Why Parents Need a Baby Monitor

Why Parents Need a Baby MonitorHaving had three kids of my own, I would have been lost without my baby monitors.  For my two boys, who are the oldest, I had a plain old audio monitor.  With my little girl, though, I had the advantage of great technology that had just become available: a baby cam.

I was excited to get one of these beauties at my baby shower!  My audio monitor had finally given up the ghost before my daughter was born; I had my eye on some of the great offerings that would allow me to check on my little girl without disturbing her while she was sleeping.

My “Baby Cam” Experience

I really loved the reassurance of being able to hear my boys babbling in their cribs.  I would do my housework knowing that I would be able to hear them if anything went amiss.  However, when they would get quiet, I often would not know if they had fallen asleep or if they had decided to play “Let’s See What’s in My Diaper Today!”

With my daughter, I was able to keep an eye on her and make sure she was not climbing out of her crib (I swear she is a monkey!) or making a lovely “painting” for Mommy.  My video baby monitor was awesome!  I could make sure that when she was quiet, it was because she was sleeping, without ever having to open the bedroom door that always squeaked, no matter how much we oiled and adjusted it.

While my baby cam would be considered prehistoric these days, it was cool.  Now, parents have the advantages of night vision and alerts that let them know the baby needs them, and even Wi-Fi baby monitors; I cannot even imagine how much easier I would have slept with something like that!

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