Best Nursing Bras For Comfortable And Easy Nursing

Having the right bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding will make a huge difference in your life. As a mum, I know how important it is to have a good comfortable and supporting bra as your body changes and you have to deal with fluctuating breast size. There are lots of options out there but they all pretty much fall into the following categories.

Wire-Free Drop Down – have a plastic clip at the shoulder that allows you to easily unhook it and feed your baby. They come in different styles from basic to sexier and have hooks in the back. A typical bra will have between 4-6 hooks. That should give you good flexibility as your breast size is changing. They work well with shirts buttoned down the front so that you can uncover one breast without exposing your whole tummy. You need to make sure that the clip can easily unhook with one hand as often you’ll be holding your baby in the other arm.

CrossoverCrossover – by far they are the most popular because they’re soft and comfy and because you can just pull the cup to the side for easy nursing. That comes handy during the nighttime nursing sessions. They are wireless with non-molded cups. Most of them pull on and off without having hooks in the back. And that’s is what makes them so comfortable.

Crossover bras don’t offer a lot of support. They are designed for comfort and to hold the breast pads in place to prevent leak during the day or night.

Underwire – have a drop-down cup that can be either soft or molded depending on how much structure you’re looking for. Some of them have a sling that can also offer additional support while nursing. Many women like the extra support offered by an underwire bra especially after the first few weeks when breasts usually become less tender. But be aware that even if you’ve worn underwear bra all your life you may find it uncomfortable during nursing.

Here is my selection for the best maternity and best nursing bras that are soft, comfortable, supportive, stylish and sexy. Designed every stage of pregnancy and nursing without sacrificing fit or style. Which one you chose depends on your individual needs and preferences. I hope that you’ll find one that will make a big difference during your pregnancy and nursing.

Seamless, Comfortable and Supportive

BRAVADO Nursing Bra

It’s stylish, supportive, functional and makes nursing easier. It will appeal to any breastfeeding mom looking for a bra that is VERY comfortable when pregnant and nursing. It gives you great shape has no wires and is very easy to nurse with. And this one will not let you down. After all, after you’ve had a baby you want to feel comfortable and look great at the same time!

There are a few things that set this bra apart from others. It provides great support without the underwire which isn’t recommended during breastfeeding. Obviously, it isn’t nearly as supportive as an underwire but it is very comfortable, supportive enough and it’ll give you a pretty good shape.

Another great thing about this bra is that it has a wider band all the way around than most bras which makes it fit better and is much more comfortable. Also, that means that you won’t have to pull down your bra as you would with cheaper models.

The fabric is soft and stretchy just right without getting overly stretched out which is great since you will fluctuate at the middle of your pregnancy and when you start to breastfeed.

Women breastfeeding baby using nursing braThe clip is easy to use for nursing and it folds completely out of the way. Actually, you can really control the amount of breast that comes out of the bra. Most probably you’ll always need the entire boob to come out but it’s good to have that option as sometimes you might want to be more discrete and so it doesn’t just completely swing open and your entire boob is left out. The snaps are super easy to take off and on with one hand, which is a must when you have a hungry or crying and hangry baby. Plus there is a thin soft band that keeps the shoulder strap on.

It comes with removable pads. They are nice and thick which is great for someone who has sensitive nipples and doesn’t want anything touching them or rubbing against them. Or you might use them when going out or at work so the nipples don’t stick out of a shirt.

The pads work better for some than others, but the good news is that they are removable. So whether you use them or not it’s going to be your personal preference. It’s hard to say if they will work for you without trying. But it’s good to have that option just in case. The bra is great with or without them.

An exceptional bra for large-chested moments. It’s really supportive it’s very taut without being super restrictive.

It works well and looks smooth and shapely under t-shirts. If you wear a shirt with a deep v neck it might come up a bit too high in front. Another amazing thing is that it comes with bra conversion kits. When you’re done breastfeeding you can change it to a regular bra. Which is cool because you don’t spend money on something that you won’t use after breastfeeding but can enjoy it for a long time.

It ‘ss very well made and it’ll hold up after numerous washes and all the wear and tear.

All in all, an exceptional nursing bra, it’s wire-free, soft, super comfortable, it’s supportive without being restrictive and doesn’t dig in or pinch anywhere. It’s a little pricey compared to other similar bras but it’s worth the price.

Price Range: $39.20 – $56.11

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Super soft! Very Comfortable and Flattering

Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra

If you’re looking for an exceptional nursing bra that’s soft and VERY comfortable for lazing around the house or sleeping in, Kindred Bravely is a perfect choice. Once you touch it or put it on, the first thing you’ll notice is an extremely soft material. Made from French Terry fabric which is known for its luxurious texture.  Soft to the point that you won’t feel it on your skin. Very breathable, not heavy and doesn’t pinch, poke, prod or dig in any places.

In addition to regular sizes, it’s also available in small, medium and busty versions meaning that they have a small band and larger cup sizes. If you fall into the busty category you know how hard is to find a bra that is smaller banded but also larger in the chest area. This one is perfect. It’ll fit around your ribcage and also supports your large bust. The full-back coverage will give your breasts a better shape than the molded underwire bra would.

Wonderful bra to sleep in. So comfortable that you won’t even feel it on. It is so comfortable that even if you are the kind of women who typically don’t wear one to bed, this is the closest thing to feeling like you’re wearing nothing.

Nursing is very easy, you just have to pull down the cup as opposed to unhooking anything, especially good for night feedings or the days when mom is extra tired – which is just about every day at least in the beginning. With the crossover design, you’ll be ready to feed your hungry baby with ease. The material is soft against your skin and baby’s as well which was important to every mom.

Although it’s comfortable and supportive to wear it around the house or to sleep in it, it’s not supportive enough to wear it to work or around the town. It doesn’t really offer nipple coverage, even if you wear a t-shirt over it you might see them poking through. If you want to wear it in public you can buy the Kindred Bravely reusable nursing pads for a bit of concealment. They work very well with it.

It doesn’t stretch over time, washes well, and stays soft.

Overall, really comfortable, durable, and reasonably priced bra to wear during pregnancy, to sleep in and nursing. Highly recommend to anyone who loves comfort, soft fabric, and won’t mind the way you pull your boobs out of the bra for nursing as opposed to the strap method. You’ll love it during pregnancy and enjoy it for breastfeeding, too.

It’s offered in French Terry & Organic Cotton. Here are the main differences between them.

The organic cotton is not as soft as the French Terry so if softness is more important to you, if that’s what you really love in a bra then I would suggest the French Terry. The cotton, on the other hand, is in my opinion for a larger chest more supportive than the French Terry. It has the same type of stretchy band on the bottom but the double-layered material in the cup area seems a little more supportive for a large chest.

Price Range: Around $29.99

For French Terry Click Here

For Organic Cotton Click Here

Best Crossover Bra For Pregnancy And Nursing

CAKYE Womens Bra for Sleep and Breastfeeding

CAKYE Women’s Bra is a perfect option for swollen pregnant breasts, fluctuating breast sizes, nursing, and sleeping. Very comfortable and won’t constrict or squeeze your breasts.

It’s breathable, very soft, lightweight and made from 95% cotton, 5% spandex. Although it is soft cotton the material stretches nicely to accommodate your breasts as they shrink and engorge with breastfeeding/pumping.

It does have some support but it’s not super supportive. However, these kinds of bras are designed more for comfort rather than support. This one is a great non-constricting bra that’s comfortable during pregnancy, breastfeeding, sleeping in, and run errands in.

The band along the bottom is elastic and just tight enough to contain everything without any discomfort. This is the only support offered, which is to be expected with a bra like this. The shoulder straps are over 1-inch thick and very comfortable to wear it all day.

Just be aware that there is no added padding. However, it has pockets for you to insert your own padding/nursing pads to prevent leaks.

Easy and convenient for breastfeeding or pump. Especially for those middle of the night feeding sessions. With the overlap closure just move the fabric aside and when you’re done just pull it back. A lot of moms prefer it over a bra with clasps or hooks.

Very durable material it’ll hold up well to multiple washings and will retain its elasticity. It’s 90% cotton and will shrink a little in the dryer so best is to hang dry it.

Overall an excellent bra for pregnant, postpartum, or nursing moms. The 95% cotton composition will appeal to those who don’t like nylon, polyester, or blended fabric bras. If you looking for a bra that is comfortable, feels good and reasonably priced, this a great choice. Available in different colors and U-back and racerback design.

Price Range: $19.99 – $20.99

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Underwire Nursing Bra, Supportive, Comfortable and Padded

Gratlin Underwire Nursing Bra

It’s lightweight, breathable, fits very well, provides good coverage and is super supportive and comfortable (especially if you’re busty). It has no-slip adjustable straps, the wires won’t dig into your armpits and is comfortable to wear throughout the day. Perfect for when you have to go to work and wear a real bra. A perfect alternative to a traditional wire-free bra.

It has 6 hooks in the back so sizing can be adjusted throughout pregnancy and nursing as your body changes and weight is fluctuating. Or you may loosen it at night to feel more comfortable and relaxed and tighten it back up during the day, so it holds everything in “its place“.

It fits very well across back and shoulders and gives a nice lift. The shoulder straps and band are smooth and comfortable to wear.  The shoulder straps are fully adjustable along the whole strap which make easier to find the perfect fit.

The cups are very flexible and stretchy so when your milk comes in, the bra still fits well. The cups are padded. Some moms feel that the padding is good enough and provide enough coverage to hide nipples after nursing. And some feel that the padding is on the light side more like lightly lined. If you find it on the light side you’ll have to wear nursing pads for better nipple coverage after nursing or pumping.

It makes nursing easier, the snaps are easy to work with and feel very durable. You can easily fold down the cups to nurse with one hand which is important when you have a hungry and demanding baby.

Well made and durable it’ll hold up very well after months of wearing and many washes.

For the price, this is an amazing bra and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Besides good fit, great support and comfort it’s cute looking and will make you feel a little more “sexy”.

Price Range: Around $20.00

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Attractive And Comfortable Padded Underwire Bra For Nursing

Underwire Padded Bra with Lace

Leading Lady Women’s Underwire Padded Lace Underwire Nursing Bra is a perfect alternative to a wire-free bra for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It’s well-fitting, functional, comfortable, and attractive. It will make you feel sexy again too!

You’ll love the full coverage cups and it gives a smooth look under any fabric especially t-shirt. The lace can not be seen from the outside of a thin shirt either. Fantastic for going out.

It offers excellent support without being stiff or bulky and keeps everything nicely in place between feedings or pumping. It has strong cup buckles and it’s easy to unhook the clasps with one hand. The shoulder straps are thick, don’t dig and the 3-clasp back is supportive and comfortable.

The cups have the right amount padding and nothing shows through. It gives your boobs a nice shape and lift without looking too bulky or giving you uniboob.

At this price point, you’ll be impressed with the quality. I would definitely recommend it any pregnant or nursing mom looking for an affordable underwire padded bra that’s comfortable, attractive and feels and fits like a normal bra. To some, it may feel like the underwire comes up into your armpit a little bit, I guess that would depend on your body type but given all the pros it offers, it’s a small issue to deal with. Either way, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Price Range: $13.94 – $15.00

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Sexy, Comfortable And Practical

Curve Muse Nursing Cotton Unlined Wirefree Bra with Lace TrimCurve Muse Nursing Bra is light, comfortable, practical and feels like you have nothing on. Although it doesn’t have any padding or lining it fits very well. It’s supportive as much as wireless bra could be and more importantly functional and will make you feel sexy at the same time.

Offered in regular and plus size which is great news for busty or plus-size moms. Only plus size moms know how hard is to find a plus size bra that’s comfortable, practical and pretty.

The fabric is very soft, comfortable and breathable (93% Cotton,7% Spandex). It fits snug, but not uncomfortable and doesn’t give you that uniboob look. It gives a fair amount of support and is not to thin. But don’t expect the same support you’d get from an underwire bra. Bras for maternity/breastfeeding should not be super snug because it may impede milk flow and cause mastitis.

With the adjustable straps and back closure, you’ll always find the perfect fit as your breast size fluctuates during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The lace makes this bra so much more attractive, it will make you feel kind of sexy (again) and like you’re wearing a regular bra. The lace is on the soft side, however, if you have sensitive skin you may find it a bit itchy. But that’s not an issue with the bra, it’s just how your skin reacts to it.

Excellent for breastfeeding and pumping. The cups open up nice and wide, you can unclip it with one hand and it lays flat to nurse your baby.

It’s a perfect bra to wear around the house or lounging, but if you want to wear it in public you’d have to wear it under a heavier weight shirt or use nursing pads for better coverage especially after nursing.

It’s beautifully designed, it’s cute, very feminine and 100% practical bra that fits well. A bra that will make a big difference during your pregnancy/breastfeeding and make you feel sexy. Definitely one of the best bras on the market.

Price range: $16.88 – $37.99

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Stylish, Flattering, Soft And VERY Supportive

WonderMoms Wireless Lace Bra For Breastfeeding

WonderMoms Wireless Lace Flattering, Soft, And VERY Supportive Bra will make any pregnant or breastfeeding mom feel sexy again. It has the perfect combination of sexy and functional. So soft (94% cotton and 6% spandex),  very comfortable, snug but not too tight and more importantly gives exceptional support. One of the best bras for busty moms.

It has an excellent shape, fits smooth under clothing and pushes boobs up. Perfect for not only lounging at home but looks good enough to go outside of the house.

It’s one of the most supportive bras. Although it doesn’t have underwire it supports as if it did. The strap adjusters are in the front so you can easily adjust it based on milk volume throughout the day. The thick straps (3/4 inch), the multiple hook closures in the back and support make this bra perfect.

You’ll appreciate the padding and the structure of this bra. It has enough padding to hide nursing nipples. Which is great if someone does like wearing nursing pads. Also, small leaks won’t make through to a t-shirt/shirt.

Unlike other bras that open from the top, this one has a unique opening and opens from the middle to the side which is nice because the flap doesn’t get in the baby’s face when they eat. It makes nursing easier and anything that makes mom’s life easier gets thumbs up. The front panels are easy to unclip it with one hand, however, it the beginning you might use two hands to close it back until you get used to it. The snaps are high quality and designed in such a way to prevent the bra from opening unexpectedly.

If you looking for a nursing bra that looks nice, is comfortable and convenient this is an excellent choice. And the few touches of lace will make you feel sexy again.

Price Range: Around $34.99

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Padded Nursing Sports Bra

Gratlin Nursing Sports Bra

It’s one of the more supportive and comfortable, perfect for if you want to exercise during pregnancy or start exercising again after giving birth. The soft and stretchable fabric provides amazing comfort.

For a wireless bra, the support it gives is amazing, one of the best. It fits very well and feels extremely comfortable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how snug it is(without being too tight). Moreover, it gives a little push-up and more round shape which is hard to find in a wireless bra. It doesn’t sag, flatters the breast shape and looks good under a shirt. With the adjustable shoulder straps, you’ll always find the perfect fit.

Excellent bra for moms who want to start exercising again. It holds everything in place and handles very well bouncing breasts filled with milk during a workout. If you’re smaller chested, you’ll be OK with high impact workouts.  However, if you’re larger chested, you might have to stick with low to medium impact exercises like jogging, cycling or yoga. You have to try it and see what will work for you. The racerback design gives you excellent stability and maximum comfort.

One of the better-padded bras. The padding is in the lining and cannot be removed. The padding along with the soft fabric covers the nipples well and catches occasional leaks.

Very convenient for nursing. The hooks are easy to undo with one hand while holding the baby with the other. The cups fold down easily and don’t get in the way.

All in all awesome bra, it fits well, looks great, feels comfortable and is extremely well made. Highly recommend to any pregnant or nursing mom wanting to maintain an active lifestyle. Due to the fact that’s snug, super comfy and gives very good support, it’s worth getting even for everyday use.

Price Range: Around $20.00

Check Current Price on Here

Super Comfortable Bra For Large Chest

Motherhood Plus Size Bra

Motherhood Maternity plus size nursing bra is perfect for large chests. Super comfortable holds everything in place and even works well with 44DDD chest size. It gives enough support without squishing them and you won’t feel like your breasts are just hanging there. Which is important when you breastfeeding, your milk is coming in and they are sore and full. Speaking of breastfeeding, it’s super comfortable and easy access when it’s time to nurse. Just move it aside and let the baby enjoy their time. If you have sensitive nipples after nursing and have to wear nursing pads, this bra holds them in place.

It is a wireless bra that’s perfect for the middle of the night nursing,  around the house, sleeping, but you might get away with wearing out of the house if you wear a loose t-shirt.

The design is perfect, it keeps them nicely separated, won’t give you uniboob and if you like wearing tank tops it won’t peak out through. Who wants a bra coming higher than a t-shirt or tank top? It stays in place and fits well.

It’s made out of  95% cotton, 5% spandex. The fabric is very soft, sturdy but not heavy, not too tight and not itchy.

At this price point, you might not expect much but you’ll be surprised how comfortable, convenient and well made this it is. It’s so comfortable that you will feel like you not wearing it. Even women who aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding buy it for the comfort it provides. MUCH better than other bras that cost twice as much. If you need a bra that provides both comfort and convenience this is a great choice! Perfect to wear during pregnancy and nursing.

Price Range: $11.89 – $20.72

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About About Savvy Mama

Savvy Mama (Allana) is a former quality control manager now stay at home mom living with her adorable husband and hilarious kids. Between folding and putting up laundry, cleaning the house and picking up toys she spends her time looking for, testing and reviewing cool stuff so you don't have to. The goal is to provide an essential, go-to site for moms and dads searching for great quality products for their home and kids.
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