is stretched without putting any pressure on it this is a great choice. If having full coverage in the back and having them low enough in the front is your style do yourself a favor and try them out. Amazing for growing the baby bump and comfortable after giving birth. Just follow the size chart. Available in different styles and colors.

Price Range:  $9.99 – $19.99

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Cute and Comfortable Over Belly Underwear For Pregnant Women

Cotton Whisper 3 Pack Adjustable Maternity Underwear

Cotton Whisper 3 Pack Adjustable underwear is one of the most comfortable and adorable ever.

They’re super soft, breathable, high quality and extremely comfortable. Much better than you’d expected them to be. The cotton is soft and you like that they cover your entire abdomen and the leg holes are not too tight.

Even if you’re one of those pregnant moms who normally wear thongs/t-strings and hate over the belly underwear thinking that it’ll make you feel like wearing granny underwear, think again. I’ve been there, done that. There is a point in pregnancy when you realize you’d rather sacrifice fashion and how pretty you look for comfort. And when it comes to comfort, those undies won’t let you down.

Besides being are super comfortable, they are super cute, for sure you and your husband will have a lot of fun laughing and cracking up seeing those silly faces grow and stretch out.

A few words about sizing. Best is to size up, for example, if you normally wear a medium, order large or X-large to make sure that you can wear them for your entire pregnancy and postpartum. With a wide variety of sizes, even a plus size women can find the right fit. Great underwear for moms carrying tweens or c-section moms as they go above the belly button and won’t hurt the scar.

Don’t worry about the underwear being too big in the first few weeks of your pregnancy, they have adjustable elastic band, with a button to secure it at different sizes to tighten the waist and make it smaller at the beginning of your pregnancy and change the size of your waist as your belly grows. This way they’ last throughout your pregnancy and even postpartum.

Even if you wear them for a few months the color and shape stay the same after many washes, and they still retain their shape.

All in all, super cute, super comfortable, just keep in mind, once you try them, you might end up ordering more.

Price Range: Around $16.99

Check Current Price on Here

So Comfortable You’ll Forget You’re Wearing Them

Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Underwear

Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Panties are very soft, fit very well and won’t put any pressure on your stomach. The quality is perfect and the fabrics (95% Rayon, 5% Spandex) is super soft and stretchy.

They feel very comfortable around the waist and stay in place all day, so you won’t have to worry about them falling down or readjusting. They are so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

They cover the butt nicely, fit very comfortably under the belly and won’t put any pressure around your belly as regular underwear does. Although there are seams they don’t show any visible panty line.

The fabric although soft is on the thinner side. So best is to wash them on a delicate cycle, hang them to dry and they’ll be in great condition after many washes.

Highly recommend for expectant moms who don’t like to wear clothing against their stomach and to enjoy at any time during their pregnancy and beyond. And they look cute too!

Price Range: $27.99

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Supportive, Incredibly Comfortable, Over Bump Underwear

Surewin Womens Seamless Over Bump Maternity UnderwearSurewin Women’s Seamless Over Bump supportive maternity underwear is incredibly soft, comfortable, and does a really good job supporting a growing belly. Just keep in mind they are not the sexiest underwear you might be used to.

But when you pregnant, I’m pretty sure that you agree with me that comfort comes before style. Once you try them they might become one of the most treasured items of your pregnancy clothing.  You’ll adore how smooth and supportive they are for your growing belly. They go high, how high it depends on your body type and how tall you are. Nonetheless,  they fit very well, stay put and don’t slide down as regular underwear do. Perfect for moms to be on the go.

Outstanding underwear for those ladies who have had c-sections or are recovering from c-section and can’t wear regular underwear. They lift that extra skin and smooth everything out really well.

If you looking for really full belly underwear that’s comfortable, breathable and won’t ride up or slip down, you can’t go wrong with these over the bump underwear. Like I said, not the sexiest undergarment but when you’re pregnant you’d rather be COMFORTABLE than be miserable all day long. One of the best and most comfortable you’ll find on the market.

Price Range: $14.99 – $24.99

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Very Soft And Supportive High Waist Over The Bump Pregnancy Underwear

If you’re sick and tired of under the belly underwear rolling down than HOFISH Seamless High Waist Over The Bump pregnancy underwear is the perfect solution.

They are super comfortable but not restricting and will make you feel supported. The material is very soft and breathable, with plenty of room to accommodate a growing belly. They are stretchy but stay in place and don’t roll down. Perfect for someone who is on feet and walking a lot during the day.

Provide nice compression without being too tight. They are seamless and perfect for smoothing out pregnant belly. Look great under clothes, especially dresses.

They wash and dry very well and don’t shrink. I’ll love them during pregnancy, postpartum or C-section recovery. They aren’t sexy but provide comfort and support for a growing belly. If you’re pregnant, looking for over the bump underwear these are a great choice. They seem to run on the larger size so depending on your body type you might want to size down.

Price Range: Around $12.99

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Perfect Underwear During Pregnancy, Postpartum and C-Section Recovery

NBB High Cut Over Bump Maternity Panties

NBB High Cut Over Bump underwear is soft, comfortable, light and perfect during pregnancy, postpartum and c-section recovery. The fabric is soft, stretchy and breathable, 95% cotton and 5% Elastan. Feels good and won’t make you sweat. It’s as seamless as it could be for over belly underwear. They stretch as your belly grows, will last throughout your pregnancy and will also be perfect for postpartum.

They are not super tight, fit just above the belly but not too high and stay up on the belly where they should. They don’t dig or cut into the waist, sides, legs or roll down. Available in plus sizes too. If you’re a plus-sized pregnant mom or have large hips and booty these will fit you perfectly and will make you feel great.

Absolutely perfect and will be useful for anyone who had a c-section as they are high enough not to bother the incision.

If you wear leggings, dress pants or tight clothes, there are very discreet panty lines but not to the point to be bothered. They keep their shape and color through many washes.

All in all this underwear is extremely comfortable and the quality is great. Fit great and stay in place. One of the best over the bump for pregnancy, postpartum, c-section and beyond. Perfect for those who like their underwear high, they fit so well you won’t even notice it when you are wearing them. They’re great for wearing to bed too. They don’t offer belly support so if you’re looking for support this probably isn’t the best choice. But if you’re looking for comfort, these are amazing. Don’t surprised if they become your go-to everyday maternity undies. Available in many colors.

Price Range: $9.98 – $45.99

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Best Adjustable, Supportive Over-Bump Maternity Underwear

Unilove Best Adjustable Mid-Bump Maternity Underwear

If you’re pregnant and need some belly support Unilove Over-Bump Maternity Underwear is an excellent choice. Well made and inexpensive. They are super comfortable, fit well over the belly, around the legs and don’t roll down!

Plus, they are made from very soft and breathable cotton fabric which adds even more to the comfort.

They are completely adjustable. The adjustable waistband allows you to control the snugness around your bump. It adds extra comfort during pregnancy and gives you flexibility as your bump grows. They are perfect for all stages of pregnancy and post postpartum. Plus the extra band gives light support without showing. The combination of comfort and support is amazing.

Not the most attractive but for sure the most comfortable. When you getting adjusted to your changing body comfort is what you need the most during pregnancy.

Price Range: $19.99 – $22.99

Check Current Price on Here

Amazing Undergarment To Wear Under Dresses During Pregnancy

Belevation Womens Maternity Shapewear Mid-Thigh PettipantIf you are planning on wearing dresses at any point during your pregnancy take a look at Belevation Women’s Underwear/Shapewear, these are so worth it. They help smooth out the bump, smooth your legs and keep your thighs from rubbing together without making a swishing noise when you walk.

They are very soft and comfortable, smooth things out without being restricting. They fit snug without being too tight or uncomfortable and give nice support for your bump. Offer a gentle lift and slight compression that feels wonderful. The compression is just enough to smooth out any lumps without squeezing your stomach too much.

The belly part stretches perfectly for a growing belly. The top band does not cut into your skin. It’s soft and stretchy but not too stretchy that they would fall or roll down.

The fabric is very comfy and super breathable. It’s one of the softest that I have tried. It’s thick enough to be durable and thin enough to wear it during hot weather. Does not get too hot which can be an issue while pregnant.

The thighs don’t roll up and the belly part doesn’t roll down. They just mold to you and grow with you. Perfect for wear under any dress and it’s hard to tell that one is wearing shapewear. You feel very comfortable even with shorter or tighter dresses. They will round your belly, smooth things out and make you look more pregnant instead of fat. If you are a woman who doesn’t get the cute little bump or plus-sized they’ll help you smooth out regular lumps, give you great shape and allow you to show off your beautiful baby bump. Perfect for those priceless maternity photos.

If you washed in cold water, gentle cycle, hang dry, they won’t change its shape and will hold up nicely.

There is a gusset but if you the kind of person who needs to go to the bathroom often you have to pull them entirely down. But they aren’t difficult to get off and on.

You can skip out on the pricy ones and get these instead, you won’t regret it. Just make sure you get the right size.

Price Range: $20.50 – $23.50

Check Current Price on Here

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