Top Baby Rock and Play Sleepers

Baby sleeping in a Rock and Play SleeperA baby supposed to sleep 12 hours a day and only wake up for the brief feeding moments every 4 or so hours and go back to sleep. Unfortunately, the reality for most parents is quite different as most babies don’t follow conventional wisdom. So keeping a newborn calm and quiet is not an easy task and can be challenging, tiring and frustrating.

Rock and play baby sleepers offer several benefits. Rocking a baby is one of the best ways to calm down and bring a baby into a deep slumber be it in the day or night and give parents a break from pacing back and forth.

Moreover, research has shown that rocking a baby in a manual, or automatic rocker sleeper relaxes infants’ breathing and heart rate and improves sleeping patterns.

A baby rocker sleeper also can help a baby with acid reflux or with transitioning into a crib. Since some rock n play sleepers can be used next to parents bed as a co-sleeper. They are perfect for those who’d love to have their LO as close as possible especially during the first few months.

Choosing one that’s best for you and your LO can be a time-consuming task, to help you out, below you’ll find top rock and play sleepers that can be used in a number of ways depending on your needs.

Easy Switch from Sit to Sleep 3-in-1 Rock and Play Sleeper

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper

Tiny Love 3-in-1 baby rocker sleeper is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for something that can be used as a rocker, napper, sleeper, and a seat. Small, very light and easy to move from one room to the other. Perfect place to put your baby in while you need to do thing around the house.

The mobile toy bar will keep them entertain and excited. When they kick hard enough, they’ll even rock themselves. When they fall asleep while playing you can easily (with on hand) adjust it from upright to sleeping position without waking up a sleeping baby.

3 Reclining positions: Parents love the three different positions build into this rocker sleeper. It gives them the flexibility to make a smooth transition from playtime to nap time without adding an extra piece of furniture to their nursery/home.

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper 3 Reclining Positions

The almost flat pad (180°) with raised borders creates a safe place for your little one when it feels like taking a nap or just want to lay flat.

The second, middle position is perfect for play or rest time allowing the baby to enjoy playing with the electronic toy bar so mom can have some ‘mommy time’.

As your baby grows, the most upright position can be used for either play-rest time or for feeding.

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper Side ViewSafe and comfortable: The seat is nice and cushy, very sturdy and comfortable. It will even please a baby who loves to stretch out and move their legs around without being frustrated by the feeling of being stuck in a seat. The restraint system will keep them safe and sound.

Rocking motion: It does not rock automatically. It has to be rock manually. However, the baby can rock itself by their kicking. When they kick, it moves. Not a lot by adult standards (for safety reasons) but enough to give them a good giggle and keep them busy trying to get a better rocking motion. You can stop it from rocking by locking it in a stationary position with the retractable feet it comes with on the front and back.

Toy bar with lights & music: The toy and music features are excellent, babies love them. There are 9 tunes with two music modes, sleep and more vibrant for play. The music has 2 volume settings, or you can turn it off.

It does not rotate automatically, so some babies can get bored with it after a while, but you can attach other toys to it to keep them entertained. The toys are attached with velcro straps so you can have them lower so your baby can touch them or a little bit higher, so they are out of reach.

The toy bar is removable or can be easily re-positioned (it rotates 180-degree) making it easy to put your baby in or take them out without maneuvering around it. It does make a clicking sound when you rotate it. If your baby is a lite sleeper it could wake them up. In this case, you might leave it the way it is or remove it instead of rotating it. For most parents, it wasn’t a big deal. The ‘head’ of the toy bar tilts as well, so you can position it to suit your baby’s needs.

For the lights & music, you need 3 AAA batteries.

Soothing vibrations: To help your baby settle down it has built-in soothing vibration. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have an auto shut off feature, if you forget to turn it off, it could drain the battery fast. The vibration is power up by 1 C battery.

Care: The pad the baby lies on is very easy to take out to clean and machine washable. It can be washed in cold water and air-dried.

Weight limit: You can use the napper from newborn up to 20 pounds. The seat can be used up to 40 lbs. The seat part should last you at least until your LO is 18 months old.

Assembly: Assembly is relatively easy, I say fairly easy because the instructions are illustrated. Some people who like written instruction may find it difficult to follow.

Additional notes: Although it is a great product it has some limitations that you need to be aware of. It is very portable and perfect for small spaces, easy to move from room to room but does NOT collapse or fold for storage. To do that you’d have to take it apart.

It does rock well on hardwood or tile floors, but not so well on a carpet.

Even though some parents do use it as a bassinet or as a night sleeper for the first couple of months, this Rocker Napper is not intended for prolonged periods of sleep as it does not meet the bassinet standard for overnight sleeping. With your child safety in mind, it is best to use it for naps and playtime during the day.

Overall a very nice baby rocker sleeper. Not perfect but compact and a space saver. It does not occupy a lot of space while keeping the baby safe and entertained. Although it doesn’t fold, it’s easy to move from room to room. The biggest selling point is its flexibility as you can lay it out as a bed or have it upright for playtime or feeding. All in one without buying an extra piece of furniture for two functions. Perfect for parents who have limited space or don’t have the budget for big-ticket baby gear and need to choose wisely.

Price Around $99.99

Check Current Price on Here

The Little Baby Rocker Sleeper That Can Do a Lot

Graco Little Lounger Rocking Seat Plus Vibrating Lounger

Parents love the flexibility of Graco Little Lounger rocker sleeper and how portable, versatile, easy to use it is and to move the around the house.

Perfect rocker sleeper next to parents bed or daytime resting place for months of use. It allows them to have their LO with them when they are busy doing something else, be it cooking for the family, watching their favorite show on TV. Or next to the family bed and being able to rock, comfort and soothe the baby when needed. Or just to keep a close eye on the precious one.

It is two pieces of gear in one. First, it is a rocking bassinet that provides a comfy place for your baby to snooze. And stationery vibrating infant seat.

Comfortable: The insert where the baby lays is lined with soft material. The surface is firm but comfortable for safe sleeping. Some parents find it thin padded, but babies shouldn’t be sleeping on a lot of padding. For most this wasn’t a problem, those who felt that their baby needed a bit more padding, use a receiving blanket and it worked perfectly for them. The sides are made from breathable mesh for good ventilation.

Multi-position recline: With the multi-position recline, whether your baby wants to sleep or play you can always find perfect positions to please your baby. You can lay it nearly flat or in an upright position. Some babies like to sleep on a flat surface; some prefer a slight incline. It’s great to have these options to be able to find just the right position for your baby’s comfort or if you have a baby with reflux.

Rocking: It does not rock automatically. You can rock it back and forth manually to lull your baby to sleep, or it will rock if the baby kicks their feet enough to move it.

You can rock it when the seat is flat or when inclined. Once your baby is sleeping, you can stop the Little Lounger from rocking by snapping down the rock locks on the front and back and convert it to a stationary bassinet. Parents enjoy this feature. Or you can lock it while in furthest incline turn on the vibration and convert it to a soothing infant seat. It’s really up to you how you want to use it. So plenty of choices to please your LO 🙂

Vibrating seat: It also comes with an attachable vibrator with two, low and high-intensity levels to soothe the baby. The vibrator can be used on any incline level. It doesn’t have a timer or auto shut off feature. So you’ll have to remember to turn it ON or OFF manually. Both the vibrating feature and the switch are very quiet and won’t wake sleeping baby.

Safe: To keep your LO snug and secure it has an adjustable three-point harness. The harness is not removable. And as mentioned above it has rock locks that come handy if you have older siblings or pets.

Toy bar: For fun and entertainment it comes with a removable toy bar. It snaps on and off easily. The two toys, it comes with are attached with velcro are removable or you can easily attach other toys to make it more exciting.

Portable and easy to use: Aside from knowing that their baby is comfortable and safe, parents love how compact and how easy to use it is.

This rock and play sleeper is small and compact. Perfect for those who live in a small home or an apartment, a fantastic space saver. No matter if you live in a small or big house it is super lightweight and easy to move around the house to keep an eye on your baby while you’re busy doing something else. You can set it up in your nursery or next to your bed and move it to the living room or kitchen in no time at all.

Super easy to fold and unfold, you can do that with a squeeze of a button. Which is ideal for storage or those who travel often be it vacations, grandparents house or holidays to have a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep or rest. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a storage bag. Other than that, it is great.

Care: The insert the baby lays on is removable and machine washable and air dries super fast. The rest of the sleeper can be wiped off with mild soap and cloth.

Weight limit: You can use it from newborn to up to 30 pounds.

Assembly: There aren’t too many parts to assemble, so it shouldn’t take longer than 20-30 min the most.

Overall well designed, folds down, portable, rocks and vibrates. Multi-functional, sturdy and easy to move from room to room and travel. A great piece of baby gear and will be a great addition not only to your baby nursery but anywhere in your house.

PLEASE NOTE The product has been recalled, is no longer available. If you’re looking for a safe alternative please check Baby Delight. It’s a great safe alternative and meets all safety standards. It costs around $89.99.

Check Current Price on Here

Hands-Free Auto Rock n Play Sleeper. Perfect For Co-Sleeping, Naps and Play

Fisher-Price Auto Rock n Play Sleeper

When it comes to selecting a rock and play sleeper parents often ask, ‘does it rock automatically ?’ … so mom can finally rest her arms and get well-deserved break 🙂 or do some household chores 🙁 and still, have the precious one in sight rocking in it. Well, Fisher-Price Auto Rock n Play Sleeper does.

Very versatile, perfect for naps or playtime during the day, great for co-sleeping next to the family bed. The auto-rocking feature will come handy when your LO wants to be rocked and held in the middle of the night. It will rock the baby for you, so mom and dad can get some much needed good night’s sleep. Some call it a ‘sanity saver.’ The built-in music and rocking motion will quiet down quickly even a fussy baby.

Also, a great alternative to a bassinet or you can use it as an infant swing, so it’s like having 2 products in one. The sleeper is compact and lightweight, easy to move between rooms or to travel with to take it to friends and a family house.

Seat: There are no seat settings, it only has one position and it’s on a slight incline which is perfect for babies because they don’t like to sleep on a flat surface anyway. Baby can both sleep and play while in it. The incline will work well for babies with reflux or those who spit up while napping, so you don’t have to worry about them choking.

The fabric is soft for the baby to feels cozy. It has breathable mesh sides. It’s comfortable, and there is plenty of room for the baby even your newborn is swaddled. It comes with a supportive plastic insert for the baby to lay on.

Vibrating attachment: This version does NOT have a vibrate mode. The non-auto version does, see our notes below.

Rocking motion: The auto rocking motion is the best selling feature of this Rock n Play Sleeper. It rocks automatically, or you can rock it manually in case it’s out of reach of a power outlet.

The auto rocking is powered by AC adaptor (included) and needs to be plugin into a power outlet. It does not work or require any batteries.

It has two rocking speeds and a timer. 30 minutes and 6 hours, so you can use it at night and don’t have to worry about getting up at night to turn it back ON or OFF.

It does make some ‘noise’ but very tolerable, a bit louder than a vibrating cell phone or similar to a rotating floor fan.

The rocking motion is very smooth and rocks very well on all types of floors, be it hardwood, carpet or plush carpet.

Mobile toys: Instead of mobile toys it has ring toys that are easily removable.

Music: It comes with 12 songs, 3 sound effects and volume control to help you soothe your LO. The music and sounds will time out after approximately 30 min.

Safe: very well built and sturdy. It has breathable mesh sides, and the three-point restraint will keep the baby secure.

Portable: Another great feature is its portability. Very easy to fold or unfold with just one button to push. Doesn’t take a lot of space and is lite to move between rooms. The AC adaptor comes with cord management, so the cord wraps around the auto-rock unit which is perfect for storage or travel.

Care: Easy to take care of. The padding is removable and machine washable. Many parents use a waterproof liner to protect it from diaper leaks. Summer Infant Waterproof Multi-Use Pad works great with this rocker, they are very inexpensive and have excellent ratings. Click here for more info.

Age range, weight limit: Up to 25 lb which is around the 6 months mark.

Assembly: Incredibly easy to assemble, it shouldn’t take more than 15 min.

Overall excellent rock n play sleeper. Very versatile too. Works well during day time to have the baby close to you while you’re busy doing something else, co-sleeper or portable bassinet at night, you can even use it as swing too. It will keep both, the baby and mom and dad happy.

PLEASE NOTE: The product has been recalled and is no longer available. Fisher-Price Rock n Play is a great sale alternative that meets all safety standards. It costs around $67.99.

Check Current Price on Here

Baby Rocker Sleeper That Puts Both, Parents and Baby To Sleep

Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper

Ingenuity Moonlight rock and play sleeper is another excellent choice that is a compact, comfortable and multi-functional. It has a soft fabric, mesh on the sides for good air circulation and breathability, comes apart quickly, easy to wash and it’s lightweight. It has a perfect height that allows you to sit on a couch for a bottle-feeding or use it as a co-sleeper next to your bed at night and reach over and gently rock your baby back to sleep if needed.

Plus it has a soft rocking motion, all of the bells and whistles that you could want like light, sound, vibration, rocking, and cuddling. The colors and design are beautiful too.

Seat: the recline of the seat is not adjustable, it has fixed, slight incline, so the baby is not laying completely flat, it is designed to re-create ‘in the womb’ like position. Which is the best sleep position for a baby or following feedings or a baby with acid reflux. The slight incline works very well for both the baby, as they love it and parents too because they can have good night sleep knowing that their LO is comfortable. You just have to make sure that the baby is strapped in because if it moves or kicks a lot, it may slide down a bit.

The sides are breathable in case the baby turns their head and provide good airflow. The seat is comfortable, and there is plenty of room for the baby to stretch out.

Vibrating attachment: Comes with a removable vibration unit to help your little one sleep well. Just keep in mind that once it is turn on, it doesn’t shut off automatically, you have to remember to turn it off manually. For the vibe unit, you will need 1 C battery (not included)

Rocking motion: it has a very smooth rocking motion. And when your baby grows stronger and starts to kick it will rock itself. It doesn’t rock automatically.

Mobile toy bar: TThe mobile is loaded with great features. It has music, star projection, and 2 plush toys.

The Star Shine projection displays soft starlight show and the moon onto the ceiling and walls to lull your baby to sleep which you can turn on and off as you want. Apparently, it has a calming effect on the baby and parents too and puts both of them to sleep.

Comes with eight melodies and three nature sounds, there’s three setting volume control for the music and nature sounds so you can keep the ‘noise’ level where you want it.

Both the projector and music have a timer and require 3AA batteries (not included)

The mobile doesn’t spin or rotate, but it swings away for easy access to baby. You can slide it on aside, or you can take it off completely.

Safe: Very sturdy and the 3 point harness will keep the baby secure. The mesh siding will allow the baby to breathe in the event they turn their face and wiggle their way to the side. BPA Free.

Portable: This model does fold flat for storage or travel. To fold it, you have to take the legs apart which is very easy to do. There is a Deluxe version that folds flat without taking it apart. See the notes below.

Super lightweight and easy to move between rooms or to take with to grandma’s house, so your LO has his place to sleep.

It doesn’t come with a bag for travel or to store it.

Care: Easy to wash and take care of. You can simply wipe it down or for a good cleaning, the seat pad is completely removable and washable including the headrest can be easily removed and tossed in the washing machine with other baby’s laundry. Perfect for diaper blowouts which will inevitably happen.

Age Range: From newborn to about 5 months or 20 lbs.

Assembly: This is one of the easiest products to assemble. Everything snaps together easily, and it takes 5 – 10 minutes the most.

Overall excellent baby rocker sleeper. A perfect option for a newborn who isn’t ready to sleep in a crib or for parents who’d love to have their baby beside their bed or need a portable place for sleep or rest. You can have it virtually in every room of your house, so the LO hangs around with mom or dad or both while they are busy doing something else.

PLEASE NOTE: The product has been recalled and is no longer available. Ingenuity is a great safe alternative that meets all safety standards. It costs around $139.99.

Check Current Price on Here

Versatile Rocker Sleeper That Will Last From Infant To Toddler

Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker

Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler rocker sleeper is very versatile and will grow with your baby, so you don’t have to worry about buying another one after 6 months or so.

It has adjustable back and height. You can lock the rocking feature to change it to a stationary seat. The built-in vibration and toy bar will keep the baby happy. Lightweight and easy to move around the house. Folds easily for storage or travel.

Seat: The fabric is soft, and the seat is spacious and comfortable. Under the seat cushion, there is a built-in board that provides excellent support for baby’s back, so their back is straight, not drooping whether they are sitting or laying down in it.

The back of the rocker has two levels of recline plus the back legs height is adjustable too (2 settings) so baby can be more reclined, or sit more upright. The versatile seat angles let you find the perfect level of comfort for your LO and adjust it as your baby grows.

Infant-to-Toddler Rocker from Fisher-Price Recline

Adjustable back and adjustable back legs height.

Changing the settings is quite simple, there are two buttons to press to lift the legs up.

Rocking: It does not rock automatically, it’s a manual rocker, it rocks very gently, and when the baby kicks and moves their arms they’ll rock themselves.

With kickstands on front and back legs, you can easily convert it from a baby rocker to a stationary seat. Perfect for bottle feeding as the baby stays in one place. You can use the rocking feature or lock it to stationary at any stage as your baby matures.

Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker Converts from rocking to a stationery seat

Converts from rocking to a stationary seat

Vibrate: The seat has a built-in vibration feature. For many parents, it’s a huge plus as it allows them to calm even a fussy baby. It’s very basic but better than nothing; it has one setting only, and it doesn’t shut off automatically. You have to remember to turn it off. For the vibration feature, you’ll need 1 D battery (not included).

Music:  There is no music feature.

Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker Portable

Folds for storage or travel

Toy bar: The toy bar comes with a couple of colorful toys. In most cases, they will grab baby’s attention and stimulate their visual senses. If the baby gets bored, as we all know, some have short and some longer attention span, you can always switch things around and add some extra toys to keep them busy.

The toy bar swings out easily if you need to take the baby out without removing it or can be removed if you want to.

Safe: Although it is made of plastic the product is strong, sturdy and durable. The 3 point harness will keep the baby secure.

Portable: It’s lightweight and easy to move around from room to room. It does fold, not completely flat, flat enough to store in a closet or for travel. To fold it, all you need to do is to press buttons on the back legs and fold them.

Care: The pad is removable and machine washable. The frame, toy bar, and toys can be wiped clean using a mild soap and a damp cloth.

Weight recommendations: From newborn until 40 pounds.

Assembly: Very easy to set it up. There are like 5 parts to put together and 4 screws. You will need Phillips screwdriver for the screws. You should be done in 10 – 15 minutes max.

Overall: Although this rocker is not the best choice if you want to use it for overnight sleeping but if you need something for daytime napping and play this is a great, inexpensive, very versatile baby rocker that can be used for many years.

Price Around $79.99

Check Current Price on Here

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