Traveling with a Baby: Doing It the Right Way!

Traveling with your baby is no easy task, believe me on that one. I’ve done it on a few different occasions personally, and it’s a job that most mothers’ (or parents in general) aren’t exactly fond of at first. Once you get the hang of everything and understand the process, you should be more than willing to travel with your baby at any time!

No need to worry, just read through this article and you’ll be a little more knowledgeable on the subject – it never hurts to soak up as much information as possible! Traveling with your baby isn’t easy for almost every single person involved, so just try and imagine how other passengers feel (as well as some of the many other traits we’re going to talk about today).

Things to Bring


Diapers are a very important commodity to keep in mind because they’re going to be the entire “cleaning operation” behind traveling with your child. You need to have diapers for around every single hour you’re going to be traveling – so if you’re going on a 7-hour flight, your child needs to have 7 diapers readily available. Pack a few extra, just in case you run into any sort of delays; one of the most important things many people forget about is the need for “overnight diapers”.

Overnight diapers are essentially a lifesaver of sorts, as they have the ability to completely absorb any liquids within a 12-hour span. Not only will this help you cut down on the number of diapers you’re packing (and when all is said and done, you want to have a reasonable number of diapers, but never bring too many), but it will also save money and time as well.

If you’re thinking of swimming diapers and the daily diaper count for a vacation, most people would say they were good with two swimming diapers and 4-5 of the regular variety. You also want to pack plastic bags to store the dirty diapers in, as well as clothes and blankets (get bags that are sized differently).

Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are always going to be bulky in a sense, and that’s why a lot of people are looking to get into the habit of using “backpack diaper bags”. These are diaper bags that merely look like backpacks, making it a little easier to carry them around the entire day. You need a bag to keep all of your diapers in, so you may as well travel in comfort. Some useful things to keep inside of your diaper bag would be:

  • Blankets of some sort
  • Washcloths
  • Wet wipes
  • Extra baby clothes
  • Diapers/Changing Pads

You can find certain specialty products in relation to your diaper bag needs, as there are things like the “Go Gaga” – a diaper bag that has an incredibly useful strap attached to it.

Changing Pad

These are those little pads that you put underneath your baby when changing their diaper. Somewhat self-explanatory, and you should already be well aware of what these particular products happen to be. If the diaper bag that you buy doesn’t come with a pad itself, you can buy some of the cheap variety at pretty much any kind of supermarket (or dedicated baby stores, of course).

LulyBoo Waterproof Compact Travel Kit that unfolds Into Diaper Changing Pad is a great choice for traveling.

LulyBoo Changing Kit

This changing kit will make your life while traveling less stressful. Moms love the compact size and more importantly, the sides that open up so when your LO spreads his arms they will be touching the changing pad instead of possibly a filthy surface. You can even fit in there a few diapers, and it wipes very nicely. Fashionable too! Makes moms job very easy! It sells for about $22-$25. Click here for more info.

Disposable Products

You should have as many disposable products as possible, as it will help you cut down on the number of materials that you’ll be carrying around. With disposable products, you simply have to throw them out once you’re done with them – Munchkin Arm and Hammer makes affordable and an amazing changing pad that’s actually disposable. That’s right, you just use it once and then throw it out completely. You don’t need to carry around a changing pad that may be hosting an abundance of bacteria and such. So keep that in mind.


Traveling with your baby means there are going to be a lot of clothes being packed. Baby clothes are small, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to purchase. You’ve got to identify which clothing items you’d like, as well as where you can go about buying them. Hats are always going to be useful, as it helps keep the son out of the face of your baby (among other things). Make sure they’re dressed so that you can change the diaper seamlessly and with haste, onesies and leggings allow you to do so with the utmost ease.

White onesies are something that you want to get into a habit of dressing your baby with, especially while traveling. They can be cheap, and you can almost treat them like a disposable piece of clothing; there’s really no telling when your baby is going to have a messy accident! Having the cherished blanket or toy of your baby with you on the trip is going to make things way easier, especially if they become upset. When you’d like to organize outfits, just use plastic bags and put in individual pieces of clothing.

Baby Carriers (Strollers/Carriages)

Your baby should be close to you at all times, and that’s why I’m going to suggest a baby harness. It sounds kind of funny, right? Traveling should mean that a stroller is out of the equation (most of the time), leaving you to strap your baby onto the front side of your body and head out for the day. Not only is it easier to take them everywhere, but you can even just take your child with you through airport security easier and such. Slings or front carriers are essentially a way to carry your baby hands-free in crowded areas – Baby Bjorn’s are always going to be more ideal than the traditional car seat as well.

Feeding Supplies (Essential Products)

feeding baby 2You need to feed your baby while traveling, and that means buying the proper kinds of foods. When you have a baby and you’re nursing (which is breastfeeding them by your own hand), you’ve got nothing to worry about – all you’ve got to do is bring your body with the baby! If you aren’t nursing, you can think about bringing the smaller packets of powdered formula (as opposed to entire bottles filled with liquids).

You’ll have to have all sorts of materials ready when you’re trying to get into real and solid foods – you’ll have to have things like bibs, spoons, wipes and even beakers at certain times. It’s not an easy task trying to feed your baby, especially if they’re of the picky variety! Shawls are good to keep breastfeeding private and make sure you’ve got enough formula packed for the entire trip. Running out halfway through is definitely a problem! Bring plenty of bottles, sterilizing utensils and other things like teats (or bottle warmers).


Your baby doesn’t need 50 different toys to play with while you’re going on your trip, as a matter of fact, you should only be packing a few select toys. Try and pack any of the toys that would be considered “new” in a sense, as in, ones that the baby has never been able to see before. The baby will consider this an incredibly different experience, and find themselves a little more entertained – in the end, your baby is probably going to prefer the empty water bottle sitting beside you.

If the baby is really young and doesn’t really show any interest in toys, there’s no need to pack them. It would kind of be like trying to pack a winter parka for your trip to Cuba; completely pointless! New things are always entertaining, though; just remember that. If you want to go the book-related route, focus on pop-up and picture books.

Medication/Medical Baby Supplies

First-aid kits are pretty mandatory, especially when you’re traveling with a baby. There are baby pain reliever medicines and such available on the market that you can bring as well. Take a thermostat so you can take the temperature of your child as well, and be sure that you’re keeping an eye on the amount of sun your baby is getting. They should be kept in the shade as much as possible if they’re under 6-months old; and when you make powdered formula, make sure that you’re using bottled water (when traveling, tap water is different for almost every single region).

Wipes that disinfect surfaces could be useful as well, although you can’t completely protect your baby from absolutely every single germ known to the human race. You can try, though!

Bed & Bath Supplies

Baby Bath Supplies 2Portable tubs aren’t the easiest thing to bring on a plane, so look for a reliable tub wherever you’re traveling to. You can wash your baby in the sink if it’s necessary, but inflatable baby bathtubs are something to look at. Blankets and pajamas will help your baby sleep in comfort, and you can even get a plug-in light in case you need to do some late night feeding. Bumpers are pretty much a must as well – because it’s probably a commodity in your normal life already. Hotel room cribs usually lack bumpers.

The “How-To’s”

Changing Diapers

Changing diapers is going to be something that you’re taking part in for quite some time – traveling with your baby essentially means that diapers will constantly need to be changed. These disposable pads packs are needed in order to change your baby effectively, as it will give you a sort of space to work with. Changing pads aren’t expensive, and can be bought at a variety of different places.  When you’re on vacation, you must be able to change a diaper at any point in time – regardless of where you’re located.

You may need to change a diaper at the museum, the art gallery or even just while everybody is out for a bit to eat; babies don’t exactly understand that pooping at ideal times is a good thing to be doing. You can change diapers on an airplane with ease, just head back to the washroom with a changing pad and get to work. Changing a diaper is a skill of sorts, and not everybody is going to have it!

You have the ability to breastfeed wherever you please, so you need to use that to your advantage. If your baby is hungry, don’t be afraid to feed them in public – being shy while traveling isn’t going to do anybody any favors! When the airplane is taking off, be sure to keep a pacifier or bottle ready for your child. You can actually fly breastmilk to another region, as long as it’s declared and screened beforehand. Breast pumps aren’t the most typical thing to be considered, but sometimes it’s the only way a woman can draw milk. It’s a good thing they’re allowed on planes! On top of everything else, you’re going to need washable bibs – babies are definitely messy beings. Bottle brushes and cleaners could be ideal if you’re using bottles, too.

Traveling in Car

Baby Travelling in CarWhen you’re traveling with your baby in the car or airplane, there are things you’ve got to keep in mind. For example, if you’re going on a road trip with your baby, try and time out your start ups. When you begin driving for the day, try and keep it consistent so that your baby isn’t upset by the process of things. You may have to pull over and change the baby, or even just to feed them – but know that it’s going to take some work. Your baby may need a blanket of some sort for comfort, as well as shading from the sun. Disposable bags for your used diaper needs will be critical, and you could also think about the different bottles and bags that you’ll need.

Traveling in Airplane

Babies on the airplane are a movie sort of situation, and sometimes it can be really troublesome (as another passenger). The air pressure can be a tough thing to deal with for a baby, which is why you should think about breastfeeding your child as you go up. If you aren’t breastfeeding, just have them suck on a bottle/pacifier. If the baby is in a car seat, you can still give him something to suck in the seat (even if you’re breastfeeding, as it’s better to do it this way).  Plastic cups over their ears may help ease their ear discomfort as well, but it doesn’t always occur – sometimes babies can fly seamlessly and without any effort at all.

Keeping Time/Hotel Room Tricks

You need to have a flexible schedule of sorts when you’re traveling with a baby because they are really unpredictable. There’s no telling what’s in store for you on a day-to-day basis, let alone every single hour. If your baby is happy, the trip can be considered a success – you’ve just got to stay flexible at all times. Bring the birth certificate of your baby in case there are any mistakes (and when you have to verify their age); at the age of 2, a kid/toddler has to officially have a seat purchased for them (crazy, isn’t it?).

Here’s one neat trick that I use every single time I traveled with my baby and will continue to preach! I always brought outlet covers to keep them covered up and my baby safe; I also made sure to divide the room. When my baby woke up in the middle of the night, there’s absolutely no way she would go back to sleep if she still saw my husband and I lay beside her.

As a result, I bring a very thin sheet with us on our trips – it allows me to divide the room, but also keep tabs on my little-loved one. Night lights are something that I was very grateful for as well!

Closing Sentiments

Your baby is always going to be an important part of your life, and that’s why so many people insist on bringing them alongside for vacations and such. It’s all good because now you should know absolutely everything need to go through your vacation with a baby. They can be a handful, but we love them anyways – besides, when they grow up and have us to thank for it, we can look on like proud parents.

Get out there and travel with your babies in peace! And don’t forget the camera to record those unforgettable precious moments that will make you laugh after you’re back or feel like going back in time years later 🙂

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