Top Baby Monitors for 2020

For many parents having the best baby monitor offers peace of mind. It’s really comforting to know what’s going on with your baby without having to be physically in their room. It gives parents sense of security. But choosing the right one could mean the difference between true comfort and false sense of security.

WiFi baby monitors: Unlike traditional monitor a WiFi baby monitor allows you to stay connected with your family from anywhere. Simply connect it to your WiFi network or use your mobile data plan and you can live stream your baby’s nursery to your iphone, android, tablet, PC or laptop (windows or iOS). Another great advantage of WiFi baby monitor is that you don’t have to worry about signal strength or range. They are great for parents on the go.

Traditional Baby Monitors are great too, they come with similar features like pan/tilt, zoom, night vision and two way audio. They cost less however their biggest limitation is rage. You can only use it around your home.

Here are some key factors you should consider before buying one.

Pan tilt and zoom are also important. Whether you need it or not, it depends on the size of your nursery. If your baby room is large, remote pan/tilt is useful. With a touch of a button you can see every corner of your nursery.

Night-vision allows you to see your baby at night. The quality of the image will depend on price.

Signal strength (traditional baby monitors only). It indicates how far you can travel with the monitoring unit and still receive an accurate audio and video signal. It is important if you have a large home or plan to monitor your child outside of your home.

Below you’find reviews and ratings of best baby traditional video monitors.

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Best Selling Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical Lens

Infant Optics is one of the best selling and highly rated baby monitor on the market. There is a reason for that. It has ALMOST all the features a parent would want from a baby monitor. The best thing about this monitor are interchangeable optical lens. They allow you to select a perfect view of your nursery and more importantly adjust it as your baby grows.
Infant Optics Video Baby MonitorIt comes with normal, zoom and wide angle lens is sold separately (for about $10.00 – $15.00)

Normal lenses are perfect when your baby is still small, wish to have closer look at your little one, simply switch to zoom lenses. As your baby grows put on the wide lenses for a full nursery overview.

No matter what lens you use video is streamed in real-time to a big 3.5″ LCD color display providing you with a crystal clear image, the best on the market.

Packed with advanced features for your convenience. Perfect picture during the day and at night. Infrared night vision. Perfect signal. You can control the camera through the remote. It has tilt/pan function, talk-back function, room temperature sensor just to mention a few.

Key Features

Infant Optics DXR 8 Viewing Features

This in not just a monitor that you’ll put away once your baby starts to move around your house. It is an investment that will grow with your child allowing you to adjust it and see more as they grow. Use the close-up lens for intimate vision of your infant, and swap for a wide-angle lens when your child becomes more mobile to provide a full view of your child’s activity.

Video Quality:

DXR-8 Video Monitor

Excellent Video Quality

The 3.5″ Color LCD screen is big and has a very clear picture. One of the best on the market. The night vision is excellent and not grainy. You can actually see if the baby’s eyes are open or closed in the night vision. It detects when there is not enough light and switches automatically to night vision.

Night vision is in black and white and when there is light you can see your baby in color.

You can have it ON all the time or set the display for 3 minutes or 5 minutes ON or OFF or you can turn the screen OFF and still hear sound. A great feature to keep your room dark while sleeping.

However, the monitor is NOT voice activated (VOX) and will not turn ON when the child moves or makes a noise. While in ‘sleep mode’ you can hear the sound and if there is any noise you’ll have to turn on the monitor manually to see what is going on.

Adjustable screen brightness (8 levels)

On screen LED sound level indicator shows the sound level in your baby room.

The monitoring unit has on the back a flip-out stand which makes it easy to place on a nightstand or clip on a belt.

Audio Quality:

Crystal clear and incredibly accurate sound. 2.4GHz FHSS provides clear, reliable transmission, and built-in data encryption for added security. Talk-back feature allows for two-way audio communication with your little one.

Volume is adjustable and has a good range. (8 levels)


You can place the camera on a desk or mount it on a wall. It comes with a wall anchor and screws.

It has tilt/pan function. It will turn 360 and tilt 180 degrees. No matter which lens you’re using you do have the ability to scan and see the whole room you’re monitoring. With the 180 tilt you can see every corner of the room. It comes handy  when you’ve got a little one that likes to roll around and disappear from camera view.

You can zoom it 1x or 2x with the normal lens. For better zoom you’d have put on the zoom lens included in the set. Many parents are using the zoom lens for night time monitoring as it gives them a closer view of their baby.

The camera is very quiet when you use the pan/tilt feature. It will not disturb your baby or interrupt their sleep.

The LED night vision lights are not detectable by the human eye and will not distract your baby. They will appear dark in the room.

The LED works very well even in a pitch dark room. With the LED night vision you will be able clearly see anything  that is 10-15 feet away from the camera. You can use the zoom lens which is included if you wish to have a closer view.

Please note, the camera does NOT have a battery backup in case of a power outage. It needs to be plugged in to an AC outlet at all times.

Expandable up to 4 cameras with scan mode. If you have multiple cameras it will automatically cycle through cameras at 12-second intervals, providing continuous video and audio surveillance.

However, while in scan mode, it will not stop scanning when child makes a noise and show that room only. It keeps scanning. You’ll have to stop the scan and manually check which room the noise is coming from.

Range/Signal Strength:

Retractable antenna provides 700 feet range in unobstructed conditions. Great for big or 2-3 stories houses. It passes though  2-3 walls with almost full signal.

Battery Life:

10 hours in power-saving mode, 6 hours with the display screen constantly on. It has sleep mode to conserve power.

It has dual charger. You can charge the monitoring unite from either USB or an AC outlet. AC charger and USB cables are included.

Set Up:

Super easy to set up. It’ll be up and running within  a matter of minutes.


It s WIFI independent. Secure and not susceptible to hacking or privacy issues. It will not interfere with your wifi. However, for best reception the camera and monitor must be at least 3 feet away from your wifi-operating devices e.g. router, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Extra features:

It has alarm function, useful but not flexible, the settings are limited to go on every 2, 4 or 6 hours. Out-of range warning and low battery warning are good. It has temperature indicator BUT it won’t alert you if it gets too hot or too cold. You’d have to keep an eye on it to make sure that your child is comfortable.

It is portable, no router needed. You can take it with you if you travel a lot. And if you forget the AC charger, which happens a lot,you can always charge the monitoring unit via USB port.


  • Interchangable lenses
  • One of the best image resolutions
  • Great night view
  • Good sound quality
  • Temperature indicator
  • Camera moves around in all directions, extremely flexible
  • Range coverage around the house is very good
  • Easy to operate
  • Zoom feature
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Amazing customer service


  • Battery could last a little longer
  • Does not have VOX capabilities
  • Camera does NOT have a battery backup in case of a power outage


The single best feature of this baby monitor are interchangeable optical lenses. You can use one lens for the crib when your baby is small, if you want to a have a closer look you can switch to the zoom lens that comes with it.

As your child grows and starts to move around simply switch to wide angle lens which is sold separately for around $10.00 – $15.00 to have a complete overview of your nursery or baby room.

Moreover, no matter which lens you use, you can still use the pan and tilt feature to see what’s going on in your baby room.

The zoom, 1x and 2 x and ability to move the camera around silently around the room is amazing.

It has almost all the features a parent would want from a baby monitor. Easy to setup easy to use.

One of the complaints regarding this monitor was the loud beeping sound the unit would make on alerts. That was an issue in earlier versions. Since March 2014 amazon is selling a units which have the option to disarm the beeping altogether. So this is no longer an issue. It’s up to you if you want the sound alerts on or off.

The build quality is excellent and definitely worth the price. Vast majority of parents are extremely happy with this product and would definitely recommend it to others whom are searching for a monitor that will meet their needs not only when their baby is small but as well as they grow up. A great investment in your child’s security.

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2 Camera Baby Video Monitor with Photo, Video SD Recording and More….


Levana Ovia is a great alternative to Infant Optics. For almost the same price it comes with 2 cameras. Expandable to 4. Which is great if you have a large or multi-story house or would like to monitor more than one child. It has most of the features parents would want in a baby monitor. You’ll love the 4.3″ big screen. The picture at this price range is very clear in day or night vision but don’t expect HD.

It has Two Way talk with good sound quality. Pan and Tilt gives you almost 360 degree view of your room or nursery. One of the cool features is the ability to record videos to SD card ( it comes with the monitor) and take pictures to save those precious moments. Plus many more…..

So let’s take a closer look and demystify at all the features it has to offer:

MONITOR/PARENTAL UNIT: As a parent, ideally you’d want a monitor that gives you very clear view of the area you want to monitor be it your child’s nursery or toddler room. And Levana Ovia won’t let you down. With the  4.3″ LCD screen you’ll be able to see the finest detail like whether the eyes are open or closed. The screen is easy to look at and the colors are very realistic.

Just keep in mind that ‘out of the box’ the default setting of the screen are on the highest energy savings setting, so you may get an impression that quality it’s that good. But when you play with settings or set it to full brightness, you’ll see how awesome the screen is.

Levana Ovia Settings

The controls are easy to use and navigate. The intuitive touch panel controls let you customize your monitor in seconds. Moreover, with the slider switch on the side you can ‘lockout’ the controls to prevent accidental triggering. If you use it, just remember to unlock it before using other monitor functions and powering off.

It has a kickstand so you can place it on any counter or next to your bed. The antenna also folds out for extra convenience so you can take it with you anywhere. Even with the antenna folded in the reception doesn’t change, which is another plus.

Expandable to 4 cameras and has split screen view,  you can view both cameras (or 4 ) simultaneously so you don’t have to toggle back and forth between cameras or you can view just one camera. It has also a Scan View between cameras every 12 seconds.

LULLABIES: It comes with 3 built in remote controlled lullabies. You can can choose any song and turn it ON or OFF remotely. You can not customized them or add extra. So this feature is pretty basic. It is a nice add on but not a deal breaker. When choosing a baby monitor, lullabies are the last on parents list of must have features.

Levana Ovia Sensitivity Settings

Levana Ovia Sensitivity Settings

PEEP Mode: When in PEEP Mode to save battery life after 60 seconds of inactivity, monitor enters standby/sleep mode. When sound is detected, the screen changes to live view. If you have multiple cameras, the PEEP Mode works with one of them only. You have manually select which camera should be in PEEP Mode.

You can also adjust the sensitivity level, so your baby won’t wake you up when they just let’s say …. stretching 🙂

PAN & TILT / ZOOM: Pan and tilt on the camera is great. You can adjust the viewing angle from the monitor 270° degrees horizontal and 110° degrees vertical from the center position. The camera does make a very small noise when tilting or panning but it will not wake your baby up.

The zoom (2x) is great too and actually zooms instead of just digitally making the picture bigger.

RECORDING VIDEOS AND TAKING PICTURES is one of the coolest feature that allows you to capture those priceless/funny moments of your baby you don’t want to miss. It comes with 32gb micro SD card. Which gives you about 4 hours of storage of 640×480 video.

Levana Ovia Front ViewCAMERA: The cameras looks pretty neat. You can place it on a table, shelf or mount it on a wall. It is really quiet to turn around the room and won’t disturb the baby at all. Easy to manipulate too. It has 860×480 resolution and delivers images of very good clarity.

NIGHT VISION: It switches to night vision automatically when it gets dark enough. The infrared lights are invisible, so won’t distract and there no lights shining on your baby at night.

The images in the dark are very clear and not grainy like some of the other monitors.

The range of the night vision up to 15 feet away from the unit.

INTERCOM: You can talk to your baby to ‘soothe’ them or if your toddler is acting up after bed time, it takes the push of a button to speak with them to get them to calm down rather than going in.

The sound is much better than most parents expected, a nice surprise 🙂 Watch the video below to see the intercom feature in action.

Please note: Placing the monitor too close to your mouth will create feedback. You need to keep monitor at least 6 inches from your mouth to ensure good sound quality

RANGE: The maximum range is 750 ft. Even if you have a two story house you shouldn’t have any reception issues and get perfect audio/video from everywhere in your house and in the front and backyard.

BATTERY LIFE: The battery life will depend on how you use it. Here is what to expect depending on usage:

Battery Life (video + audio on) 5 hours
Battery Life (LCD off) 6.5 hours
Battery Life (PEEP Mode) 12-24 hours

Overall the battery life is good if you remember to charge it, parents often keep the monitor plugged in at night to make sure that it is ready for the next day. There is a low battery indicator to remind you that it needs to be recharged.

Please note: Fully charge battery is 4 hours (out of the box) before first use.
To maximize battery life, you need to charge the battery before battery is fully drained.

LEVANA Ovia Charging Cradle

Popular ADD ON: LEVANA Ovia Charging Cradle Includes Extra Back-up Battery

A lot of parents buy the LEVANA Ovia Charging Cradle which comes with extra back-up battery. With it you can dock, charge and use your monitor at the same time. You can buy it on amazon.

SETUP: The setup is quick and easy. It takes about 5-10 min to set it up and figure out the features.

SECURE: The secure ClearVu digital signal makes the unit reliable and safe. And you don’t have to worry about signal loss, wireless interference or somebody intercepting your baby monitor signal.

It does NOT have movement detection and doesn’t have room temperature monitoring feature.  

OVERALL: All in all most customers are extremely happy with the value and quality of this baby monitor. It does exactly what what it supposed to do, monitor your child and  more importantly wake you up when your baby needs something. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fair-priced, good quality and nicely designed or a dual camera baby video monitor. Some call it a ‘little peace of mind’. Knowing that your child is safe in their room playing or sleeping you can spend more time on yourself like painting your nails, read a book or watch a TV show 🙂 while keeping an eye on the monitor.

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Baby Monitor with Tilt, Pan, Zoom and Long Battery Life

Levana Astra 3.5″  is another quality affordable baby monitor with slightly different features. What makes this monitor standout is its long battery life along with pan/tilt and zoom features. 10 hours of continuous power with continuous audio/video usage. Extended the battery life up to 48 hours with saving PEEP mode. Ideal for parents who need a reliable monitor without the need of recharging it every few hours.
Levana Sophia 3.5 Digital Video Baby MonitorNice 3.5″  bigger screen, great battery life, range,  remote pan/tilt/, zoom feature, night vision and two-way communication. Lets take a closer look at what Levana Astra 3.5″ has to offer.


Great picture quality day and night. In color with regular light and back and white in night vision mode. Nice 3.5″ size screen.


Audio quality is average. It has two-way communication so your child can hear your voice and know that you’re close by. 4 volume settings (not including silent mode).

Levana Astra 3.5 Pan Tilt and Zoom Features

Levana Astra 3.5 Pan Tilt and Zoom Features


See your entire nursery with remote controlled full range pan/tilt/zoom. Wall-mountable camera. 300 degrees horizontal and 110 degrees vertical. The pan and tilt feature is smooth. It moves without making a sound. You children or child won’t even notice it when they aren’t asleep.

The camera can be easily removed and taken anywhere. It has invisible LED night-vision so you child won’t be disturbed.

The LED feature will alert you when your baby starts to cry, the light on the video screen turns from blue, to a flashing orange and green . The menu allows you to select sensitivity levels, so a random noise won’t activate the LED indicator lights. It will help you  to sleep peacefully without being distracted by every little noise in you nursery.

Plus the video screen turns on when crying starts, if its turned off. You can calm the baby down by talking into the view screen, which transmits your voice over the video camera’s built in speaker.

Expandable up to 4 cameras. If you add extra camera it has scan feature that cycles between each camera.

On the downside the camera needs to be plugin to AC power supply. It doesn’t NOT have a battery back in case of power outage.

Signal strength:

750 feet range when signal is passing through walls or floors. 12 feet night vision.

Battery Life:

Rechargeable battery of 10 hours of continuous power with continuous audio/video usage. You can extend the battery life up to 48 hours with saving PEEP mode.

Set Up:

Very user friendly and easy to set up. The instructions are easy to read. Portable. The size is great, it is pretty small and compact, making it easy to carry around, or use on a counter.


Private, secure Clear Vu® digital signal ensures that no one but you can view. No worries about others leeching in on your signal and seeing what your baby is doing. In will not interference with your WIFI network.

Extra features:

It comes with 3 soothing lullabies that can be remotely activated and changed with your parent unit. It’s nice to have feature but not a necessity. And you should not be making a buy decision on this factor.

Lifetime support. It has panic button on the screen, which gives you Levana’s 800 number, and website, so you don’t have to go looking for the instruction manual.


  • Adjusting the Camera Angle (Pan/Tilt)
  • Digital zoom
  • Big display screen makes it easy to see baby from across the room
  • Good picture quality
  • Good Range
  • Long battery life
  • Light-up ring changes colors with how loud baby gets, so you could actually mute the monitor if you wanted and still know when baby is awake
  • Screen can be turned off without turning off the entire receiver which is great for at night
  • Moving the camera around does not wake up baby


  • The camera cord maybe too short if you want to mount the camera high up like ceiling in the nursery
  • Camera doesn’t have battery backup.
  • Zoom seems to be pixled on night vision mode
  • You can NOT use the pan feature while zoomed in
  • No room temperature feature ( see note below)
  • Sound sometimes is muffled


With all the features, ease of use, excellent day, night vision and transmission range, this is good baby monitor. You can see and hear baby clearly. Good battery life too. Parents love the pan-tilt feature which allows them if placed in the corner to see their entire nursery.

However some have mentioned that when speaking to the baby the sounds is sometimes slightly crackly, but it wasn’t a really big deal. Also there were few complaints that the unit may randomly disconnect from the camera. This may be caused by interfere from other electronic devices like microwave ovens in use being at close range.

All in all with all the features, ease of use, excellent night vision and transmission range it is reasonable priced baby video monitor. Its well worth the money spent.

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Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Monitoring and Long Battery Life

Levana Ayden Digital Video Baby Monitor

In terms of features and performance Levana Ayden is very similar to Astra. Aside from large 3.5″ viewing screen, long battery life, good video quality, night vision 2 way talking and lullabies it offers room temperature monitoring. In addition the camera is battery operable. It takes 4 x AAA (not included) batteries. While powered by batteries it will work for about for about 6-7 hours should electricity turn off to maintain peace of mind that your baby is still sleeping peacefully.

The parent unit has large 3.5″ viewing screen with 320×240 resolution. It’s good enough to see all the details that you need to see but don’t expect HD like quality. It has adjustable brightness and 2 x digital zoom.

Expandable to 4 cameras. You can manually switch between cameras or you can use the auto scan feature. When scan view is selected, it will scan each camera every 8 seconds, (each camera view will appear for 6 seconds). It doesn’t have no quad view, so you can only see one camera on the screen.

The parent unit is portable and easy to carry around the house. Take it with you anywhere you want, place it, on be it a kitchen table while cooking dinner and see your LO sleeping peacefully.

Levana Ayden Digital Video Baby Monitor Night Vision

Build-in alert:

It has voice activation alert. When you put the monitor in PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) mode  the system goes into hibernation mode when sounds are not detected for 1 minute. The second your child starts to cry or make noise, the camera and the monitor will turn on so you can see and hear exactly what is going on. You can adjust the sensitivity level to fit your needs. This is great to have a good night sleep knowing that you’ll be alerted if your baby cries and need your help.

While in PEEP mode, the screen is turned OFF and it’s really quiet (no white or static noise ) so it will not disturb you if you have the monitor next to your bed at night. You can turn the peep mode ON and OFF. Also you can turn the sound alert off as well, so if there is a noise in the nursery only screen will turn on.

It doesn’t have motion detection.

Levana Ayden Digital Video Baby Monitor Night Light

It has build-in a night light as well


Camera has day and night vision. Day in color, night, black and white. It will automatically switch to night vision if there is not enough light in the room. Night vision sensors are invisible so they won’t disturb your child.  The night vision works up to 15 ft.

It is a static camera, meaning that you can NOT move/tilt the camera from the parental unit. You have to do it manually. However, while in “zoom mode” you are able to move around within the view range of the static image. But again, you are NOT able to adjust what is in view remotely, you must physically move the camera to change what can be seen.

It has room temperature sensor as well, the temperature is displayed on the parent unit either in your choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius.

As an added bonus it has build-in a gentle night light as well. Great if your child likes a little bit of light in their room. The night light can be turn ON and OFF remotely from the parent unit.

You can not clip the camera to a crib. You can either placed on a table/shelf or mount it on a wall, mounting brackets and screws are included.

For everyday use, the camera has to be plug-in. However, it has battery back up (4 x AAA not included), so in case the power is OFF you can still monitor your child. While powered by batteries it lasts about 6-7 hours. Again, the battery option is intended as a backup, not for everyday use.

Talk to Baby:

Another great feature is the Talk to Baby 2-way communication. This allows you to hear every giggle, sigh and whimper AND talk back to your child through the parent unit. The volume is adjustable and the quality of sound is good too.


There are 3 different songs you can play for your baby. so if they wake up and need a little soothing, you can select which song you want to play remotely from the parent unit with the simple push of a button.


The manufacturer  claims that the maximum range in clear line is 750 feet, optimum 200 feet. This doesn’t tell you a lot, most parents want to know how it will perform in indoor and/or if they take the monitor outside let’s say to backyard and still be able their child.

So, for indoor use the Levana Ayden actually performs very well, you can monitor your child in 2 story town-home from downstairs with the baby room being upstairs or a large  5,000 sq. ft home. The signal easily goes through 5 walls which allow you to take the monitor outside to the backyard and it should work great too.

Battery life:

It comes with rechargeable battery and a charger. The parent unit has a 48 hour battery life when in energy saving Peep mode which turns on with sound activation. 8 hour of battery life when used with screen and audio on. Which is great for parents who need reliable monitor without recharging is every few hours.

It has low battery indicator, both, sound and visual.


It uses a ClearVu® Digital Signal which is private and secure, meaning that no one else can hacked into it and/or view the camera. It does NOT interfere with Wi-Fi, wireless security system or anything that uses the internet for example Netflix.

It is not WiFi capable. It uses its own 2.4 GHz frequency internal signal.

Ease of use and set up:

The instructions are written and pictorial and easy to follow. The controls are easy to navigate, as you select them they show up on the screen so you can easy select the option you want.

What’s in the box:

Levana Ayden 3.5 Digital Video Baby Monitor In Box

The camera, monitor, rechargeable batteries, 2 power adapters, cords, mounting bracket, 1 year warranty, and lifetime customer support.


Except for the fact that it is a static camera and you can not pan and tilt it from the parent unit it is a very good baby monitor. It has all the features parents are looking for in a baby monitor. Sound alert, temperature monitor, 2 way talk, zoom, and a large LCD screen. The nightlight and lullabies are the icing on the cake. With long battery life and good range this could easily become your favorite monitor to watch and soothe your baby.

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Inexpensive Baby Monitor with Big 3.5″ LCD Screen

Foscam FBM3501 is another great baby monitor. Loaded with features you’d normally find in more expensive models. Perfect for parents who want all the bells and whistles at good price.
Foscam Video Baby Monitor

Comes with big  3.5″ LCD display. Remote control Pan/Tilt and Zoom. Two-way Audio, room temperature monitoring and a kickstand/ belt-clip.

Day time picture is amazing. The zoom is awesome. And the night vision is clear. The pan, tilt, temperature is neat.

It has an accurate temperature reading with low and high alarm settings. If the room is too hot or too cold it will alert you. The food timer is great feature too for those parents who like to setup a feeding schedule. If you feed your baby every 2-3 hours it will remind you. Easy to use and set up.

Key Features

Video Quality:

Nice 3.5″ high quality color LCD display. Night vision on this camera is great! You’ll be able to see it details if your baby is awake, sleeping, cries or moves.  It has great clarity and you can adjust the brightness.


Remote Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom (2x). Good viewing range. You will have 180° view with pan and tilt. The tilts up and down is about 20°

Very quiet when using Pan/Tilt, it will not interrupt your baby’s sleep.

Expendable up 4 cameras. However, if you add additional camera(s) please keep in mind that it doesn’t have scan/cycle feature like other best selling baby monitors. Monitor only shows one camera at a time. You have to manually select which camera you want to monitor.

The camera needs to be plugged in to work and does not have a battery backup in case of power outage. Monitoring unit on the other hand works both on battery and charger so it can be carried without being plugged in.

It has VOX feature. It is audio/video activated. Meaning if the monitor is muted or ‘off’ it will turn on when when there is a movement or noise in your nursery. Excellent for monitoring your child at night.

You can adjust the sensitivity of VOX  to filter out unnecessary sounds.

You can can place the camera on a table or mount it on a wall.

Despite the manufacture claims, the red LEDs on the camera ARE visible. But not to the point to interrupt your baby’s sleep.

Audio Quality:

It comes with Two-Way audio allowing you to communicate with your child through the camera.

No white noise, no static at all if there is no sound in the room. Even there is no static if the volume is up.

Adjustable sound, you can turn the volume all the way down so that you only see video. When sound is detected  a green lights will light-up on the left side of the monitor to alert you when your baby makes noise.

Range / Signal strength:

The range is pretty good when comparing to other more expensive brands. You can monitor outdoors as well 980 feet (300 meters) away from the camera without any obstructions. The distance will vary depending on how many walls the signal has to pass through. Customers are using it in a 2 story house/1900 sq/ft house (upstairs and downstairs) without any issues.

It comes with out of range indicator.

Battery Life:

The battery life could be better. Rechargeable with 4-5 hour battery life. This should’n be a problem if you don’t plan on monitoring your child for more then 5 hours without recharging it.

There is a warning when the battery is about to go out on.


It is WIFI independent and it does NOT connect to your home network. This system will not interfere with the household wireless. It uses Frequency Hopping (FHSS) technology to switch to different channels automatically and avoid interference.

Set Up:

Easy to set up, easy to use.

Extra features:


Built in temperature monitor with alert when it reaches or drops to a certain temperature.

Feeding Timer with Optional Alerts


  • Easy to set up, use
  • Pan/Tilt
  • Zoom
  • VOX
  • Range
  • Temperature monitor with alert.
  • Feeding timer
  • Good day/night video quality


  • Short battery life
  • Does not scan if you have multiple cameras


Overall it’s a good baby monitor. Probably the cheapest with the ability to pan/tilt and zoom. Customers love the good quality video, clear audio and intercom. Long range and good range of movement in both pan and tilt. They also loves that it shuts off after no noise and turns back on when it hears sound. Temperature monitor and is a nice additional feature.

The only downside is the mediocre battery life. Some customers have mentioned that the voice isn’t always clear, however this is caused by having the monitor to close to your face.

Aside from low battery life, this is a great budget baby monitor equal in quality to higher priced models. Especially for this price.

There is to a newer version of this item which has an extra feature:

  • Auto-tracking Pan/Tilt that stays with moving objects in viewing range. You can watch your baby’s movement.
  • And night vision has been enhanced by 30%
  • Battery life remains the same, about 3-4 hours

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Baby Monitor with Most Important Features at a Affordable Price

GE Wireless Color Digital Home Monitoring Camera LCD Monitor Security KitWhile this GE Wireless Home Monitoring system is not branded, packaged or marketed specifically as a baby monitor it is one of the best choices for parents to keep an eye on their child/children.

And at this price point and the features it comes with it is really a good deal.

  • Sound and motion alerts
  • Temperature display, room or outside
  • Up to 20 feet night vision
  • DVR recording to up to 32G micro SD
  • 3-1/2″ color LCD monitor
  • 2-way audio plus more

Normally you would find them in a baby monitors selling for over $100.00.


The camera can be plugged in into the wall or run on batteries (4 AA). When powered by batteries you’ll get about 4 hours of recording time. Great as a back up in case of power outage but not for every day use. For that the preferred method is to have the camera plugged in.

Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t have remote pan/tilt feature. You can pan/tilt a little bit while in ZOOM (it has 1x and 2x digital zoom) but if you really have to change the viewing angle, you’ll have to adjust the camera manually.

The camera can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table/shelf. Comes with wall plate and mounting hardware.

It has a small night light as well which you can turn on and off manually or remotely from the monitoring unit. The night light feature works only in single camera view and is not supported in quad mode (multi-screen) view.

Night vision

It has IR (infrared) illumination for night vision. It works great up to 20 feet. Night vision is in back and white (color day vision) , the image quality isn’t amazing but decent for the price. A bit grainy but clear enough to allow you to see all the details.

GE Wireless Color Digital Home Monitoring Camera Night Vision

Night Vision in 2x zoom

Monitoring unit

The monitor has high contrast 3.5″ color LCD screen with 6 brightness settings. The screen size is approximately 2″ by 2 3/4″ and outside dimensions are 3″ by 5″ . It’s small enough and easy to carry it with you around the house. Comes with a table-stand so you an place next to your bed at night or on a table.

The video quality is quite sharp for a monitor at this price but don’t expect HD. You’ll be able to clearly see what you looking at including facial details.

You can add 3 extra cameras. If you add extra cameras, you can view just one or all of them at the same time (up to 4 in total). The pictures are small when viewing 2 or 4 cameras at once on a 3.5″ LCD screen. But you will be able to see enough details to know if there is anything going on that requires your attention. And if needed you can always switch to single camera to get better view. Or you can use the sequential scan feature which displays each camera every 7-seconds.

You can buy additional camera for around $34. Click here for current price.

The monitor is powered by build-in rechargeable battery. Battery life is up to 5 hours of continuous use. Which is an average for a baby monitor. To maximize the battery life you can use it while plugged in on the tabletop charging cradle and place it next to your bed at night or on kitchen counter/table during the day.

DVR recording with Macro SD card (card is NOT included)

The system has build-in Micro SD card DVR recording capability (card is NOT included). You can use up to 32G micro SD. If you insert bigger card the system will not recognize it as a valid card. A 32G cards gives you approximately 120 hours of recording time.

There are 2 ways you can record  videos.

  • Manual Recording
  • Automatic recording with motion and/or sound detection

The auto recording can be turn on and off and is activated by motion and/or sound alerts, it will stop recording 15 seconds after sound and/or motion stops.

The maximum recording time with motion and/or sound detected by camera is 10 minutes. After that it will stop recording or the monitor will record to a new file if camera still detects motion and/or sound. The task will repeat itself indefinitely until all storage space is used unless the overwrite feature is activated. If you don’t activate the ‘overwrite’ and run out of storage space the alerts, which I’ll talk about later will still work, just the the monitor won’t record.

You can play back the videos right on the monitor or on your PC. The SD card be removed and plugged into a PC for viewing without any specialized software.

Motion, sound and temperature alerts

When it comes to alerts, this monitor rocks, I’m not sure if for this price you can find one that has: motion, sound and temperature alerts.

With the motion and/or sounds alerts you can put the monitor in standby mode and when motion and/or sound is detected by camera, the screen will automatically turn back on (along with sound) and will remain lit for about 15 seconds after the motion or sound stops. With 6 sensitivity levels for each alert you’ll be able to find perfect settings for your needs.

The auto mute function is great if you want to have the monitor next to your bed, it mutes monitor speaker until camera is activated by motion or audio (if enabled). So you can have good night sleep knowing that you’ll be alerted if your baby moves or cries. The sound volume is adjustable.

You can even monitor the temperature near the camera and activate an alarm notification as well. When the temperature range is exceeded, the temperature reading on the display will blink red continuously. Additionally, the monitor will beep twice every 60 seconds. The alarm resets automatically when the temperature returns within selected range. Functional temperature range is from -4 to 131°F or (-20 to 55°C)

All alerts can be turn on and off.

2 way audio

With the 2 way audio you can talk to your LO with a push of button. The sound quality is OK.  It evens plays lullabies (4)


The maximum range is about 400-500 ft. Nothing special here, that’s an average range for most monitors. It’s good enough for regular house.


It uses safe 2.4 ghz frequency and does not interfere with Wi-Fi.


Set up is very easy. The directions are easy to understand and it will take less than 5 min to set up. It does not require  wifi connection and it does not work smartphones.

What’s in the box?

Camera, monitor, dock station. 2 chargers, one for camera and one monitor. Mounting kit (with screws) and usb cable.


All in all a good product with cool features for the price. So if you need something functional and inexpensive to keep an eye on your LO, this monitor will do just that.

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Amazing Video Baby Monitor with Long Battery Life

Most impressive feature of Levana Jena baby monitor is long battery life (8 hours +) , Aside from that it has good video quality, day or night, 2-way intercom, VOX and room temperature monitoring.

Levana Jena baby monitor

Great battery life is the standout feature on Levana Jena. It offers excellent video quality, good night vision and range. Easy to use interface, 2-way intercom and voice activated control (VOX) make it a winner.

VOX is a great tool. When you baby awakes and starts to make sounds the video and audio pops on allowing you to see and hear your baby when they need you.

Small, light weight and easy to carry around. If you need a baby monitor working for over 8 hours with the video screen on, 2-way intercom, dependable at a great price this is a really good one. The downside is that it doesn’t have remote tilt/pan feature.

Key Features

Jena Baby Video MonitorVideo Quality:

2.4 inches LCD color screen with adjustable brightness. Night vision in black and white. The image quality in the day or nighttime is very good at price point.

It transmits 15 frames per second, so the video is fluid allowing you to see in details your baby. Parents are impressed with the video quality.

Night vision allows you to see objects up to 15 feet away from the camera in complete darkness so you can check on your baby at any time of night. The night vision will activate automatically when the light sensor on the front of the camera detects that the light levels are too low.

Jena Baby Video Monitor ZoomIt has digital 2x zoom. You can also pan left, right, up or down the image while in zoom mode. (not the camera angle)

It comes with VOX (PEEP). When in VOX (PEEP) mode, the monitor enters standby/sleep mode after 1 minute of inactivity. When sound is detected, you are alerted and the screen changes to live view. You can use the volume arrows to increase/decrease the sensitivity to sound and filter out unnecessary sounds.

Great feature for monitoring your baby at night and have a good night sleep. Knowing that if they need you, you’ll be alerted.

Jena Baby Video Monitor IntercomeAudio Quality:

One of the complaints about baby monitors is sound quality and the annoying static noise some of them make. Well, the sound quality on this one is great, with no static at all. The sound volume is adjustable as well.

It comes with Talk to Baby™ two-way communication. Parents love this feature for so many reasons. When babies are very young and you are out of the room it is hard for them to understand that you are not far away. Talk to Baby™ intercom lets you ease their worries with the sound of your voice before you even enter the room, bringing peace of mind to both parents and babies.

It’s also a handy tool for asking your partner to come and give you a hand, whether you are with the baby or not, you won’t need to yell across your home to ask for help.

To optimize the effectiveness of the Talk to Baby™ function, you need to keep the monitor at least 6-8 inches away from your mouth.

Jena Baby Video Monitor CameraCamera:

The camera is more compact than the other models and it actually has the ability to use AAA batteries to transmit in addition to the AC adapter. Nice backup to have in case of power outage.

Flexible positions. You can place it on a table or mount it on a wall.

It has 15 feet  automatic night vision. Built-in night vision allows the camera to capture a clear image of your child, even in complete darkness, from up to 15 feet away. As the room darkens, the system automatically adjusts to the level of light. The camera can be placed anywhere in your child’s room while still displaying a precise image of your baby.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have invisible night vision infrared led lights. The good news is that, the infrared lights are inside a dark plastic circle around the lens. They aren’t bright in the dark and will NOT bother your baby when it sleeps.

Jena Baby Video Monitor TiltThe camera does NOT have remote pan and tilt capability like other more expensive models. However, you can manually tilt the camera up and down to adjust the viewing angle.

Some children prefer a little light in their room when they are sleeping. Or maybe you need a little bit of light to sneak in and out of the nursery without bumping into anything. Whatever you use it for, the nightlight on the camera is one more handy little feature you can easily access from the parent unit whenever you need it.

Expandable up to 4 cameras
As your family grows or your baby becomes active you may wish to view more than just the nursery. You can add up to three additional cameras to conveniently view up other areas of your home at once.

On the downside, if you do add an extra camera(s) this model doesn’t have ‘scan feature’. Meaning, it won’t automatically scan each camera every 5 or 10 seconds. In order to see and hear what’s going on in each room you’ll have to toggle manually between each camera.

Jena Baby Video Monitor SignalRange/Signal Strength:

The maximum wireless range in line of sight is 500 feet. Customers are using it in a basement, laundry,  upstairs, downstairs, garage and on a deck and it works great. Even in a 4000 sq foot house. It has on screen signal strength indicator to alert you when you’re are out of range.


Battery Life:

At this price point, the battery life is very good. More expensive models don’t offer 8+ hour rechargeable battery.

You can stay busy for 8 hours with the video screen ON and over 12 hours in PEEP mode without stopping to recharge. The PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) mode sets your monitor screen to “sleep” when there is no sound in the nursery. The second your baby makes a peep, the monitor will activate and you will be able to see and hear exactly what is going on. Great for monitoring your baby at night, allowing you to have a good night of sleep.

Jena Baby Video Monitor Battery 2The icon in the top right corner of the main screen will show you the battery power status. When battery is low, POWER LED will flash slowly & beep. Indicating that recharging the battery will be required shortly after.

Set Up:

Setup is very easy. You’ll up and running in no time.


You do not need Wi-Fi . Private, secure ClearVu® digital wireless signal. ClearVu® technology enables you to see and hear your child with outstanding precision and clarity from up to 500ft away. Unlike analog monitors this one provides private, secure and interference-free signal. No one but you will ever be able to see or hear your baby.

Extra Features:

Jena Baby Video Monitor TemperatureNursery temperature monitoring is great feature. Parents love it. The camera includes a temperature monitor of your baby’s room. The temperature of the nursery can be shown on ‘onscreen’ in your choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius so you will always know that your baby is comfortable.


Jena Baby Video Monitor Lullabies5 Remote-controlled lullabies. If your baby love the sound of lullabies, this model comes with 5 lullabies that can be activated and remotely changed with your monitoring unit.

With the touch of a button, you can keep the music going or change the song until you find one your baby likes. You won’t have to return to the nursery and reactivate the songs over and over until your baby is ready to fall asleep. The lullaby list is as follows: 1. Twinkle Twinkle 2. Canon in D Major 3. Go to Sleep 4. Blue Danube 5. You Raise Me Up.

Lifetime Live Customer Support
Levana’s customer support team can be reached by phone, email and live web chat. Their experts will be happy to assist you in English, French and Spanish.


  • Easy setup
  • Easy to use
  • Very good battery life
  • Dependable
  • Good range
  • Good day and night vision
  • Clear sound
  • Intercom
  • Built solid enough to last
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • VOX
  • Camera can be plugged in or use AAA batteries in case of power outage
  • Lullabies if your child likes them


  • Doesn’t have remote tilt/pan function
  • Doesn’t have ‘scan’ feature if you add more cameras


A great baby monitor with lots of great features at a good price. You’ll get digital, secure video and sound monitor with a camera that has night vision, talk to baby intercom, voice activated control, plays 5 lullabies which you can activate from the monitor, night light, room temperature monitor. VOX with sensitivity options. Parents are impressed for what it does at this price point. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a quality baby monitor and don’t need remote pan/tilt feature.

Check Current Price on Here

Affordable, Simple,Portable & Compact 2.4″ Baby Monitor

If you need an inexpensive, simple baby monitor along with a wake up mode to alert you whenever the baby cries and  2-way talk feature. This one does it at an affordable price.

Levana Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor

Levana Sophia is a basic baby video monitor loaded with features without the crazy price tag.

Simple, nice, portable and compact.

Extremely easy to setup and easy to use. You’ll love the convenience of this monitor and how easily it fits on your desk or kitchen.

The base unit and the camera pair automatically with each other. Just plug your monitor and camera in and off you go. ClearVu digital signal which is private and safe and will not interfere with any other devices in your home. Lets take closer look at it.

Key Features

Levana Sophia Video Baby Monitor Key Features

Video Quality:

Levana Sophia 2.4 Actual Viewing Area

Levana Sophia 2.4 Actual Viewing Area

The video quality at this price point is surprisingly good. It has color LCD screen which measures 1 1/2″ x 2″. Resolution is 320 x 240  which is good for a baby monitor. The picture is sharp, vibrant and clear. Allowing you to clearly see in vivid details what your baby is doing.

Night Vision:

It has night vision capability with adjustable brightness. You’ll love the auto night vision. It allows you to see your baby even in the dark without a night light. Once the room is dark enough the color disappears and the picture becomes black and white, but allows you to see in the dark. And once the light is turned on it switches right back to color. The picture in night vision is good.

You can see every movement your baby makes. You’ll be able to see whether your baby is awake or not. You can even see the eye shine in night vision and know if the eyes are open or closed. I can even see the baby blink. Parents are impressed with this with this feature.

Moreover, the night vision LEDs are invisible so they will not disturb your baby.

Some parents were concerned that the 2.4″ monitor screen might be too small to see. But that turned out not to be a problem at all. The screen is good big enough and shows in details what’s going on in your baby room.

Audio Quality:

The quality of the sound is good too. Voices are crisp and clear, distortion-free. The strong audio output is one of the best features. It has a 2-way talk feature and with a touch of a button you can speak to your child through the monitor.

Sound alert volume is adjustable. If your little one is an active sleeper, this feature is especially nice. At its least sensitive setting, the monitor does not transmit the light moans and grunts, but does transmit sounds that might indicate a problem. There is visual sound bar just above the monitor screen as well that shows how loud the baby is.


Although it come with one camera, it is expandable up to 4 cameras in different location around the house if you have more than one child.

The camera can also detect movement and sound and the receiver will turn on when it picks up on either. Otherwise, it’s off, which is wonderful at night because that means you can actually sleep at night.

You can place the Camera on a tabletop or it can be mounted on the wall very easily. It requires only two screws which are included with the package.

The camera needs to be plugged. It doesn’t have battery backup just in case you lose power. However the handset is chargeable, so you can unplug it and carry it around with you.

Battery Life:

Rechargeable battery is good too. 48 hours in PEEP Mode or 6-8 hour in audio/video mode. So you can have it with you at all times. Some parents have reported that it could last as long as 2 days. But this depends on how often you will use it. You can unplug the monitor station and take it with you around the house. You can also use it plugged in as well.

You’ll love the power saving PEEP mode. Which stands for Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture. When in peep mode, the monitor screen turns off after one minute of inactivity to conserve the battery. And only “awakens” when you baby moves or makes noise.

This saves battery on the parental unit, letting a charge last for as long as 48 hours, depending upon usage and how many times the unit “wakes up”. Which conserves the battery life. You can leave it with no sound coming through until your child makes a noise.

It has low battery indicator. When the rechargeable battery is about to run out it produces a beep telling you that you need to recharge it.


The range is 500 feet. You can go around your house over 100 ft without any issues. 50 feet through four walls and you still get great reception. However, please keep in mind that night vision allows you to see up to 15 feet in complete darkness away from the camera.

WiFi independent. You won’t have to worry about someone breaking into your network, harassing your family, and invading your privacy. Your current WiFi will not be affected. It will not interfere with your internet or cell phones.

Set Up:

Set up is as simple as plug and play. You don’t need to read the instructions. You don’t have to configure anything. It’s very easy to operate.


The secure and interference-free digital signal ensures that no one but you can view. No worries about others leeching in on your signal and seeing what your baby is doing.

Extra features:

It has build in room temperature feature. Nice to have feature, specialty for those hot summer or cold winter days. It can be set to both Fahrenheit and Celsius. So you know if baby is too hot or cold.

Although it is an excellent product it has few flaws you need to be aware of.

This camera does not have remote pan & tilt  like Foscam FBM3501 Video Baby Monitor. If you want to see a different view you need to go in and move it yourself. Whether or not you really need this feature it depends on how big is your nursery and where you have your camera located. If you have the camera mounted on a wall with a very open view of the crib, it will probably not be a problem for you.

Also it doesn’t have a zoom feature. For some parents it is a must have, for others not. So it’s up to you to decide if you need it or not.

For some parents the screen seems to be relatively small. Most of the time this is okay since you really want to know if your child is awake or asleep, but there are times where it becomes hard to see what is going on.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Good audio and video quality
  • Night vision
  • Room temperature
  • Two way talk back function
  • Low battery indicator
  • Expendable up to 4 cameras


  • No pan & tilt
  • No zoom
  • Camera has no battery backup


It is a great basic baby monitor. It’s reliable, has a good battery life, and will allow you to see the things you need to see. It is packed with most important features at a very reasonable price. Sure, there are better baby video monitors with more features out there, but they come with a higher price tag. This will definitely meet your needs if you are just looking for a good quality basic baby video monitor.

BTY, some parents hate the yellow design some love it as the yellow color helps them to easily locate the unit in case it is misplaced.

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