Best Affordable, Safe, Comfortable and Portable Bassinets

bassinet next to bedHere you’ll find hand-picked, affordable, safe, time tested best baby bassinets that work very well for most parents. From stationery, rocking, easy to travel with and portable that are easy to move around so during the day you can move it from room to room so your baby is never out of your sight.

A bassinet is a great safe sleep option for a newborn. It’s also perfect for parents who would like to have their baby close to them at night. Parents feel more secure with their baby beside their bed as it reduces the risk of SIDS, and it’s easier to check on the baby during the night.

It also makes the process of changing diapers and feeding at night a lot more convenient as you don’t have to walk very far.

A great alternative to co sleeping especially during the first few months and have a more enjoyable and happy time.

Amazing Two In One Baby Bassinet with Changing Table

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Changing Table

Great multi-purpose and functional baby bassinet that doubles as a changing pad. You can either lay your child down to sleep or change a diaper. And the convenient basket underneath for diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. makes diaper changes a breeze.

Perfect for primary sleep space for the baby, playtime or daytime naps. Super convenient on four locking wheels that make it easy to move it around a house without waking up the baby. During the day, you can easily wheel it out of your bedroom or baby room to your living room so your baby is close to you and there is no need to go back to baby room many times a day to check up on the baby. It glides on carpet and hardwood floors with ease.

The mesh sides are wonderful, they not only provide excellent airflow for the baby’s comfort but are also great for visibility. You can easily see and check up on baby while laying in bed.

Also, it has a canopy to block light so the baby can sleep better. Plus there are a couple of toys attached to the canopy to keep baby entertained. The canopy is not detachable, but it easily folds down flat if you no longer want it up. It doesn’t adjust to different positions; it can only be up or down. But that isn’t a big deal.

It comes with mattress for both bed and changer and one sheet. The mattress is removable and machine washable. The sheet is not waterproof but easy to remove for cleaning. Unfortunately, the mattress is not a standard size and they don’t sell extra sheets. You could use a standard (waterproof) sheet, but it won’t fit as securely as the one that comes with it. Or you could use a pillowcase, which works well too. The bed mattress is attached with velcro, so when you flip it over, it won’t fall out. The velcro is easy to take out for cleaning but is strong enough and doesn’t move at all while your baby is sleeping or moving around inside. The changing table mattress is not removable but easy to clean in case of messes. You may find both mattresses on the thin side, but they are soft and comfortable for the baby.

One of the best features is the ability to switch it over to a changing table. It’s a lifesaver, especially during nighttime diaper changes. You can hold the baby with one arm while flipping it with the other hand. Flipping with one hand may take a few tries to figure it out how to do it smoothly, but for the convenience it provides, it is totally worth the time.

You’ll appreciate the storage underneath. Not huge, but very useful. No matter if you use it next to your bed, or in your living room during the day, the underneath storage allows you to keep baby things like diapers, wipes, change of clothes and burp cloths right there in the bottom. So you have all the essentials within reach, be it day or night time. Just don’t overload it, however, if you feel like putting more baby things in there than it can handle, you can give it extra support by cutting some cardboard to level out the surface and sturdy it up.

With two speeds of vibration to choose from, you can find just the right setting to soothe a baby or to help them go to sleep and stay asleep. Most babies love it, however, some not so, it’s next to impossible to tell if your baby will like it or not until you try it. But it’s good to have that option just in case. Just keep in mind, there is no timer, it’ll stay on until you turn it off.

It is solidly built with sturdy metal legs. JPMA certified.

Assembly is simple, and shouldn’t take longer than 20 – 30 min.

  • For infants under 15 lb, unable to push up on hands or knees
  • Changer for infants up to 30 lb

Overall a great choice. Excellent for the middle of the night diaper changes! Great for small space too as it doesn’t have a big footprint. It fits next to a bed, even in a small bedroom. Having the changer attached to it means one less piece of furniture to buy. And with the handy basket underneath for diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. changing diapers is a breeze. Compared to other this is a great deal for the price, two in one deal.

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Convenient, Sturdy, Spacious And Simple-Looking

Stationary and Rock Mode Portable Bassinet

MiClassic 2 in1  Stationary and Rock Mode is one the most convenient and more versatile than a traditional bassinet. To begin with, one of the best features the size. It’s bigger, so your baby won’t quickly outgrow it and smaller than a pack n play. So if you’re looking for something that’s portable, spacious and smaller than a pack n play this is an excellent choice. Perfect for parents who are not ready to leave a baby alone in the nursery at night!

Your baby will sleep comfortably in it. Even if it likes to roll on their side, stretch and change positions all night, it gives it that freedom. And is still great for a baby who likes to be swaddled and stay in one place all day or night.

The design is pretty functional and more importantly safe. It has breathable mesh all around so it safe for the baby and you can easily see your baby from the side view knowing that they are safe and sound.

The rocking feature is pretty cool and will definitely come in handy when your baby is fussy. You can easily switch from stationary to rocking. You just need to rotate the feet from a stationary position to rocking or the other way around. When you set it up you might get the impression that there is only one rocking position but that’s not true. It has two options, rocking and stationary and both are safe as long as you remember to rotate the feet.

Perfect for traveling family. You can take it on road trips and airplanes so you don’t have to worry about whether a friends house or a hotel will have a place for your baby to sleep in. It is super easy to tear down and put together. True to its description, it takes less than 60 seconds. Moreover, comes with a convenient travel bag. It easily fits into it and the handle is slightly padded. A small detail, but will make a big difference.

There are no fancy features like lights, music, etc and if you’re fine with that looking something that is safe, portable, sturdy, convenient and larger than other similar products you can’t go wrong with it.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons:

  • Small footprint but large enough to fit a baby for many months. Especially great if you happen to have a baby a big baby.
  • Inexpensive
  • Foldable. Can be easily moved from room to room or stored compactly or taken on travel.
  • Most importantly safe. It has all mesh sides to help you see your baby and rest easy that they won’t suffocate.
  • If you need extra sheets it uses the same size sheet as a pack and play.
  • It has a rocking feature, not a necessity but nice to have.


  • No lights, music, automation or vibrating option. Mind you, these are not must have to care and make your baby comfortable. Some parents are just fine without them. It’s going to come down to your personal preferences.
  • No storage for diapers or anything like that. Just keep in mind,  whether you need it or not it depends on your nursery set up. If you already have dresser or changing table this won’t bother you.

All in all an excellent product and has everything you could ask for as long as you understand what it can and can not do for your baby.

Price Range: Around $84.99

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Affordable, Space Saving And Foldable

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

Excellent affordable Dream On Me that’s great for anyone with limited space or is on a budget, have twins or travel. Perfect to have it beside your bed during the night. It has perfect height, and you’ll be able to reach your baby comfortably without getting out of bed. Easy to move between rooms for daytime naps or play.

The bed compartment is a perfect size and is very roomy for baby to be comfortable. There is plenty of space for laying and kicking around even if your child is approaching the weight limit. The breathable see-through mesh sides are fantastic, and allow you to see and check on your baby at any time. Moreover, when your baby wakes up, they can see you too!

The mesh sides along with the canopy are perfect if you like camping or spend a lot of time in your backyard and will protect your baby from bugs or pets. Speaking of pets, if you have a kitty that wants to sleep on your baby, this is one is great to keep the curious cat away. Even a full-grown or ‘heavy’ cat won’t be able to knock it over. It is very sturdy and does the job well.

Although the canopy is not removable, however, it zips open and falls to the sides, so it doesn’t get into your way. It has a strong support frame that holds it up and strong straps to keep it down. The canopy can be open or closed or one side open and the other folded. Just like the mesh sides, the canopy is breathable and will keep your child from bugs, pets or whatnot.

It does come with a 1-inch thick mattress as recommended by ASTM/CPSC. Although some parents disagree, the mattress is perfectly fine for a baby. It’s thin because it is safer that way, and that’s what doctors recommend. Moreover, if it wasn’t safe, they would not be selling it with it. However, if you feel that you need a better mattress, American Baby Company Waterproof Quilted Cotton Fitted Mattress fits very well. Click here for more info.

Sheets: As for sheets, American Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit Sheet fit it very well too. Click here for more info. Or you can use a king or queen pillowcase or receiving blanket; they will work well also.

Storage: Another great feature is the convenient storage compartment underneath that you can snap on and off. Perfect for diapers or other baby essentials.

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet FoldedPortable: It is lightweight, easy to move from room to room and folds almost flat. Super easy to fold down or put up, it takes less than a minute. When folded it’s about 23 x 32 x 6 inches. Perfect for travel, camping, overnight stays at grandmas house or if you want to hang out outside. When folded, it fits behind a seat or in the trunk of a small car.

Weight limit: It holds a baby up to 25 pounds. Which is pretty good, a lot of similar products can hold a baby up to 15 lb.

Safe: Although it is lightweight, it’s incredibly sturdy and doesn’t wobble. The construction and stitching are of high quality.

Care: Easy to clean, it is made of water-resistant, wipeable material that can also be removed for deep cleaning.

Assembly: Easy to set up. There is no need for tools, screws, etc. All you need to do is snap on the legs. It takes a minute to put together.

All in all an excellent product, well priced, functional, sturdy and beautiful.

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Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go – Lightweight, Portable with Great Features

Fisher-Price Stow n Go Bassinet

Lightweight, portable Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go is loaded with great features such as vibration unit and full mesh sidings. Easy to set up and pack. It comes with a convenient travel bag.  A lifesaver for parents who travel a lot.

Excellent quality, very comfortable, and there is enough room for baby to grow. Perfect for having the baby next to your bed. You can lay in bed and keep an eye on your sleeping baby and if needed easily attend to baby’s needs. Although it’s great to have it next to the bed, you need to be aware that it is a little lower. Some mams/dads are OK with it, and some are not. It’s a personal choice that you have to make. To give you an idea of how comfortable it would be to pick up and place your baby in it the mattress is about 36 inches off the ground.

The full breathable mesh sides allow for proper airflow and also let you to easily see your baby without having to get up and look over, and the baby can see you too.

Another great feature is the vibration. The vibrate mode can be really helpful to keep baby relaxed or for calming when they are restless. For a lot of parents, this is a must for a baby. The vibrate motion is soft and not loud. Just keep in mind that there is no timer on the vibration, so you need to remember to turn it off manually.

The mattress is flat and firm about an inch and half thick, and that’s what you need for an infant to sleep on.  The mattress is good quality and comes with a gender-neutral machine-washable mattress cover. Because the mattress is a non-standard size, you’ll have a hard time to buy extra sheets. The only sheets I am aware of that fit it are Infant Deep Fitted Soft Jersey Knit by Abstract 16″ x 32″, you may have to stretch them a bit, but they work well with it. Click here for more info.

One of the best bassinets to travel with. It’s lightweight and portable. Perfect for the on-the-go family. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with a carrying bag. All you need to do is remove the legs, put them into the bottom side of the mat and slide the entire unit into the bag. And you’re all set to go. It takes just a few minutes. A great alternative to pack n play as it is quicker and easier to set it up or takedown. Perfect for going on vacations or weekend trips to the grandparents’ Light enough to move it around the house, however, because of the wide-angle of the legs, if you have narrow doorframes, you might have to lift it and twist a bit to get the legs through.

Keep in mind that it requires more space because the legs have a wide stance. To give you an idea of how big it is, here are the dimensions:

Dimensions (bed part):

  • L 33″ x W 18″ x H 26.5″

Footprint with the legs attached:

  • 28 1/2 inches wide from leg to leg
  • 34.5 inches long from leg to leg

Before you buy it, you need to double-check if you have enough room. And you can not use it without the legs because it’ll collapse.

Well built and the wide-angle of the legs make it very sturdy and safe.

The weight limit is 20 lbs.  which is pretty good as most similar products have a limit of 10=15 lb.

Assembly is simple and takes less than 2 minutes to set it up. All you need to do is snap in the four metal legs, place the mattress down and it’s ready to go. No tools required.

Bottom line, if you don’t mind the lower height and have enough space, this is an excellent choice to use it at home before transitioning baby into a crib. I would recommend it to parents, especially if they travel a lot.

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Great, Compact, Functional and Portable Bassinet

Fisher-Price Rock n Play Portable Bassinet

If you’re looking for a portable bassinet that’s functional, reliable, sturdy, portable and light-weight, this is the way to go. Perfect for having your baby sleep next to your bed in those first few months and it folds up nicely, so you take it to family and friend’s homes to use while there.

Sturdy and very comfortable for the baby with plenty of space to grow into. It doesn’t incline, which is a good thing for a couple of reasons, 1st babies should sleep flat on their back, that’s what most pediatricians recommend. Some babies need to sleep on an incline because it helps with reflux, but that’s an exception. 2nd if a baby gets used to sleeping on an incline, most probably you’ll have a hard time transitioning an infant to a crib. This is one of the best for transitioning an infant to a flat crib.

It doesn’t take up much space, and it has perfect height to have it right next to your bed which makes it easy to check on your baby throughout the night. All you have to do is lift your head to see the baby and easily reach if needed. Depending on your bed and mattress height the top cradle will be on the same level as the top of the mattress or slightly higher or lower. That also makes it an excellent choice for postpartum recovery as it allows to see and reach baby without getting out of bed.

It comes with a waterproof mattress. The mattress is thin but is more than enough for a baby. It provides a flat firm safe sleeping area for baby. There is no need to replace it with something else, in fact, there is a safety label warning not to do it. If you really would like to add some extra cushion, you use a soft blanket, and that will work very well.

The mattress is machine washable. To prevent shrinking, hung to dry, and it’ll look like new. it drys quickly.

They don’t sell and don’t recommend using any sheets. As for the wetting and spits up accidents, you shouldn’t worry at all as the mattress washes up great and dries up quickly. In case you can’t wash and dry it, you could use a pillowcase or blanket to cover the mattress until it can be washed.

It has very nice breathable mesh fabric allowing you to see through the sides so you can keep an eye on your baby while they are napping. Even if the baby pushes up against it, you don’t have to worry about suffocating at all.

Rocking FeatureThe rocking feature is awesome; it will help you get your baby to sleep much faster than it would be stationary or swayed back to sleep if they wake up at night. It rocks side to side, plus there is an option to lock the feet for stationary use for daytime napping. The rocking motion is very gentle and the reason for that is to prevent newborn baby roll around inside it.

Portability is one of the best features. It’s very light and can be easily moved between rooms folded up, or you can glide and fit through doorways. For example, you could have it next to your bed at night and in the living room for playtime and daytime nap time.

It folds flat and could be stored under a bed, in a closet or just up against the wall. Also, perfect to bring if you are going away for the weekend to grandma and grandpa’s house. It fits in the trunk of a car and doesn’t take up much room.

Rock n Play Portable Bassinet ToysIt comes with a toy and plastic mirror to entertain and keep your child engaged. The toy can be easily removed or moved it to either side to keep things interesting, and the baby can practice looking both ways. The mirror is a different story, it is attached to one place and can to be removed. Babies love it and don’t have a problem with it. However, it can be a distraction when a baby is ready to sleep, or while they are sleeping, they could touch it with their hands, and if they are a light sleeper, it could wake them up. One way to deal with it is to place them in the opposite direction where they cannot see it. If you find it annoying, you can cut it out. The toy and the mirror won’t be the main reason why you’d buy it so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Assembly is simple, it pretty much came assembled and to put it together it takes less than 5 min.

Easy to clean, the pad is machine washable, but the rest of it is spot clean only. You just need to remember to air dry the pad.

The weight limit is 25 pounds which means that you can use it much longer. Depending on the size and weight of your child you should be able to use it until around 5 – 6 months mark.

With the reasonable price and weight limit compared to similar products, this one is awesome. I would highly recommend for comfort and portability. For something that will only be used for a while, this one gives you the most bang for your buck.

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Easy To Fold, Well Built and Comfortable Travel Bassinet

Chicco Lullago Travel Bassinet

Chicco Lullago Travel Bassinet is durable, stylish, and perfect for travel or everyday use. You can easily travel with it abroad, take it on road trips or weekend/overnight stays with family or friends and now worry about sleeping arrangements.

It’s lightweight, comes with a travel bag and is easy to take apart and put back together. The legs have quick detached buttons so the setup and breakdown can be done very quickly. Once the legs are removed, it folds in half. Everything fits nicely in the travel bag. The travel bag doesn’t have a zipper. It isn’t a big issue if you travel by car, but you have to keep that in mind if you’re taking an airplane.

It is also great for everyday use until baby transitions to a crib. It fits perfectly next to a bed. Although it doesn’t have wheels, it’s light and is easy to move from room to room. It glides with ease on carpet or hardwood floor without leaving any scratches.

It is a bit larger than most which mean that there is more room for baby to grow and you can use it until the baby is about 6-7 months old or it can hold a baby up to 20 lbs.

To give you an idea of how big it is here are the dimensions:

  • The basket part is approximately 33″ long and 20″ wide.
  • The legs are wider and they are approximately 37 and 1/4 inches apart (from widest to widest)

There is a see-through mesh on both sides for breathability and allowing you to see your baby while lying in bed. Can’t get better than, waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is your LO sleeping sound and safe next to your bed. Been there, done that, unforgettable moments!

One thing you need to keep in mind is that it sits lower to the ground and may not a good choice for c section mamas. If that’s the case, please see my notes below. The deluxe version might be a better choice as it has height adjustments.

The mattress that comes with it is thick and comfortable for baby to sleep on. And it does come with a removable cover, unfortunately, it’s not waterproof which is a kind of a letdown. Moreover, the mattress cover is on the delicate side and can only be hand or machine washed on a delicate cycle and hung to dry. It does dry (air dry only to prevent shrinking) fairly fast, about 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature. But having one sheet even if it drys fast is not the best solution for baby spit up accidents or diaper explosion moments.

Like it or not, they will happen. The sheet it comes with does work for some parents, but if you feel that you’ll an extra waterproof sheet(s) as a backup or to make your life easier, you’ll have to buy them separately. However, because the mattress is not a standard size, you may have trouble finding the right size.

Here are links to sheets that work well with Chicco Lullago:

World’s LARGEST Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad Cover Liners (3 pk)

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit Fitted Portable/Mini-Crib Sheet

Ziggy Baby Changing Pad Cover, Cradle Sheets Fitted Jersey Cotton (2 Pack)

Although it does not rock, the way it is built, it has a bit of flexibility so you can slightly rock it to calm a fuzzy baby or rock them to help them to fall asleep. It will come very handy especially after the middle of the night feeding sessions to get your LO back into sleeping mode.

Very safe, exceptionally well built and very sturdy. There is no danger of tilting it or anything like that even if you have a toddler(s) running around.

Very easy to clean. Everything is zippered and can be removed for cleaning.

All in all, for the price it is an excellent value for money no matter whether used on a daily basis and as a travel bassinet. Great quality, large and functional. Perfect to use until baby transitions to a crib it does the job exceptionally well.

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There is also a deluxe version. It has 2 heights adjustment which is great for C section mamas. And a large canopy with removable hanging toys to entertain the baby. All other features like comfort for the baby, portability, easy to set up and take apart are the same. It costs around $129.99

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Beautiful and Practical Rocking Bassinet

Deluxe Gliding Bassinet

Beautiful and practical Deluxe Rocking Bassinet that’s very comfortable for the baby has safely vented sides, on four locking wheels, great storage underneath, with mobile toys, sounds, and lights.

One of the best features is the bed part that glides back and forth. The gliding option is excellent for rocking baby to sleep or to soothe baby in the middle of a night back to sleep with a gentle push. If you don’t want it to glide, you can easily turn it off with the locks underneath the bed. It’s a manual glide, you have to push it to rock it.

On 4 wheels and can be easily rolled from one room to another allowing you to keep your baby close. There are locking options on the wheels if you want it to remain in one spot and not move.

You’ll love the breathable mesh on both sides. This will give you a ton of comfort knowing that your baby has “breathing room” and nothing will happen while they sleep. You can roll the cover-up to peek in to see your baby or have it roll down. Having the mesh siding cover rolled down does not affect the breathability of the mesh sides.

The canopy is perfect for reducing light during naptime or bedtime. It can easily be opened, closed or completely removed.

It comes with 1″ water-resistant memory foam pad and one a fitted sheet. For some parents the pad is just fine for a newborn, some feel that it is too thin. Most of them if not all come with a thin pad/mattress. So no matter which one you buy and feel that it is too thin, you’ll have to buy a thicker mattress. The American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Quilted 15″ x 33″ Mattress Pad fits it perfectly. And if you need extra sheets, the American Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit  Sheets work great as well.

The mobile has a lot of great features. It has a night light, it comes in handy to check on the baby in the night as well as twinkling lights for the baby. Both the night and twinkling light have automatic short off after 5 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off.

The music has two categories, music and nature sounds and you can adjust the volume level.

On top of the mobile arm, there are 3 adorable soft white bears for baby to watch. When you turn it on, it rotates for about 5 minutes. The bears can be removed or replaced as they are just tied on.

The mobile arm is detachable, it clips in and out, so you can quickly remove it when you don’t need it.

Gliding Bassinet StorageThere is also a basket underneath with a good amount of storage space that can be used to store diapers, wipes, blankets or other baby essentials. Moreover, it has a divider in the middle to help you keep things nice and organized. For extra support, the basket comes with a little mattress/pad to be firm. A small thing but it does make life easier.

Putting it together is pretty straightforward. The directions fairly easy to follow and it takes about an hour from start to finish.

Although the legs might look slim, it is very sturdy. As long as you tighten all the screws, you shouldn’t worry about any safety issues.

All in all, an excellent product for the price with great features, excellent material quality and more importantly safe for your baby, and easy to use for you. Perfect size and height to stand next to a bed. Perfect for a small room.

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Amazing Modern Rocking Wood Bassinet

Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper

Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Wood Bassinet is another excellent choice that is a compact, comfortable and multi-functional. It has soft fabric, mesh on the sides for good air circulation and breathability, comes apart quickly, easy to wash and it’s lightweight. Perfect for night or day time. It has a great height that allows you to sit on a couch for a bottle-feeding or use it next to your bed at night, reach over and gently rock your baby back to sleep if needed. It’s very roomy, deeper and wider so there is plenty of space for the baby to stretch out.

It comes with a canopy. However, it folds only halfway. You can easily leave it off if you don’t like it.

Rocking motion: The rocking motion is very soft. Just enough to soothe a cranky baby or put them back to sleep. Once the baby falls asleep you can lock the rocking motion and transition it into stationary. It doesn’t rock automatically.

Safe: Very sturdy and safe. The quilted mesh siding will allow the baby to breathe in the event they turn their face and wiggle their way to the side.

Portable: It folds and unfolds very easily and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Super lightweight and easy to move between rooms quickly or to take to grandma’s house, so your baby has their place to sleep. It doesn’t come with a travel bag.

Care: Easy to wash and take care off. You can simply wipe it down or for a good cleaning whole interior can be zipped off, machine washed with cold water and air-dried flat.

Age Range: From newborn to about 5 months or 15 lbs.

Assembly: This is one of the easiest products to assemble. Everything snaps together easily, no tools needed and it takes 5 – 10 minutes the most.

Overall excellent product. Elegant, comfortable for baby, and not so expensive. A perfect option for a newborn who isn’t ready to sleep in a crib or for parents who’d love to have their baby beside their bed or need a portable place for sleep or rest. You can have it virtually in every room of your house, so the LO hangs around with mom or dad or both while they are busy doing something else.

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Beautiful, Lightweight And Safe


Simple in design, well made, very convenient and light-weight Delta Children is excellent for parents who didn’t want to spend a ton of money but still want something functional and of good quality, and have peace of mind when putting their newborn to sleep. Great price, easy to set up, and serves its purpose very well.

It has the perfect height to have it next to your bed at night and easy to roll it to another room in the daytime so you can keep an eye on your little one. And you’ll be able to reach the baby without hurting your back.

The bed area is a perfect size, and there is plenty of room for the baby, even when they approach the weight limit. The mesh sides windows are wonderful; you can lift up the skirt to check on your baby to make sure that they are still sleeping and doing OK.

It comes with an adjustable and removable canopy to protect your baby from bright light. It comes off very easily and re-attaches easily as well. It does make clicking like sound when you adjust it up or down. Not loud but noticeable. So you might want to lock it into the desired position before your baby falls asleep. If they are a light sleeper, the ‘clicking’ may wake them up.

A firm mattress, about 1 inch thick is included. It’s firm because that’s what they recommend for babies to reduce the likelihood of SIDS. The mattress is waterproof and comes with one sheet. If you need more sheets, Ely’s & Co Waterproof Unisex Waterproof Sheets fit it very well. Click here for more info. Or you can use king size pillowcases as sheets. That will save you some money.

Delta-Children-Sweet-Beginnings-Bassinet StorageIt has nice storage basket underneath, useful for to put a few diapers, wipes or extra blankets, burp cloths and other baby’s essentials.

It’s lightweight and has four wheels, (2 of them have locks) making it easy to move it from bedroom to another room to have baby close and at sight. Easy to push even with the baby in it.

The casters roll smoothly, and it fits easily between doorways. You just have to remember to take the breaks off. You won’t have any issues rolling it on hardwood floors or ceramic tiles. How well it’ll roll on a carpet, it depends on the carpet thickness/density and carpet pile.

Assembled Dimensions (in inches): 21 (width) by 45.5 (height) by 35.5 (depth)

The music box and night light are nice features as well. It plays soothing classical music. There is a volume control so you can control how loud it is. Not every parent is a huge fan of music built into baby gadgets, so it’s hard to say if you’ll like or not, if you don’t, you can turn it off. Most probably the music won’t be a deciding factor if you buy it or not. But it’s nice to have that option. Who knows, if it soothes your baby and they like it, you probably won’t mind it.

The night light is perfect for in the middle of the night diaper changes. You can even nurse in the middle of the night without turning on the bedside lamp. It’s also great for when you just want to check on your baby. The light is just bright enough to see without being disturbing and making it easier for you and your baby to go back to sleep.

The music and nightlight are controlled separately; you can have both of them on, or just one. Also, the music box can be taken off the frame.

It’s fairly easy to clean. The outside skirt and the mattress can be machine washed. You can wash the canopy with a cloth or sponge using warm water and mild soap and air dry.

It is safe and meets or exceeds all ASTM and CPSC standards and JPMA certifications. It is sturdy and won’t wobble as long as you assemble it correctly. Just remember to tighten all the screws on the frame. Out of the box, they are a bit lose to allow you insert to insert support bars. Once all the screws are tight, it’ll be very stable, safe and will hold up well.

As far as putting it together, it shouldn’t take more than 20 – 30 minutes tops. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws.

Designed for infants up to 15 pounds.

A few things that you need to keep in mind; it doesn’t come off of the stand, doesn’t fold, doesn’t rock or glide, and the mattress doesn’t have vibrating feature. However, you can add vibration by using Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Wand. It’s about $16.99. Click here for more info. For some reason, babies love the vibration as it calms them down and helps them fall asleep when they’re fussy. Moms call it an arms saver.

It is beautiful, sturdy, simple and gets the job done very well. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something that’s simple and affordable. The price is right for something that will only be used for a few months, and it’ll get you through the newborn stage.

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