Tips For Choosing Best Baby High Chair

Choosing The Best High Chair

There are several types of high chairs available out there. The choices are almost endless. When you visit online stores or browse online images the options can be overwhelming.

To help you get a clear idea what to look for, save time and frustration use the tips below how to choose the perfect high chair for your child.


Safety is the most important feature. You want to make sure that your high chair is sturdy, build by a reputable company and cannot be tipped over easily.

Look for one that has safety harness, including the crotch strap. 3 point harness is the minimum more expensive models offer 5 point harness. They will keep your child safe prevent from slipping down.

Buy one that has locks on the wheels. Least expensive models have front or back wheels locks only. This is sufficient enough to prevent the high chair from moving. Some have locks on all 4 wheels but they are more expensive.

Before and after buying baby high chair periodically check Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recalls.

Regular or folding high chair

Another important factor to consider is much space you have in your house and if you’re planning to travel with it. If your kitchen or dining room is small then a folding high chair would your best choice. Just make sure that it is easy to fold and put back up again. You don’t want to spend a lot of time putting it together before or after dinner or suppertime.

Choosing Best High Chair

Removable tray , easy to clean seat cover are important as babies can be can be fussy, messy eaters.

Easy to clean

Cleaning after mealtime isn’t moms’ favorite activity. So you want to have a high chair that’s easy to clean. Choose one that has removable dishwasher safe tray or try insert. It will save you a lot of time. Easy to clean or wipe off seat cover is a must. Higher end models offer removable and machine washable seat covers but they cost more.

Static or multi-function high chair

Depending on your budget decide if you want a simple static high chair or one that has adjustable height and reclining back seat. Multi-function highchairs are great as they grow with your child and convert to boost seat.

On the other hand a static one will become redundant when your child grows older. After that you may end up buying a booster seat anyway. In short term you may save some money by buying a cheaper model, in the long term it may cost you more.
Last but not least, before you go shopping decide how much money you want spend and make a list of all the features you’d want in the high chair. It will make your shopping experience more pleasant. Also you’ll be able to focus quickly on these that meet your criteria and discard those that don’t.

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